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  1. You are correct, it is an awards loser
  2. Trust the Process @Chewy
  3. By "few of us" you mean mod staff. Elitism!
  4. Well that's gonna stir the pot a bit.
  5. Not the sex/cosplay/pokemon/fetish thread
  6. Deep Impact is a legitimate good movie, but it begs for a truly epic treatment showing the progression of society as the countdown to apocalypse ticks closer and closer. It's kinda unrealistic that everything is calm and orderly until about 24 hours to go. A good vehicle for exploring that would be a miniseries based on the Last Policeman trilogy.
  7. Ike. The TV department is under Ike.
  8. @Water Bottle @CJohn @DeeCee @Arlborn One silver lining to SHIELD presumably being cancelled is that Coulson may no longer be blacklisted from coming back to a MCU movie because of Feige's temper tantrum against the show being in the MCU due to Ike.
  9. Basically it's worried less and less about being completely in sync with the MCU and more willing to just be its own kooky thing
  10. I know. We'll have to wait in stasis for the Inhumans show. Maybe they'll throw some of the SHIELD Inhumans over to have some continuity. But the real pain is still no live-action Star Wars show to stan for.
  11. Definitely going to be an interesting final run to the season.