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  1. Why Wick 2 is cancelled? Too violent?
  2. Jungle Book is practically a CGI fest, an animated feature. Lion King is even more so then.
  3. How would they do The Lion King live-action? Jungle Book style with no human actor? Tougher to sell than the animated version
  4. Very high chance it will do $85M - $88M in its 2nd weekend.
  5. Too much profanities & porn jokes
  6. I would challenge the next set-pieces in Mission 6 to be gun-free. The best M:I action sequences feature no gun battle: the Burj Dubai climb, the car/motorcycle scenes in "Mission 5" (take away the occasional shooting, it is still a bad-ass sequence), the vault break-in & the train/chunnel/helicopter sequence in "Mission 1", and the hanging-on-the-plane scene in "Rogue Nation." Take away the guns, these movies are still impressive action spectacles IMO. Aren't Mission movies about team work and non-violent solutions?
  7. McQuarrie is a pretty good, surprisingly, set-piece director but seriously nothing compares to the master : And re-watch that endless & insanely inventive train station sequence in Carlito's Way
  8. No problemo I think. But Power Rangers & Ghost may steal some of its audience.
  9. 1 Logan Fox $184,342,562 4,071 $88,411,916 4,071 3/3 - 2 Beauty and the Beast (2017) BV $174,750,616 4,210 $174,750,616 4,210 3/17 - 3 The LEGO Batman Movie WB $167,325,587 4,088 $53,003,468 4,088 2/10 - 4 Split Uni. $136,864,765 3,373 $40,010,975 3,038 1/20 - 5 Get Out Uni. $133,305,365 3,143 $33,377,060 2,781 2/24 - 6 Fifty Shades Darker Uni. $114,030,075 3,714 $46,607,250 3,710 2/10 - 7 Kong: Skull Island WB $109,107,436 3,846 $61,025,472 3,846 3/10 - Updated (waitaminute who is running this thread again?)