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  1. That being the case and I don't disagree do we think that $300m is still in play? If so, have we become blasé to a $300m(or close) film now? Or at least a $300m CBM film?
  2. Someone missed last weeks Monday thread I see. The OP of the thread did a typo and the thread title read "Moeday numbers......" As per usual, this board ran with it and in a few short posts it had developed a life of it's own as a new BOT "inside joke".
  3. One day you will see a Miles Morales solo led Spider-man film. I don't think it'll happen for another decade(+/-) but it will happen. The character is indeed still "newish" but he's getting the push. He's been in a few cartoons and had some toy already. He's 10yr anniversary as a character will happen as Tom Holland may/may not be ready to move on from the role in the early 2020s, maybe mid decade. In 2026 it'll be his 15th year anniversary as a character. I see Spider-man 2099 also getting at least introduced sooner rather than later. Spider-man is in the same position as Batman by the 2020's, he's been done various ways, what's new, whats different, while still feeling fresh? Miles Morales, Miguel O'Hara and Terry McGinnis are your answers. All 3 of these represent change that fandoms are/have adapted to and the right mass media approach will take them over the top! Once this happens get ready for a slew of change to comic cinema characters in the 2030s: Sam Wilson/Cap, Foster/Thor, Artemis/WW etc etc etc.
  4. I get why X-Men is often unofficially stated as the start of "modern day" superhero films. It's an easy demarcation point at the year 2000 and surprised many by doing well. I think an argument could be made for Blade in '98 to some extent. Sure it doesn't have the big $$ tied to it but it succeeded on the heels of Warners crashing and burning with Batman & Robin just a few months earlier essentially shelving any DC property to be on the big screen for almost another decade. Transition to Marvel property dominance. Related to the thread I'm amazed that going into week #6 WW didn't lose more screens. I expected at least 5-700 screens down, not just under 400. Especially after I saw that large 4000+ screen count for Apes.
  5. This. I feel this is why I'm rooting for it. I'm not even some Tomb Raider fan. Only saw the first Jolie film, played one of the games a few times and read a few of the comics. I mean I even rooted for Sahara because of the IJ-ish vibe. If this did $75-100m US domestic I think that could qualify as a hit using Resident Evil and Underworld as comparisons. This provides that the budget isn't insane and also makes some coin worldwide.
  6. Pacific Rim 2 has "sequel no one really wanted" written all over it. (cue fringe lovers to quote this and scream "me") I see a $75m domestic total coming it's way at best.
  7. Indiana Jones & Crystal Skull: The fridge scene Never mind the fridge scene is an extension of Indy surviving moments he shouldn't from other films in the series. It happens. People hook into one thing. We could probably find other examples if we really thought about it.
  8. Grade: A- My review is in the proper place at that Forum with spoiler thoughts. It ranks just behind Spider-man 2(Maguire) for me.
