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  1. Zero mentions of Star Trek heh? Paramount is finished.
  2. Nickelodeon is pretty much the only brand Paramount can explore from the TV side. They have nothing else.
  3. Tokyo Drift is my 7th favorite F&F movie.
  4. Are Wahlberg and Berg in a relationship?
  5. Between this and the absolute disaster we witnessed on Saturday, I think it is time to accept Logan will be the last great superhero movie of all time.
  6. All his movies as Iron Man post-Avengers did 400M DOM and 1B WW. That may be why.
  7. I don't even need to go watch the movie anymore. They even have the final shot in the trailer (again).
  8. Are you guys expecting Lara Croft to die in the movie? Yeah, I thought so. So those animations won't be used.