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  1. Jackie not winning best score was pretty dumb.
  2. I like this. But also go fuck yourself
  3. theres something really funny to me about the bad guy team in last stand. Ian McKellen spends the whole time hanging out with losers he found at a Slipknot concert.
  4. Maestro Ratner. The original innovator.
  5. What the hell even is this? I thought it was about the kids from the last x men but apparently not they're getting a movie too? And this has the other stark girl? Huh?
  6. I hope mcavoy isn't back. Just have it all take place while the professor is on vacation for a week or something lmao.
  7. i get what your doing here but still, william goldman bro.
  8. people who for some reason have a hard on for heroes taking responsibility for collateral damage these days should check out the original Son of Kong from the 30s. good chunk of the first act is just people chasing and trying to sue carl denham for fucking up new york.
  9. rewatched rogue one. shit holds up for me. even clearly to me that it wipes its ass w/ force awakens.
  10. 7 months sounds fine to me. we're 7 months (well 6 and some change) from thor 3 and that trailer dropped already.
  11. margot robbie is really lucky that jared leto is as bad as he is in suicide squad. all i'll say on that. her extra scenes in the extended cut are especially bad. she worse than cara whatsherface who doesn't even do anything in the picture anyway.
  12. who knows how that's going considering sorkin apparently just fired the editor on the picture. definitely on wait and see mode for this picture.