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  1. I'll be holding on that one since I already have MK8 on Wii U. My next Switch game is either Arms or Splatoon 2.
  2. As should Ryan Coogler with Black Panther, maybe Ava DuVernay with A Wrinkle in Time and J.A Bayona with Jurassic World 2
  3. I caught that and quickly edited my post.
  4. ^ I think some of the confusion (which I myself fell into) stems from Ice Age and Robots' wiki pages only listing Wedge as the director.
  5. Blanks listed the 1998 Eddie Murphy version which was directed by a woman (Betty Thomas), not the 1967 original which Fleischer directed. Edit: Beaten to it by that much.
  6. $70m divided by pi since we're talking circles
  7. Potter had to do it because that's how the books did it though. Marvel and Star Wars don't have those limitations.
  8. Or that people frequently associated with Hydra (Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Armin Zola etc.) have nazi connotations.
  9. They've already set a 2020 date so we won't see it until then regardless.
  10. If the writer's strike goes through I don't see Venom or Dark Pheonix happening next year.
  11. I don't know if this exists in the U.S but here in Sweden companies can get "company tickets" that they can give to their employees to see whatever they want for free. I've always wondered if all the revenue goes to the theater chain in those cases.
  12. Didn't you say earlier this week that you were done with her for good?
  13. wat Complete dismissal of others opinions on beauty and some implicit body-shaming to boot. You want to talk ignorant and problematic?