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  1. @jandrew I saw this video on Youtube and thought of you.
  2. What if Rey is a time travel. She is her own dad.
  3. I really hate the Chicago Blackhawks.
  4. I am assuming most do not.
  5. Glad you got job!!!!!!!!
  6. If not accept it and look for other work.
  7. I have to give a 15 minutes presentation tomorrow about family. I am really struggling with some of topics. Like family myths. I do not think my family has any myths.
  8. the reviews are looking good.
  9. I can't wait for the trailer! I am ready to have my mind blown
  10. I have had a night class every semester in grad school.
  11. I was in night class last night.
  12. I barely had 2.5 in my undergrad and got a job. Here is a trick if you have a low GPA do not put on your resume. Now that I am finishing grad school. I am sending out my resumes again. I have a Better GPA now compared to middle school, high school, and college. There is major grade inflation at USC.
  13. This should be close. Good call.