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  1. Exactly what I was thinking. Gave me a Dr. Seuss adaption cgi vibe...no Bueno for me.
  2. Also just wanted to throw in the score for this was amazing. Downloading now.
  3. Also just wanted to throw in the score for this was amazing. Downloading now. Giacchino - good shit.
  4. This was f'ing awesome. Definitely my favorite of the 3. I love outdoor adventure type movies and this was just gorgeous. I agree the first half definitely is better, and it does slog a bit after the mid way point - though the last 20-30 or so minutes are really good. One of if not my favorite movie this year.
  5. Prob one of the worst ideas...tom holland as Nathan drake - geezus Hollywood. smdh. But obviously tomb raider is coming out a long time before uncharted. Im sure this vg to movie edition will pass just like all the rest- poorly- and not do the games justice. Though, nothing can be as bad as the awful Assassins creed with fassdick and Cotillard. Even good actors can't save the transfer ( tho ass creed was never a good vgame franchise anyways).
  6. You've gotta be kidding me. Ugh. I feel like ever since MoS came out I've been living in an alternate universe. I feel like people saw it and just auto compared to Donner superman or just the thing in their head that says supes is smiling forever and ever and ever. Seriously, did some of y'all not actually watch MoS? The guy actually gets taught from the god Crowe that he's on this earth to bridge people, to create peace. He can be a light. Do you not remember him learning about his powers and jumping around in the "daylight" with zimmers music triumphantly playing. Snyder obviously took the alien and origin story. In MoS supes is young and finding his powers...he's never been put against someone like Zod. He does, Imo, exactly what a superman would do in that position. I just don't see MoS ever as a dark story- it's a story of estrangement, believing in yourself, selflessness, and hope.
  7. That was pretty damn good. Just a really entertaining, and emotional movie. After the reviews started coming in and Gals performance in BvS, I had some high hopes, and it def lives up to those hopes. Plain and simple, she's a badass (ww and gal and patty). Loved the origin beginning - the exotic island feel and the culture they created...I really like what they did there, and for me I would've been in for even more of it. The pace kept up pretty well even though they had to do the whole new face in a new place... Some good humor and sporadic action kept me engaged. I've been a bigger fan of the DCEU, more-so than most of my friends - mostly in that I'm a huge fan of MoS - but think it has gone downhill from there w bvs and ss ( unbelievable that each time I've seen that movie, leto's joker gets worse and worse- it's truly one of the most try hard performances ever) and gotta say this is right up there under MoS for me. 9/10 ish range. I'm definitely seeing it again, and I have friends that might scoff at the recommendation but I'll make them go. This should have some legs.
  8. Man, Idk if I was in a bad mood (usually these type of comedies I like), but a lot of the jokes fell so flat for me. Im being pretty generous here, movie was entertaining at some parts and Rock/efron do a decent job, daddario and the new CJ are nice to look at, but I was struggling to get through it- too long. Really thought at worst I'd shrug and be like hey it was a fun movie with some funny parts, but it was kind of brutal.
  9. Damn... that was kind of shitty/a letdown. Prometheus was better imo. Wasn't scared or even on the edge of my seat once. Completely predictable "twists". Some of the characters were def on prometheus level dumb. IDK, just nothing there for me except some good action towards the end of the movie. I liked Life a LOT better.
  10. So I had to check this out because it just seemed like a movie that was up my wheelhouse. Fantastical, good soundtrack, a bit cheese, and Jax. I liked it. Went to see guardians with one of my best buds tonight and we talked about this. I was like " I liked it but I highly doubt you'd like it." It's def not a movie I'd recommend to most but if you can just kind of enjoy the spectacle and forget about the narrative flaws, it's fun. It's really a shitload of cgi fantasy stuff, more than I thought. Richie of course overuses his narration tricks. Some parts I was just thinking wtf, why? It's really like King Arthur - Legend of the Superhero. It kind of just throws out the normal King Arthur story and does its own thing...which I liked. Richie was just like f it, were doing it my way and it is what it is ha. It's def an original take on the material.
  11. Pretty entertaining. Obviously, great Fx, just a pretty movie. Action was solid, but there wasn't any crazy inventive sequences, or anything all that memorable - some slow-mo and decent hand to hand stuff here and there. I thought the story was pretty engrossing, held my attention, but it did get a little slow/plodding in the 2nd half. Liked the Major and Batou dynamic - thought they were a good duo. Overall I liked it and really enjoyed all the futuristic tech/fx but it wasn't a movie I'll be watching over and over. 7.5/10 or so
  12. Just got back from a late showing. I was in a really, really bad mood (my alma mater, who was a much more talented team than the one we played lost in the NCAA tournament right before) going into the movie and needed something to take my mind off of my heartbreak. Maybe it's just because this movie is right my wheelhouse of the type of movies I love but damn was that a great time. The intensity was there throughout. Acting was really solid all the way around. We all know what the plot is and it was executed to perfection. The cinematography and camera movements were glorious. I'll prob see this again and its been awhile since I doubled up on a movie in the theatres. Highly recommend for any space/sci-fi/thriller fans.
  13. For some reason I've seen all of these at one time or another, and all in theaters besides 3. Seems like most of you agree 5 was the best. I'd say 5 and 1 by a lot....then I don't even know. After the last one I decided I'm throwing in the towel for seeing these in the theatre. But looking at the April releases, there's just not that much that is must see for me. Lost city of Z, the circle, free fire and the promise are maybes, so I might get sucked in again. Damn it, ha.
  14. Poster is dope. Another movie I'm really looking forward to. So much more excited for the movies coming out this year than last years dump.

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