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  1. Sounds boring like every Clooney's directed endeavour, glossy exercise of futile hubris. He's no Robert Redford, let alone a Sydney Pollack.
  2. A handful of trolls waxing political bullshit to deride and trivialize feminism (once again) and people here took that bait to make another typical "Millenials generation sucks!" rant.
  3. I can't hardly wait for Armond White's hot take.
  4. Well then I'm going back to sleep.
  5. Why Hulk and not Iron Man then because if we only go by MCU's popularity measure as a way to boost a property in 2017, the latter makes more sense than the former business wise. I get that new blood is needed because the franchise was stalling and the earthling characters became appallingly worthless (Portman sleepwalking her paycheck) so Waititi ditching that fat is much welcome but Hulk won't be the main catalyst to 1B realm like Iron Man's presence was to CA's franchise, Hulk's relative popularity is nowhere near as high to warrant this statement. Thor franchise was always headed to Ragnarok story wise, Hulk or not. The fact we're going to get a third Thor movie as central character capping his trilogy and we're still hanging for the Hulk sequel since 2008 while his story thread was left hanging since Age Of Ultron, that tells you all you need about the respective characters state of affairs and who is piggybacking the other.
  6. Yeah Thor isn't popular enough to carry a movie on his own so they had to bring in the lowest grossing movie solo character of the MCU.
  7. If he really did, this movie would star Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen on the loose making painfully unfunny masturbation jokes for 2 sloppy and aimless hours.
  8. Because we're not in 1984 anymore. Movies are products of their times, for better or worse.
  9. "It's so dark© dude, you don't understand the Darkness ™ , It is a two-syllable word for ideas too big for little minds"
  10. Deadpool is the Zero the Reddit/GamerGate/4Chan troll generation deserves but not the one we need right now.