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  1. Nandos is an absurdly big thing here. So many people treating it like God tier Food. It's ok, nothing more.
  2. That Kong hold is painful to see. Hopefully it can recover this weekend.
  3. It's not an accurate measure, but it tends to work for us to see when a film over or underperformed.
  4. Forza Ferrari!!! Good start to the Grand Prix season today
  5. Already seen a sell out 2D for tomorrow in Crawley. Going to be a massive day there.
  6. Awesome movie, made me feel like such a kid.
  7. Well, at least that masterpiece is in your top half Chas.
  8. WHAT A MOVIE! Seriously think this our generations classic Sci-fi horror.
  9. We in real rugby don't resort to these gimmicks
  10. I think Corpse has been saying on KJ that he thinks BATB has a shot at being the biggest movie this year, and that GITS probably won't be that big a deal.