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  1. Great for Wonder Woman! Great for Girls Trip and Dunkirk too. Looking forward to seeing how Atomic Blonde does this weekend.
  2. Can't sign in on my laptop. For some reason this website thinks my security question answer is wrong, when it's definitely right. Annoying.
  3. I have the bootleg in my inbox now from FlashMaster but I'll wait a while to see if Marvel release it. If they don't release it within 24 hours I'm watching it.
  4. JL isn't coming across as a mess. This isn't the marvel v dc thread so watch out.
  5. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    Nice costume, exactly like the comics. A shame that all we got is a very low quality picture from someone's mobile phone though.
  6. Nah at least 3 trailers is standard now for big films. Usually 3 trailers and a comic con clip.
  7. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | 07.06.2018 | Disney

    Because Marvel chose to not release anything to the public, all I woke up to was the casting news. No images, only low quality concept art from someone's mobile phone camera. Yay for Michelle though, always loved her.

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