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  1. This scene is still legendary though. This was the fun trash I thought I was going to get through the whole movie but alas.
  2. The weirdest shit was probably the movie constantly finding ways to call Élodie Young's character a whore. Everyone harps on the racist casting but the movie is sexist as fuck as well.
  3. Sat down and watched Gods of Egypt. Thought it was going to be some fun trash but for the most part it was just dull with only the occasional fun trash. Boseman had two funny lines through his super-awkward accent but that's about it, and my god were there some awful greenscreen. It's like the movie ran out of money before they could properly render everything. The score is actually pretty good though. Credit where credit's due.
  4. I have like ten tabs open at minimum. Sometimes it's on the same page but at different times because I forgot I had a tab open for that.
  5. At least I won at one time...
  6. Are we officially turning likes into a competitive sport now?
  7. You got through and you say the third act sucks?
  8. Technology advancement made those services an inevitability regardless of piracy, especially since hard copies are becoming more and more expensive to produce.
  9. It tanked really hard in both limited and wide release so theaters have been quick to cut showtimes.