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  1. I kne wnothing of James Gunn but boy what a fun filmography. I really hope he breaks out.
  2. Nothing's wrong. Just that Disney confirmed summer and Devin spreads December rumor. But Devin was on the money about Elysium disappointment so who knows?
  3. He and Madonna share birthday and The Queen is born on Aug 15. All the great minds are born around the same date.
  4. Creed is no competition. It's going to be one of those cracked-100M-total successes but that's about it. No major audience drainage.
  5. He wants this to be a major hit so he's spouting hate because his curse works in reverse.
  6. I honestly don't see why it's a major plot point, since clary still gets bitten or wtv. It's the major plot point because
  7. What do you mean? Like her ghost approved?
  8. No but I care about stuff like that. This isn't nitpicking but a major plot point.
  9. NOOOOOOOOOO, that clip, what have they done?
  10. Talia sucked but Selena didn't. It's just that the movie didn't incorporate her so well. Her usefulnuss pretty much expired when Batman is shipped to his comfy jail with chiropractor and jumbo TV on his disposal.
  11. So did first PJ. There is no way TMI makes 6 movies.
  12. Judd Apatow is the deifnition of overrated though his stock dropped considerably from years ago.
  13. Campaign is seriously desperate.
  14. Hathaway was great for Nolanverse and Pfeifer was great for Burton camp. So comparisons really don't stick without context.