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  1. So Olivia Munn is not safe since she's not the lone woman in the film now.
  2. #Leto Now, whoever is after Leto can be likely judged a bit more on their own. His Joker came a bit too soon. Sure 8yrs but Ledgers Joker had a contemporary Legendary status already. Ledger had a 19yr gap between Nicholson's Joker and as beloved as Jack's Joker was a whole generation had passed. Not so with Leto. The next Logan is going to face that cause Jackman has been Wolverine for almost 2 generations worth of moviegoers. This is assuming money doesn't talk and Fox gets him in X-Force or even the next XM film, is that Supernova? Jackman is the Connery of this character as is the case for Downey and Evans I'd add as well.
  3. So Shane Black is not using the word Reboot? He's referring to it as a 3rd sequel, 4th installment? I've not seen that, that pleases me. Have a link to an interview where that is brought up by chance? Thanks
  4. Entertainment Weekly is reporting it as Reboot in the headline and opening sentence of the article.
  5. I'd be more excited if it wasn't an unnecessary reboot. Zero reason for it to be.
  6. Saw this again in front of John Wick 2 yesterday. Still not excited for it. I feel the John C Reily character is going to become annoying fast and frequently among other things that don't jazz me up for this.
  7. This will now be my next film with JWch2 out of the way. I'm super excited for it! Please don't go meh on this FOX!
  8. Just got out of a matinee. It was good. I enjoyed it. 75% of the action felt super repetitive though. Bang, ankles, roll flip, head shot repeat Solid B/B+ grade I would see another, don't get me wrong, so you super Wickesters can lay off the hate train.
  9. Hmmm, that comment may not mean what you think it means. I rather enjoyed Iron Man 3.
  10. Also, no. I'm married. We are house shopping and I may get a man cave, if we have enough space, but...no, not in bedroom, living room or anywhere in the house do I have any comic poster hanging, or action figures displayed. Try another passive aggressive insult though. I'm amused. The most humoring thing about the insult attempt is @ironjimbo has posted his own Avatar/Cameron "shrine"!! LOL!!
  11. FWIW the RT score is now 91%
  12. It's too bad that people just gave up on Robert Langdon. I admit this film was a bit too predictable but that didn't stop it from being fun for me. I would've liked to have seen Hanks do the The Lost Symbol but that is clearly not ever going to happen now. That book and the new Langdon novel that comes out this Fall are a place for a reboot with a new actor I suppose. We'll see if Langdon can do better than all the Jack Ryan recastings.
  13. That article is citing the industry, theme park I'd wager in this case, as thinking it's risky. Yes, that means then that internet fans also are skeptical for similar reasons. Let's not act like Disney never misfires: Lone Ranger, Alice 2, John Carter(which I actually liked but I digress).
  14. This pic and her outfit it reminds me of the way Laura was drawn during the latest Dark Horse series with her.