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  1. The only ones freaking out are the conspiracy theorists who keep peddling scenarios that fit their own hate-filled narratives about certain directors and certain aesthetics. Scenarios that continue not coming true, even as these people keep assuring us all that, yes, there are credible sources thathave "confirmed" these shady shenanigans. People are still using THR as "proof" even after their major boo-boo with that "news" about patty Jenkins that she herself said was not true.
  2. Your projections all failed. Repeatedly. Week after week. Stop being so salty about a film you disliked smashing your biased predictions...
  3. Why does it bother you if the film is used in the headline?
  4. Get ready for a wall of text scolding you for "settling for less-than-excellent DCEU films. You are part of the problem! We need DCEU films to be masterpieces! We all win! Stop accepting crap from DCEU. My opinion about the DCEU is the right opinion! Rotten Tomatoes agrees!!!"
  5. DCEU-is-doomed! clickbait has been the favorite way for movie-centric websites, vloggers and video "film critics" to get hits and traffic in the past two years. Even after Wonder Woman 's undeniable critical and commercial success (which came after many a headline about how it allegedly sucked ), the negative DCEU narratives are catnip for fanboy websites. And yes, some people's insistence on "credible sites are reporting this!" is BS. They are just transparent in their well documented hatred for Snyder.
  6. BP and Aquaman in the lead!
  7. I agree. My own prediction sounds crazy, but I will not be disappointed if BP makes a decent (but not necessarily "spectacular") amount of money. I do hope that Marvel continues making solo films about women and POC even if Captain Marvel and BP "only" make, say, 250-300 million a piece (domestic) [just like they continue doing films about white heroes even after the Captain Americas, Ant-Mans and Thors of the world can't even gross 200 million their first time out].
  8. Save my post. I will save yours. Come february we'll see who was right and who was wrong.
  9. Absolutely yes. Its demo is starved for a cinematic hero like that. Starved. Powerful...in control...not enslaved...not subjugated...not preachy...just a beacon of heroism and power. Regardless of how "minor" BP as a character is, BP's sociocultural importance will be undeniable. Black people and POC of all ages will come out in droves. I know that people are totally giving me the sideye over this prediction, but I guarantee you (yes, guarantee) that black people (and other POC) will cry/be overwhelmed with emotion over BP like a lot of women cried over seeing Wonder Woman gloriously kick ass on the big screen for the first time. Especially post Donald Trump and his "both sides are to blame"/Nazis-are-people-too debacle, Black Panther is going to thoroughly capture the zeigest. And it won't be just black people who see this film because pop culture events usually become such precisely because everyone checks them out. Just watch.
  10. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/best-movies-of-2017-so-far_us_595ea767e4b02e9bdb0b8657 The 10 Best Movies Of 2017 So Far Including an Amazonian warrior, Sofia Coppola’s latest and a haunted-house tale unlike any other. “9- Wonder Woman This year is doing a number on my superhero agnosticism. I quite liked the gritty Western stylings of Logan and the clever high school humor at the core of Spider-Man: Homecoming. But it’s Wonder Woman — part comedy of manners, part espionage saga — that convinced me Hollywood’s domineering genre finally has something to offer. Patty Jenkins’ film bypasses the self-pity that defines some of Wonder Woman’s male counterparts, instead giving our Amazonian champion a dignity and wherewithal that runs circles around Batman’s hardened vigilantism. It’s a story about altruism, virtue and a fish plucked out of her remote island’s water and into the chaos of London during World War I. It’s what future comic-book spectacles should be modeled after: actual movies.”
  11. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/0/best-movies-2017/hounds-love/ The Telegraph UK - From A Ghost Story to Dunkirk : the Best Movies of 2017 (So Far) Wonder Woman "[Gal] Gadot was unquestionably the best thing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (never mind that she was in it for seven minutes), and the Israeli actress is endlessly watchable here, with a genuine movie-star aura that recalls Christopher Reeve’s Superman: it’s been a while since a superhero has been an unabashed force for good. If the action in Wonder Woman comes less frequently than you might expect, it's also thrillingly designed and staged, with a surging sense of real people, from all sorts of backgrounds, swept up in the wider conflict’s churns and jolts. In a genre where fanboy entitlement regularly calls the tune, Wonder Woman’ s feminism – in its eagerly daubed poster-paint strokes – feels like a rarity. Time will tell whether Hollywood is about to find itself in the thrall of a [super]heroine addiction. But as the credits rolled, I was already craving another hit."
  12. 100 million OW incoming for The Inhumans. It will flop so hard against the might of Medusa's Photoshop-Hair-tendrils of terror.
  13. Uh-Oh...get ready for the incoming walls of text that explain how the rumours were 'right' all along and the millions upon millions of "who can play Batman now that it has been confirmed that Affleck is stepping down" posts. Never change, internet. Never change, [some people at] BOT.
  14. Definitely. It's about a superhero who fights evil. Oh wait...that must mean that it's essentially Superman The Movie (with just a couple of changes). Heck, every superhero film is a variation of Superman The Movie. Damn copycats and creatively bankrupt movie studios. No wonder Wonder Woman flopped. Who the hell would want to see a third-rate "female version of Captain America: The First Avenger"???
  15. Chastain is so fucking stunning!!! Great screen presence, great beauty, and great talent. I fell in love with her in The Help, and I have never looked back. I will pay to see two hours of Chastain reading the bible (and I am an atheist!!)

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