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  1. This is the Doctor from United Airlines after receiving his 7 Figure Settlement from that incident:
  2. We have Southwest Airline Employees staying with us at the Sheraton on a regular basis.. They roll in around 5 PM, have a drink at the bar and eat, then retire to their rooms until 4AM the next morning when they're shuttled off to the Airport.. They put in long hours..
  3. Also 2 things I noticed about the United Airlines Bit: 1. I find it truly fascinating that out of all the people on that flight, only 3 passengers to my knowledge took the offer of whatever $$$$ amount United Offered and the seat upgrade.. So, the rest of the passengers on this flight were THAT busy that they couldn't have given up their seat for the $$$$ theyb were offering and a seat upgrade for another flight, whether it was an hour, 2 hours, a day, whatever, it was damn near $1000.00 to give up a seat.. Who turns something like this down is my problem with this?? That's an awful lot of $$$$ folks... 2. That everyone on this flight were well off and financially fit that $$$$$ wasn't an option and they didn't care about that and just wanted to make a statement over the whole thing.. I'm just saying, that all of this could've been avoided for a whole lot of nothing in the end and now, every day when you turn on the News, someone will be suing an Airline for something stupid and get away with it...
  4. Not in the day and age of people pushing the shit out of the 1st Amendment and using it in cases like this.. I'm telling ya: This is going to get worse for the Airlines cause people will see how easy it is to make a fuss over something and get paid to do so.. Even better is if they get roughed up over it.. Then they're really seeing $$$$$$$$$ now aren't they??
  5. The Hype for PROMETHEUS was Real as well before the movie came out.........................And then the movie came out and you know the rest.. I'd say lowering your expectations is probably for the Best..
  6. Imagine for a moment that this Doctor decided to take United Airlines offer of $1000.00 for his seat and an upgrade for the next flight??? Then we would've never heard anything about this and we would've moved on with our lives.. Just saying.. I'm sure the Good Doctor is happy and all with his 7 figure settlement, but a lot of this could've been avoided is what I'm saying.. Now everyone is getting in on the act like the Delta Airline Story I just posted about a passenger had to use the restroom and was kicked off the flight for it.. It's gotten ridiculous and I think people are genuinely exploiting this in the hope for the big payday like the Doctor just received..
  7. All this Airline in the News stuff is beginning to grow pretty old now and the latest and greatest shows a Delta passenger being kicked off of the plane for using the restroom while the plane was on the tarmac or some frivolous bullshit like that.. Ever since the Good Doctor got dragged off of United Airlines, everyone seems to be getting in on the act and this is just 1 in a series will start seeing over the course of time...
  8. PROMETHEUS comes to mind.. Had an AWESOME trailer with background music and designs that really gripped you, really pulled you in and then: the movie came out and the rest is history..
  9. I honestly don't know how anyone can say this Man's 1st 100 Days was a Failure other than you hate the guy and won't have it any other way.. The guy has made some accomplishments folks but we're not going to beat this debate into the ground for the umpteenth time.. I just think if you hate him it makes it easier to turn the other cheek and say he didn't accomplish anything when he did.. I will say though they should do away with this "1st 100 Days in Office" crap cause I don't think you really get a great deal done in that period of time unless you have full cooperation and that hasn't happened..
  10. So does anyone actually have high hopes for this movies box office run or will it quickly disappear like ALIEN RESSURECTION did further ruining the ALIEN Legacy instead of leaving well enough alone??? I mean, I realize in 2017, it's all but impossible for a movie to BOMB anymore when you include China into the equation, but still..
  11. I just watched the Prologue for this movie and I've gotta say, the FX look Fantastic as well as the designs, BUT, I was clearly disappointed in PROMETHEUS and felt the trailer for it with the haunting background music sold the movie more than the movie itself if that makes sense??? There was a lot of implausible stuff in this movie that I couldn't get past and only saw the movie once.. There was a point where SPIKE TV used to beat this movie into the ground late night, but I just never had a desire to revisit it.. Best ALIEN Movie: ALIENS By far.. The WORST ALIEN movie: ALIEN RESURRECTION X 10.. God awful..
  12. I think it's pretty much a given that Rey, Finn and Poe are the New Luke, Han and Leia for a New Generation..
  13. I have a super craving for Chinese food right now, specifically, Kung Pao Chicken(SPICY!!) an order of Crab Rangoon and maybe and egg roll.. Anyone have a favorite Chinese take out near them??? Normally I go to PF Chang's but it's kind of pricey$$$ Panda Express is pretty good and inexpensive..
  14. Considering the Dow is at 20,997, I'd say it's doing pretty good right now due to people being optimistic about President Trump's Tax Plan..
  15. Fox Rent A Car: 1/2 off the price of a rental if your harassed..