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  1. Everyone discussing La La Land and I am like "well, Live by Night was OK".
  2. January 1 | The Light Between the Oceans - 7.5/10 January 5 | Manchester By The Sea - 9/10 January 9 | Assassin's Creed - 8.5/10 January 12 | Miss Sloane - 9/10 January 16 | Live by Night - 7/10 Total: 5 Coming Soon | Silence
  3. Live by Night was solid.
  4. He is not thinking at all.
  5. The franchise is dead. We got 5 movies out of it. It had a good run.
  6. This game. I like it
  7. Dallas sucks. They are shit. Portuguese commentators saying Godgers is full of trust.