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  1. I'm just going to assume these films are never going to get made until I'm in a theater watching them. He's earned the right to do what he wants given his success, but man I wish Cameron could focus his talent towards something else because while I enjoyed Avatar in theaters, I've never had the urge to see it again.
  2. As someone who has at least enjoyed every previous film on some level, this film is pretty much hot garbage. I checked out on the movie 20 minutes in; after the Rock's soccer coach scene and spent the rest of the time trying to find an excuse to check back in but found next to nothing. Rock just isn't entertaining in this role anymore. It's too much. The rest of the cast is doing the same thing they always do, but again the enjoyment level has just run out for me. I will say that Statham was great, but I don't really understand this notion that he just joins the fold after he and his brother were responsible for so much death involving the 'family'. D+
  3. Wow, that was a great trailer. After the last two movies, I have almost no doubt on the quality of this film.
  4. They just played the Aquaman centric teaser during the Michigan/Oregon NCAA Tournament game.
  5. WB UK version has an extra shot of Flash suit.
  6. The Bat symbol (and the Aquaman symbol) are highlighted for the posters. I don't know why they felt the need or for what purpose, but in no pictures or video has Batman symbol been that color in promotion of Justice League. ... I wouldn't like it if it was like that, it would be too much of a reminder of Clooney.
  7. Right now I'm thinking 110-115 for Wonder Woman if it can draw in the women viewers who don't always go to comic book movies. Overall gross will depend on reception but think 300 is possible if it's good. If it's not that good, it will hurt Justice League, but I'm just not sure how much yet. DC despite ALL the bad publicity for their films has an audience for that shows up opening weekend REGARDLESS in crazy #s. (maybe that will slowly begin to stop like with Transformers, but we need to see it happen first) The average opening weekend (without the MOS Walmart money) for the DC films is nearly 139 million.
  8. I can't believe WB hasn't released this in 1080p yet. Everyone is having to watch it in garbage 360p from that facebook/twitter link. Really hurts the enjoyment if I'm being honest.
  9. We'll go even bigger Batman has sort of Arkham Origins style suit with that armor look ... Aquaman looks like a beast. Flash is fine, Gal looks like she just isn't there LOL ... Cyborg is Cyborg, and never will be a huge fan of him unless the movie makes him ridiculously awesome, but whatever.
  10. Boy, this live stream is a total bust. What are they doing? A few hours ago, had couple thousand people watching, now it's just gone on too long and people have stopped caring and it's down to 800. Just release the trailer and be done with it. PLEASE!!!
  11. You'll may get both as Black Manta has been rumored for the longest time. Wan did shut down rumors of Michael K Williams playing him at one point though. Wouldn't be shocked if Orm isn't as much a main villain in this film.
  12. Hmm, this would be incredibly disappointing for Warner Bros if it just doesn't bring back a decent percent of the original fans, but I'm seeing people on other boards talking about how quiet their showings are as well. That seems concerning because of how front-loaded the Potter fan-base was. I was going to see it tonight, but we have a blizzard in South Dakota so will have to wait until Saturday.
  13. Suicide Squad closed yesterday ... Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $325,100,054 43.6% + Foreign: $420,500,000 56.4% = Worldwide: $745,600,054