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  1. So it's not going to top Resident Evil 6? Shoot. And I read Great Wall did 60 mil OW, so this is barely over that.
  2. 35 to 45 mil OW I predict after this opening.
  3. Power Rangers is going to be nowhere near as successful as Transformers.
  4. ^Except most of those movies are shit. (those female lead ones) Hopefully this one will be good.
  5. Nice for Ghost in the Shell.
  6. YESS!! After the disappointment of Kong I need some good creature action!!
  7. The opening of the movie sounds horrible.
  8. I bet that Ghost in the Shell will make at least 35 million opening weekend domestically, 100 points.
  9. Anybody else after the good reviews?
  10. I thought the movie was better before they reached the island to be honest.
  11. Looks like I was wrong on Beauty and the Beast. It's huge!! Congratulations to Disney!! Hoping this means the Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo adaptations are for sure on their way!
  12. I'm hyped actually. Although the new Mummy doesn't look good at all, so maybe Kurtzman wouldn't be an ideal choice.
  13. Looks great!! My most anticipated film of the summer!!
  14. Nevermind The Emoji Movie, what about Nut Job 2.