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  1. Since when do we agree on stuff?!
  2. Sigh, the youth of today
  3. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Ferrari 1-2 on the grid for tomorrow! Hell yeah!
  4. Good. Gooooood. You'll be chatting football at the chippy before you know it
  5. Don't leave again, the weather took an uptick as soon as you arrived!
  6. Doubt it. It definitely ain't going to catch BATB globally man. Japan, UK and St alone will be likely $150m behind BATB.
  7. Just got home from seeing it in IMAX, loved it. Pretty much on par with the first film in my opinion. I wish Marvel would make more of these instead of Avengers movies. Sigh.
  8. In theory, with these insane presales, just how high could Baahubali go??
  9. Sat in a theatre trying to watch the first Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX, so far they've failed to get it started properly twice as it keeps flashing in pink and green. So much fun with a packed house.
  10. Fair warning, it's fucking grim here atm.
  11. Ahhh birthday digs, those were the days.
  12. We had a one day only release of that last year in October, but I couldn't make it. Not that upset though as I'm not overly fond of it
  13. Oh how wrong you are, we've got a few active anime fans here, myself included. Check out the anime thread in the animation sub forum.
  14. Come to Britain, we'll get trashed and forget about your worries
  15. The first was HUGE by SH standards, I could even see a drop in total, even if it doubles the original OW.
  16. Absolutely no idea. It's definitely looking strong up front, but I can't get a gauge on where it's going.
  17. Finally about to watch The Handmaiden. This country did not make it easy to find a cinema playing it.