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  1. Nah Scario was pretty bad.
  2. Glad Minnesota beat Chicago today. 1 number in the central division now!
  3. Green Bay Defense sucks
  4. WTF is he thinking
  5. Cowboys are going to win
  6. big 3rd down
  7. I hate them since they call themselves America's Team. I do not like Pittsburgh. So if Green Bay or Kansas City wins I will be happy with either of the 4 teams winning the superbowl.
  8. I loved it.
  9. About to see Silence.
  10. Hoping to watch Silence tonight.
  11. I remember Evan. I remember he started his own forum BOA back in the day.
  12. Why wouldn't they. They want to reward their fans and plus they want the news headlines for a week straight.
  13. I say get money out of politics. Example with Guns the NRA is one of the biggest political organizations and having being lobby against gun control for years and will stop any politician that tries to pass gun control. If lobby groups can't donate to politicians it will reduce the number of politicians blocking popular measures. Also block politicians for insider trading. They are allowed to buy stock and sell stock with inside information. If a politician hears about a company changing policy or they doing layoffs or hiring 1,000 new workers they can't buy or sell that stock. If they have a meeting with a company it should be reported that can't touch that stock.
  14. San Diego now has one pro sports team. Another sports team relocates and soon Oakland will move like San Diego.
  15. I do not think Dr Strange will win. If it going to be a blockbuster I think Jungle Book. Dr. Strange is nothing special revolutionary and Arrival will be nominated for best picture and they could give visual effects so it picks up a win.