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  1. Who do I have to contact to get into the DC discussion threads? @grim22
  2. Oh I agree. You can't have a 'world getting taken over' by a Devil type villain and not have some darkness ... I would expect it, but people need to feel they're having a good time watching the film as it progresses. While I enjoyed BvS, I can easily see how someone could have simply checked out on that film because there's little to no levity and nothing 'comic book' action wise really happens for 2 hours. You don't have to be Marvel in terms of jokes in order to have a bit of a lighter tone. Hopefully Joss realizes that it won't necessarily work for all of these characters the same way. I mean before the big cgi ending, Wonder Woman was more about the characters who we could cheer for and enjoy their presence/interaction. That is what we need from the JL members.
  3. If true and the reshoots as a whole are similar in reasoning ... uh, I mean so they were selling us on this lighter tone in JL forever ... and Zack still filmed a darker movie that they didn't realize they'd have to fix until a few months ago ... I don't know what to say. It's embarrassing to be a DC fan at times. I mean good God.
  4. I don't always agree with @iJackSparrow but in this case have to agree. Superman looks great in those pics. and I'm excited to see how they position him (character traits after coming back from death) in Justice League & beyond. Batman & Cyborg look the worst of those pictures. (Cyborg looked better in the 2nd trailer, but in these promo pics he just looks off ... Batman looks fine in action but not a huge fan of the way his suit looks in these pics)
  5. brodie_3dQuick headshot render of #steppenwolf who I sculpted as the build a figure (#baf) for Mattel's current #justiceleague multiverse wave.
  6. 409,013,994 is a goal for it to get past Iron Man 3 to #5 all time for comic book films behind the two Avengers & two Dark Knights. ... even though that # might only hold up until Justice League ... or for sure until Infinity War next May.
  7. It's a great date. Guardians & Suicide Squad showed how good August can be.
  8. Absolutely boring #s today. Only interested to see how close Wonder Woman gets to 400 this weekend. About 'It' ... I don't care what the September record is ... September has been filled with shit forever ... give people something that looks intriguing and they'll show up. It just feels like the time for 'It' to explode. (Stranger Things, clowns being pretty popular in terms of creepiness now, renowned IP) I find a 65+ opening MUCH more realistic than a 40-45 opening, especially if it's even decent.
  9. I still think the Justice League won't kill Steppenwolf, but he'll be forced to retreat in defeat. ... and the movie will end (from the villains perspective) with him on Apokolips being omega beamed by Darkseid for his failure. ... leading to happy ending on Earth with the Justice League.
  10. Yeah, end of this weekend around 395.2 or 395.3 ... if it continues with its 30% drops, should pass Spider-Man around 8/18. This club is an absolute certainty unless WW drops somehow drops like 60% next weekend.
  11. 2 months might be too long. Hell, the way it's going now, and if it can keep up the 35-40% drops, Spider-Man might be going down before the end of August.
  12. Worked well for them with LoTR and Hobbit ... of course, eventually Avatar will show up so they'll have some serious competition there.

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