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  1. So would moviepass boost movie attendance and are boxoffice followers going to call that cheating?
  2. Theaters can EASILY block moviepass by not accepting MasterCard credit cards as payment.
  3. GiantCALBears complete dismissal of this club will always be legendary http://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/24051-wonder-woman-over-spider-man-1-domestic-not-the-untitled-michael-mann-cyberthriller-club/?page=16
  4. The window to make a Black Widow solo movie has long pass, her popularity was at her highest right after the first Avengers. Marvel just wasn't interested, which is understandable. They wanted IM, CA, and Thor sequels and to expand with GOTG. I can't see them do one now because BW herself isn't that interesting a character with a interesting powers, they've obviously decided to focus on Cap Marvel.
  5. Marvel doesn't think its worth making a solo Black Widow movie with Scarlet Johansson. They did an Ant-Man movie by the way.
  6. I think guys find women characters who are superpowered to to be much more believable as action leads in movies. Many men just don't believe or can't accept that a normal human woman can take down guys three times her size.
  7. Resident Evil and Underworld have done well until their newest movies, but reviews for those movies have always been terrible. Pretty laughable some fans think Wonder Woman only got great reviews because it had a female lead.
  8. MI6 filming officially began on April 8, 2017 according to wiki. So it's been nearly 5 months of filming, and blockbusters typically take 6 months to finish filming. So they have 83% done? Thank god this accident didn't happen at the very start of filming.They certainly can keep the release date. When Tom comes back, just have the camera on his head and chest area. Finish all the filming with the other actors right now, all the stunts, and everything else that doesn't involve Tom. The Cruise missile will return, this time with stunt doubles that will actually have to show up for work this time!

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