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  1. must be looking in a mirror because you are still batting 1.000 in being wrong. RTH was exactly right
  2. i go to the movies alone all the time or else I would have missed about 2 decades of films yeah I go a lot with people too, but I don't have a lot of friends that like movies like I do. So if I want to see something, I just go see it
  3. not sure what the issue is really. I know some people don't care if they know the whole movie going in and more power to them, I don't get it, but hey I never fault what people like or what they do. But there are people that don't want to know any ending or someone returns or whatever maybe a big thing to find out when it happens during a film. I never complained about it, but a bunch of times here even though someone used the spoiler tag, they hinted at it so much that it didn't matter. They gave it away and that's basically all this new policy is. I get people want to talk about it and I do too, but I wouldn't ruin it for someone that hasn't seen it yet. the people that do spoil it for the rest of the people are basically like this
  4. I am out of likes for you @baumer so this will have to do instead i like the new policy
  5. oh great, something else i get to look forward to
  6. yeah I like this one the best too and for me, it's not even close
  7. I hope to see it soon enough. Not sure about tonight, but maybe tomorrow on a matinee
  8. yeah as much as I hate to say it sometimes, I won't know what that will be like but I agree with your sentiment. Some will find that "perfect" someone but yeah that's the not same for each person. I also agree with the earlier sentiment that it's better to be alone than in a bad relationship. It can suck to be alone, but overall, I'm fine being alone and at times, prefer it. But there are times I wish someone was there to share experiences, vacations or whatnot.
  9. just got home and finally saw the trailer. It's flipping awesome
  10. Oh i get what to mean but it's hitting the elected number that was around $40 OW. Unless something crazy happens tomorrow or Sundsy
  11. yeah, I'm pretty handy actually so I do think it's pretty ridiculous that people can't do something as easy as change a light bulb but still doesn't mean I'm not shocked about it. I do support sometimes for computers and it easily makes you realize how...ummm, how to put this nicely...little people know about how things work
  12. sadly, I'm not surprised about this