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  1. 2016 RELEASES [*] Dia de los Muertos (Pixar/Disney) -6/16/2016 [*] Justice League (DC/WB) -6/9/2016 ? [*] Mass Effect (WB) ? [*] Pacific Rim (WB) -7/15/2016 ? [*] Rio 3 (BlueSky/Fox) -4/8/2016 Mumbai Musical (Working Title) (DWA/Fox) - 3/18/2016 [*] How to Train Your Dragon 3 (DWA/Fox) - 6/17/2016 [*] Angry Birds (Sony) - 7/1/16 [*] Avatar 2 (Fox) - 12/16/16 [*] [*] Smallfoot (WB) ? [*] Star Trek 3 (Paramount) -5/20/2016 ? [*] Transformers 5 (Paramount) Despicable Me 3 (Universal) 7/23/2016 ?
  3. OK. We already have the WB thread, the Universal thread. I think we should have the Par. and BV threads.Par. have made 1.76b this year so far:http://boxofficemojo...tudio=pardw.htmCan they do 1.9b+ this year?
  4. BV have done 1.18b this year so far, with the biggest hit POTC(241m DOM, 1b+ WW). They have the most 1b+ movies. http://boxofficemojo...=buenavista.htm Will Disney rule the movie industry after 2013? Disney Releases Threads Archives =========== DOM ------ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Thread The Avengers Discussion Beauty and the Beast 3D Thread Brave Discussion Captain America 2 Doctor Strange Thread Finding Nemo 3D Thread Frankeweenie Thread Gnomeo & Juliet 2 Iron Man 3 Discussion John Carter Thread The Little Mermaid 3D Thread The Lone Ranger Thread Monsters, Inc 3D Thread Monsters University Discussion The Muppet's Discussion Thread Oz: The Great and Powerful Thread Pirates-Kiss of Death Robopocalypse Thread Thor 2 Thread Untitled Pixar About Dinosaurs Untitled Pixar that takes you inside the mind thread War Horse Discussion Thread Wreck-It Ralph Thread Clubs ------- The Avengers Over 150M OW Club The Avengers Over 350M Club The Avengers under Irons Man's Total The Avengers vs. Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Dark Knight Rises (OFFICIAL SHOWDOWN DISCUSSION) The Avengers Over 900M WW Club OS ---- The Avengers OS Thread Brave OS Thread John Carter OS thread The Muppets OS Thread War Horse OS Thread Other related threads ------- The Pixar Club The Fox Thread The Paramount Pictures Thread The Sony Thread The Universal Thread The Warner Bros Thread Are studios happy with Kung Fu Panda 2 and POTC4 gross? Computer animated films thread Comic Book Discussion Thread Production Budgets Thread Profit Calculation Question Marvel and DC comics book B.O. records Movies you're surprised got sequels based on their budget and box office revenue Studio Profit Report Studios with the most promising future based on potential franchises The reality of theater/studio percentages Video Game Discussion Thread
  5. Here is the thread that lists the (had) flopped actors and discuss why they flopped.
  6. Exclusive: David Yates Committing to Tarzan at Warner Bros. CLUBS: Tarzan Over 200M DOM
  7. Of course it is still too early to call but that is the spirit of box office looneys doing useless predictions. I dare to say, it looks several films already scheduled are certain to enter the top 10 in 2016. Note: release dates are unavailable for most 2016 releases at the moment. ============ 1. Stephen Chow's Mermaid (2B) Reference: Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (1.25B, #1 of 2013) 2. Kung Fu Panda 3 (2B) Reference: Kung Fu Panda 2 (617m, #2 of 2011) 3. Independence Day 2 (1.8B) Reference: 2012 (465m, #1 of 2009) 4. Warcraft (1.8B) Reference: Transformers (282m, #1 of 2007) 5. The Great Wall (1.6B) Reference: The Flowers of War (608m, #3 of 2011) ================= 6. Kung Fu Yoga (1.6B) Reference: The Myth (96m, #2 of 2005); Chinese Zodiac (879m, #3 of 2012) 7. Captain America: Civil War (1.5B) Reference: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (720m, #7 of 2014); Avengers: AOU (1460m, top 5 of 2015) 8. X-Men: Apocalypse (1.5B) Reference: X-Men: Days of Future Past (723m, #6 of 2014) 9. The Man from Macao 3 (1.5B) Reference: The Man from Macao 2 (974m, top 10 of 2015) 10. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (1.1B) Reference: Man of Steel (395m, #14 of 2013) ================== Other contenders should include Star Wars: The Force Awakens (this EP7 looks too old style & nostalgic / American friendly...), Ice Age 5 and maybe the next Hark Tsui film and dark horses.
