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  1. Sheeps aren't exactly known for their disposable income so there's not much of a market.
  2. God's gift to wooden coasters.
  3. Everything here is still closed until at least April...
  4. Don't see B&tB doing just $81m with @Rth and the Beast's estimate. Same IM as Cinderella would give it $85m Power Rangers is doing somewhat better than expected Life is tanking but tbh the marketing never seemed to grab people LOL at CHiPs
  5. You don't understand, white male roles are being eradicated! We only have 95% of lead roles in Hollywood blockbusters now!
  6. You won't believe how many girls I've seen put 18 as their age on Tinder but say they're 16/17 in the description.
  7. Just wait until you're 18, then the magical* world of online dating will open up to you.
  8. My dog got into a spat with a couple of kangaroos at a zoo once. Luckily there was a glass wall separating them.