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  1. Pretty entertaining. Obviously, great Fx, just a pretty movie. Action was solid, but there wasn't any crazy inventive sequences, or anything all that memorable - some slow-mo and decent hand to hand stuff here and there. I thought the story was pretty engrossing, held my attention, but it did get a little slow/plodding in the 2nd half. Liked the Major and Batou dynamic - thought they were a good duo. Overall I liked it and really enjoyed all the futuristic tech/fx but it wasn't a movie I'll be watching over and over. 7.5/10 or so
  2. Just got back from a late showing. I was in a really, really bad mood (my alma mater, who was a much more talented team than the one we played lost in the NCAA tournament right before) going into the movie and needed something to take my mind off of my heartbreak. Maybe it's just because this movie is right my wheelhouse of the type of movies I love but damn was that a great time. The intensity was there throughout. Acting was really solid all the way around. We all know what the plot is and it was executed to perfection. The cinematography and camera movements were glorious. I'll prob see this again and its been awhile since I doubled up on a movie in the theatres. Highly recommend for any space/sci-fi/thriller fans.
  3. For some reason I've seen all of these at one time or another, and all in theaters besides 3. Seems like most of you agree 5 was the best. I'd say 5 and 1 by a lot....then I don't even know. After the last one I decided I'm throwing in the towel for seeing these in the theatre. But looking at the April releases, there's just not that much that is must see for me. Lost city of Z, the circle, free fire and the promise are maybes, so I might get sucked in again. Damn it, ha.
  4. Poster is dope. Another movie I'm really looking forward to. So much more excited for the movies coming out this year than last years dump.
  5. This is def an opening weekend movie for me, pretty pumped actually. Love this cast and just love space/sci-fi. That interview was great also. Jake and Ryan seem like they have a lot of fun doing their jobs.
  6. Finally checked it out, normally this would be an opening nighter for me. Solid. I always had confidence Mangold could deliver b/c 3:10 to Yuma was a great western. Beautiful cinematography, actors were all the shit. Hugh and Stewart had some good old man banter and each did a great job. Keen was amazing as the girl, she almost stole the show for me. Action was brutal and awesome. Just overall a really solid movie - a 8.5 to 9/10 for me. Like last year with Deadpool, the bar for comic book movies is set pretty high early in the year
  7. Love Keanu. Glad this looks like it's breaking out a little. Movie was crazy. Think my favorite part was the Rome/catacombs scenes. The whole getting his suits/weapons and then the action in the catacombs - just some awesome reloads and switching of weapons going on. Thought the actors were all great - especially Ian mcshane, common. But this is all about the 52 year old badass. He owns this shit, just like the first, but there's just more...and more complex action sequences. So happy he has another awesome character to play. All hail Keanu.
  8. Late night show. Decent crowd for a 1115 show on the west coast at this time of year. Pretty good. I mean it definitely wasn't that scary but I can see it fitting in the good thriller realm. Kept me interested and was entertaining the whole time. Some plot points just left me...empty. Okay about the spoilers, u gotta be kidding?
  9. Definitely regretting going to shit by night instead of Patriots Day. Sounds like that movie was great. That'll prob be the next thing I see.
  10. Was anyone dumb enough to go see Live by Night like me? And did anyone actually like it? Movie was absolute shit. First really big flop by batfleck as a director.
  11. I'm still living in my own world where marvel and DC both thrive and exist. They both do something different than the other. DC has a long way to go to really get the "critics" on their page and their RT scores up. But honestly, RT scores are fun to follow, but who gives a fuck in the long run. You're going to like a movie or not- hopefully all here don't get influenced by other people. Marvel does their shit right. But, man they better start coming up with some new approaches, because I know just talking to people-the general movie go-er is over this prolonged galaxy of movies. That in lies the problem for DC. People are already tired of the this marvel movie to see how it connects to the next. I like em' all because I grew up loving spidey, and hulk, and batman, and supes. But a lot of people don't care. They really don't. They want singular, good movies. I was so pumped for Dr Strange...but then it went right back to the marvel universe...pissed me off. If DC tries, like they're saying to go "lighter" and all this garbage to just ultimately make more money, I think that's a terrible move. It was never the darkness or the doom and gloom people didn't like about DC's they weren't made that great. The worst thing, Imo, would be DC really tries to become marvel and does the whole "hey, lets put out quips for every action scene". Hey lets have fun, light hearted characters when they're not at all those characters. Be true to ur characters and do it well. I have my marvel...I'll see them all and like/love them but it needs to be different because the characters are different. Hopefully, all sides see just good movies going forward...b/c shit, I haven't seen a comic book movie I actually loved for awhile. Civil War - yes, entertaining, but so much more of the same. BvS - I was entertained but it could've been so much more. I just hope they can both make a singular, great movie without having to "connect" to their universes. Just make an awesome movie.
  12. Saw this last week. I can't help myself. The combination of Kate and just the whole cheesy vampire/werewolf dynamic always draws me in. Seen em' all and all in theaters. This definitely isn't the worst-not sure where I'd rank it yet, maybe 2nd or 3rd. A shit load of exposition, but for some reason I don't mind it, ha. Obviously a few really cheese parts but overall I had a good time...a much better time than I did sitting thru live by night earlier today. And I will be seeing REfinal, as I've seen all those too. The poster who said a Alice vs selene brawl movie is a genius. I'd be there in a heartbeat.
  13. That's True. I don't watch enough of his rom-coms but Drive. Yea, drive. He was amazing as a quiet spoken hero.
  14. Baumer, bro, Gotta check in on this club. Been awhile. I was rooting for ya but didn't believe in it. When will the white flag fly? Four fitty is still a long ways to go. There is hope, ha.
  15. Pretty awesome movie...just got back from a late night show in Diego. Half full, start at 1145. Favorite part, prob the baze and chirrut team.