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  1. yeesh. "random police inspection" means "whoever the other officers hated the most in the department that week would have to go to the porno theaters and check to see if sleazy old dudes have their cock out or not".
  2. brokeback mountain is a weird one to pick if you're a hetero guy looking for a film to crank to in public.
  3. oh wait, i totally forgot fred willard got arrested for the same deal in a porno theater like 5 years ago. oh fred. was the wifi down that night?
  4. i don't think they still exist. they must've been out of business for the last twenty years surely.
  5. i can't believe peewee herman got in trouble for choking the pope in a porno theater. like that's a bad thing. what the fuck did people do with pornos back then? they had to memorize that shit and wait 'til they got home to crank one out? no way. that's crazy. it was a broken system!
  6. let's see the last time i whacked off in the cinema was at nocturnal animals. and it's terrible when the sexiest scene is the first then i've got to sit in my jizzum for two hours.
  7. it's 100% a song about rubbing one out dude. more like true clit. (even i feel legit bad about this one. if you banned me i'd get it)
  8. dude was a dumbass who got kicked out for schtupping a 15 year old and getting her pregnant. wouldn't willingly place myself on the same team as him.
  9. my mum saw moonlight by herself and that's the first time she's ever done that. i finally talked her into it after years of her thinking i should be institutionalized for going solo.
  10. i'm actually looking to see less movies this year.averaging around 80 a year for the last while. probably gonna try for about half of that this time. (not in cinemas just in general 2017 movies)
  11. i saw john wick 2 on my own a couple days ago and surprisingly for me it was the first film i'd gone to see on my own in a while. since rogue one probably. doesn't seem like long i guess but i did go to the cinema 8 times in between that.