  8. Lionsgate: 'Now You See Me' Sequel In The Works
  9. Nolan ! Interstellar over 270m Interstellar Over 2012 ($769,679,473) Interstellar OVER Inception OW Club (62.7M +) Interstellar under Batman Begins (domestic) Interstellar #1 2014 Worldwide Voyage INTERSTELLAR Over $1 Billion Big Hero 6 or Interstellar for highest non-#1 opening ($68.7M, Day After Tomorrow) Interstellar over 300M The Dame vs. The Almighty - UNBROKEN vs. INTERSTELLAR club To Predict What No Man Predicted Before: Interstellar Over Mockingjay Part 1 DOM and WW Shuttle Interstellar + Big Hero 6 > October 2014
  10. Dredd directed: Pete Travis script by Alex Garland with John Wagner stars Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey worldwide release on September 21, 2012 Dredd Over $50M Club
  11. Fox Acquires Stephen Kiernan Novel ‘The Curiosity’ Lincoln Thread
  12. I am in, thinking this will play into May holiday.
  13. Disney this year has seven releases: SW7 (825m), Zootopia (1.5B+), Jungle Book (in April), Civial War (in May), Alice 2 (also in May), Finding Dory (in August or September), Dr Strange (in Nov) The seven Disney films combined box office in China, over or under 6.5B.
  14. early reviews are exceptional. This could the fariy tale versio of Avatar.
  15. CBO Week 13 ' content edited ...' Like Monster Hunt and Bodyguard, all EDKO films are now distributed by Union Pictures. With CEOs leaving, WuZhou have undermarketed two films in a row: the Zhao Liying starred romcom Rise of Tomboy and now Hotpot. Earlier this year, their Kill Time and CTHD2 also underperformed ... ----- I should have never returned to this site. I wanted to on this site share knowledge and information about CBO and the industry, not to see someone continuously prove how he is right and how everybody else is wrong, downplay China's box office and how it is gonna collapse, how it does not matter at all to Hollywood. It's so pointless. So let the real expert do the work. I am leaving forever, because I am often wrong with my predictions (making predictions is not a problem; I always dare to be wrong with every prediction I make, all these years), feel have no value to this site, and yes because I am annoyed. Thank you in advance if any moderator can help delete my profile and all posts on this site, would be very appreciated. Maybe I will just ask Shawn to see if it's possible. It's been 5 years. Thank you everyone, everyone I mean, too many friends to name but thank you all, you know I am talking of you . (I can be reached on Wechat in case you are interested. Maybe Olive could tell you about wechat.)
  16. if a person are so down on China's economy and its box office, why bother keep tracking it, posting socalled insights and predictions all day, which most of the time are negative, and laughablely off. I am annoyed. got put someone on agnore list.
  17. it can't be only 750m....
  18. Update on May schedule of imported releases: 5/6 TBD Captain America: Civil War 5/20 X-Men: Apocalypse 5/20 Angry Birds 5/27 Alice Through the Looking Glass 6/3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 May TBD Baahubali: The Beginning 6/15 Warcraft Note: as of current, none is officially confirmed by CFGC or Film Bureau
  19. LOL why don't you just define 100% decrease as "real" drop. 2016 wont be down 20%, neither will Apr. Your predict of sub 20% (increase or decrease) will fail.
  20. So Satrurday daily box office is only 210m, barly beat last year's 175m. Last year, the four day QM weekend was 620m (105m, 175m, 195nm, 145m); three day holiday 515m (175m, 195nm, 145m). This year S-S-M will be only 560m or so, a minor 8% increase... The QM releases are too weak: Bodyguard, Bro, terrible reviews; Hotpot, under marketed. This year, local films are very weak, except for Mermaid (an exeception), and maybe a coule October holiday releases. The expected low (relatively, maybe 30%) YOY increase of 2016 has the most to do with a weak slate of local films, not because the market cooling down. No worry, next year will be full blood resurrection. For April, even if Jungle Book makes 1.5B, Apr would still be unsavable... as the first half month is poised to be very dead, just like the last days of March. But April cann't be "the first real down month in more that a decade", not even close. Period decrease happens once in a while. Just a few examples out of my mind: Jan 2010 ---- 1210m Jan 2011 ---- 1080m Dec 2012 ---- 2560m Dec 2013 ---- 2120m Jul 2011 ---- 1520m Jul 2012 ---- 1430m Aug 2011 ---- 1550m Aug 2012 ---- 1440m (summer 2012, June-Aug, as a whole, was a down actually) Apr 2013 ---- 1800m Apr 2014 ---- 1820m In the last six years alone, at least Jan, Feb, Apr, Jul, Aug, Dec all have seen 'downs'. Important box office slots at CBO have all seen 'down' or 'flat' YOY: May holiday (2014), Chinese New year holiday (2011), Christmas-New Year holiday (2011), October holiday (2011), Dragon Boat Festival (2012), Qingming Festival (2016), summer 2012, winter 2013. It happens when the openers are weak. Mino slots like V day, Qixi, Women's Day, Children's D, Mooncake Day ... also have been down. World is not ending .... .... As for sub 10% Month to month increase, that's common. in CBO, June-Aug = summer, Mar-May = Spring, Sep-Nov = Fall, Dec-Feb = Winter