  9. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    Grade: A- Highly enjoyable film. Tom Holland is a superb Peter Parker, something that the Andrew Garfield version never achieved, failing right out of the gate. It still doesn't best Spider-man 2(Maguire) for best live action film though. Pros: Holland as Peter/SM Keaton as Toombs/Vulture The minor inclusion of the Shocker genesis. Mac Gargan on the boat and mid-credit sequence, aka The Scorpion. Just who are his "friends"? Ned, that actor and Holland had great chemistry Donald Glover as "a" Prowler. Prowler is Hobie Brown to me they are using the Ultimate version of Aaron Davis because the casual mention of him having a nephew. Now that would be Miles Morales, so long game plans could be afoot. The didn't see it coming plot twist of Toombs being Liz Allen's dad!! Happy Hogan in a solid support role in lieu of too much actual Tony Stark. Pepper Potts!! The jazzed up Spider-man Avenger suit which I hope we see in action for Avengers Infinity War The Captain America "cameos" and end credit sequence!! LOL!! No mention or hint of Osborn. I felt they would try to squeeze a mention of name drop in cause they "felt" they must...and they didn't!! How they wove this story into the backdrop of the MCU We got a complete H.S. Spider-man story. And likely could in a sequel as Peter is a Sophomore or Junior(I don't recall we were told), cause Ned emphasizes how big a deal it is to get a Senior girl. Even Rami's SM1 only has Peter in HS for the first half of the film. MEH: Aunt May: she just didn't have any real impact like other Mays seemingly have had Spider-suit: a little too much Stark-esque but I allow for that given how they've written him late in the game for MCU inclusion. Liz Allen: she was adequate in the roll, cute at times, likable even but only stood out a little over the other H.S. cast Cons: The H.S. supporting cast outside Ned was butchered and dull. The debate coach/teacher was funny in his own way. Flash never felt like the bully I expect. He was a nerd bully of sorts, an actual peer to Peter which is not what the dynamic of those two is about. They are intellectual and physical opposites, not here. Michelle, or the worst kept secret since Cumberbatch as Khan, MJ, is technically not Mary Jane but they went with MJ to what be sly/coy/ironic? The name thing aside I didn't enjoy her blasé characterization at all. Her "too cool" for the other 'nerds' approach felt very off to me because at every turn she still was there, in the group dynamic. That doesn't jive with the blasé attitude she put off. She wouldn't be pool side, she wouldn't be at that party (or was she?) cause she wouldn't feel the need to be involved, it's beneath her or not interesting enough. Betty Brant being a very minor "of age" peer instead of an older woman Peter will eventually have a crush on. Her inclusion felt ham fisted to me. Where is his Spider-Sense? That ability doesn't just alert him to deathly danger it alerts him of presences and then based on the familiarity or lack thereof it's triggered with more or less intensity. At any rate Ned nor Aunt May should've been able to "sneak-up" on him and make their discoveries. ------ While I enjoyed all the exposition and time spent getting to know Peter as he gets to know his suit and we the cast it did feel like it was dragging in places. I can see a few chapter skips upon subsequent home viewings. Ranking Time: 1. Spider-Man 2 2. Homecoming 3. Spider-man 1 4. Spider-man 3 5. TASM 6. TASM 2
  10. Raiding the bank and dragging the whole building through town? Not recalling that at all? Young cgi Sparrow tricking Salazar and pulling that fantastic maneuver trapping him? No? The dynamic finale with the ocean split open and the boat anchor? Not at all? Sorry for your bad memory mate. I'm glad to see the movie finding modest legs late in the game. Maybe enough to get it to $180m domestic at least. I feel it's a good place to end things, they at least set it up that way. The credits sequence could be used for one more but the diminishing returns will only be hammered harder on all fronts. Seeing the international decline should be a clue as well.
  11. It's goal should be to land at that number. Passing it is out of the question.
  12. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    Marvel hasn't been pressured into doing anything. Feige has said more than once that they had a plan of action regarding their film slate. The only real variable to that being Spider-man and how it allowed for a few other things to shape around that. Perhaps breaking the third Avenger film into two parts as well. Captain Marvel is coming out according to the 'Phased' Film slate they had to get to Avengers 3&4. If Marvel were going to cave to some SJW and PC pressure then we would've gotten a rushed Black Widow film 3-4years ago. But hey, keep thinking your own thing.
  13. Since the Inhumans is going to have a limited 2-week IMAX run are we doing a thread for this "film" aka opening 2 episodes of the series? The trailer dropped earlier. https://youtu.be/1sYF1SXcWqQ To date this maybe the most pedestrian footage for any Marvel project. I got no sense of wonder. No scenes that WOWED me. I'll see it, cause I see all comic book fare, but at first blush I'm not impressed on any level and that's not happened for me with any Marvel Studios project before.
  14. I've only been spot reading this thread. Clearly I missed a "spot" a few pages back. Seems future dealings could be in jeopardy though. Fool me once.... A trade off in some regard is coming cause the film is Jupiter Ascending 2.0
  15. The only unknown left about this film is how large will the write off be by the studio?

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