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  1. Daniel Craig thinking he can write a movie script... lol
  2. This weekend is DEATH. Tumbleweeds will be seen rolling through movie theaters.
  3. Fans are pissed that they recast the kid actors. Wait, you didn't know these films had fans?
  4. I wasn't aware there WERE any kids films in the next two movies. No real animation competition for certain until June. Good chance at catching HOME's $177m now. Boy, did DWA get lucky with the release date for Boss Baby. This is another movie belongs in the "release date saves a movie" category.
  5. Remakes are the new comfort food? RAMAKES ARE A HELL OF A DRUG!
  6. How do you think the people that always have to see that incorrect term in the title feel? Now if they went out and got real lions and animals to star in the movie...
  7. I like that they took out the seductive 10 year girl that manages to seduce Mowgli into the man village ending. That ending was always weirdly inappropriate.
  8. Calling this new Lion King movie in the title "Live Action" is incorrect. Nothing live action about it.
  9. This movie is definitely screwed if the writers strike happens.
  10. I love that WDAS has decided to go back to releasing only one animated film in a year. Releasing two movies in a year was always a terrible idea, one movie always tended to overshadow the other like with Zootopia/Moana and Inside Out/Good Dinosaur.
  11. People were legit confused at the ending of Empire when that movie came out.
  12. Weird that Boss Baby didn't increase on Sat.
  13. The problem with Fast 8 getting an OW similar to F6 ($97m OW) is that movie opened in late May and had summer weekdays to help it, F8 won't. F8 would end up making less no matter what. I would consider a 100m OW to be disappointing.
  14. They are already announcing the write down numbers? Pathetic!