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  1. I want to know why Disney still has the untitled fairy tale on their schedule.
  2. I will have to try it
  3. Happy belated Birthday
  4. Have you been to Telemachos house? I have seen a lot of Rosses in San Diego
  5. These movies need to remade for school. No other director than Seth Rogen would be better to get the message across.
  6. Satan was a liberal. Satan= Liberal. All Liberals say their prayers to Satan every night. It is because all those liberals smoke weed! Which was created by Satan.
  7. Satan created communism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Damn liberal! Poisoning kids with anti-family values. How dare you want free health or reduce health care system or programs that help the poor. How you want college to be more affordable and you are against war. Get your Satan values out of here.
  9. Good! we need a new Spider-Man origin story by 2022. I want them to make A sequel to homecoming. Have a reboot by 2022 so we can have another spider-man franchise and show his origins.
  10. Write your paper but dumb it really down. " Me was surprised that a Russian could be a good guy. I thought Russian just drank vodka all day. How did the author think of this? It might relate to Rocky IV. Rocky fights a Russian in that movie and it is super cool!!!! "
  11. I am really bored writing this paper right now. I hate writing about myself and my career goals.
  12. There is the typical guy friend. He is crusimh on some girl. He has been in high school for 3 of the 5 spider man, it is getting kinda of boring. This films looks ordinary. I like the diverse cast it makes it feel like Queens but I might be tired of Spider-Man. I did not want a new batman film.
  13. Looks like every other Spider-Man movie.
  14. I still think you should look at college that out of state. Maybe something in Pittsburgh or Penn State?