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  1. Looks like Promotional product tie-ins are starting to roll out: Dr Pepper 7 Eleven Build-A-Bear NASCAR Regal Card Pinkberry Is there a quick way to post photos from your phone on here?
  2. Sorry the Paris competition was on the films UK page, for UK residents only, I entered, why not. 3 nights in paris, visit to a museum to see 300 DC pieces including costumes from the DCEU. Plus an out of hours access to the Louvre where Wonder Woman shot scenes. People never win those kind of competitions though, lol.
  3. WonderWednesday today was a competition to goto Paris. LA premiere 25th May London premiere 31st May
  4. No one seems to be talking about this. I liked the first film, but this trailer was weak.
  5. Yeh this doesn't include UK, opens on Friday here.
  6. ProBoxOffice posted that industry tracking was released this week and is in line with their estimate of $25m. That would be a very solid start. Could be headed for $75m+. Hopefully R rated female lead comedies continue to deliver with this and Rough Night. I'm not sure Girl Trip will perform at the same level but there are 6 weeks between GT and Rough Night. Sisters, Bad Moms, Bridesmaids, Spy, The Heat, Trainwreck, even Tammy made $84m. It's a very solid sub genre.
  7. Hopefully tickets go on sale tomorrow although it's still a bit early.
  8. Tomorrow is #WonderWednesday Last week it it was just to retweet to win a poster. The week before just some behind the scenes pictures. I'm hoping they ramp things up a bit soon. Have TV spots started in America yet?
  9. According to Pro Box Office, industry tracking was released for King Arthur and Snatched and both run in line with their long range forecast: Snatched $25m King Arthur $23m
  10. $500M+ would be fantastic. Great for a solo outing. Wonder Woman only needs $222m Domestic to enter the top 10 superhero origin movie list. Plus, $200m would be more than these origin films achieved: X-Men Fantastic Four Captain America Ant-Man Thor TMNT
  11. I'm really happy to see Wonder Woman still on here, with a very solid cumulative number.
  12. My 8pm SuperScreen showing this Friday is about 60% full already for GOTG2.
  13. Opening Weekend $75m-$100m Domestic $200m-$260m Worldwide $500m-$600m RT : No idea