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  1. Happy Birthday @Ethan Hunt! you're old now. You and Tele need to meet up for some Ensure
  2. sorry to hear that. I sadly can sympathize. Prayers and best wishes for her and your family that it all works out
  3. well technically now that the strike has happened, is any date specific now? I have no problem with the thread being here, just making a bad semantic joke
  4. Yeah I wouldn't have a problem putting Lebron on a starting 5 either. I may not have him there, but I don't have an issue with anyone that does.
  5. yeah I never got a chance to do this, but Flash Gordon would definitely get a vote from me.
  6. same for me on both. I much prefer college basketball. I just don't want as much like I used to do. Yeah I'm not one of these just "people in my day were better" guys, but I would take Jordan over Lebron even when Jordan was on the Wizards
  7. totally agree with this part. I wish I didn't actually agree because basketball meant so much to me for so long so I really wanted to still love it. However, yeah it just went steadily downhill for too long so now I can barely even watch college basketball and I watch pretty much zero NBA any more.
  8. yeah I really enjoy the two articles, as well. I may have to check out her book even if it's not all about Titanic
  9. I thought the trailer was pretty good. I liked the first film and this made sure I will see the second one too
  10. yep, it really did. You can look at the titles on the soundtrack and one of the songs is that luckily I never saw it before I saw the movie, but I would have been really pissed if I did
  11. pretty much, part of the reason the sport has been bad and unwatchable for so long now. Well that, some of the "stars" and ESPN being in bed with the NBA
  12. yeah I would never watch that version if it happened like that to me
  13. come on, who doesn't like a built in intermission yeah i hated any media that made me have to get up and put in part 2 of the movie
  14. No problem. Figured since I've seen them all, why not do the whole list. But yeah it was kind of an undertaking to do so