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  1. Dolphins/Saints will probably be the best game.
  2. Ethan: This is Damien! *makes out with him* He's my pet director! He is #1 jizz-inducer in all of Ohio! ....Nice!
  3. Ethan's standard for liking a film everyone. He rates on a scale from drizzle to fire hose.
  4. The divide deepens.
  5. Mine is sabermetrics.
  6. "Just wait until you see my new movie White Tiger. It's going to be tremendous, believe me. The cast, we're going to have the greatest cast, you've never seen a cast like it, it'll have all the bigly stars you like. Believe me, it will be so unbelievably exciting, and emotional, the tigers, you would not believe the real live tigers I got. I had them flown in from Gyna, they offered me some pandas but I turned them down. It was a bad deal, no one wants to see a black and white panda in a white tiger movie. That's why I am in charge, I make the best deals."
  7. So you are not a Brother in Arms
  8. The music of @La La Panda, @franfar, @Ethan Hunt, @elcaballero, and @K1stpierre's delusion thinking the Cowboys ever had a chance, as the game slowly slips away during Rodgers' final drive.
  9. Pack need to keep the foot on the gas.
  10. Pink we're gonna need to cast Matty Ice for the Rodgers long form series. I will assist when home from Patriot's Day.
  11. The American spirit. Deliberately tank and abuse the system on repeat until you get success handed to you. Worked for our new president.
  12. It was a joke. DAR is a good egg.
  13. Honestly America's team should be the team from the birthplace of America.