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  1. I finally did manage to catch this at a matinee last week. I've never watched the anime so I got to judge the film as a film, not an adaptation. Grade: B+ From a story perspective I didn't walk away with any plot holes I could think of really. They explain who Major is and show glimpses of who she was. The team she worked with were all honorable. I kept expecting a betrayal in there cause....cliche. Kuze was still just out for revenge but he served his role well in showing just how Hanka wasn't to be fully trusted. The large cliche was that the bad guy was a corporate loyalist with no conscience. Who was taken down very anti-climatically by Major's boss(can't recall the name). Some minor explanation as to the cyborg host frame for Major vs her human form would've been nice but it didn't weigh on me. Kuze's was also different. I've read the "white washing" criticism by the online keyboard SJW's and based on the counter arguments see them once again on the wrong side. Major, according to the counter points, is never meant or intended to be physically seen as Asian. The uncertainty of her ethnicity is important in anyone being able to project themselves into the Major's position. The creator of GitS supported the casting and there was solid Asian casting in other roles. Now granted Scarlett isn't ethnicity ambiguous but that doesn't matter cause the Diversity Police got a win by having the movie fail based on their criteria. All else be damned. Good movie. I don't know if sequels were in the cards or what sequels would look like but we will never know, not with this cast anyway and not for some time.
  2. Seen a few articles floating around the last few days that Marvel Phase 4 could look like something new. Not resemble what has come before and what not. Largely Feige's own words but with a caveat that they still don't wholly know themselves. Which is fine cause that's still a little ways out yet but we know that whatever "Phase 4" looks like it's going to have carryovers: GotG vol. 3, Dr. Strange 2, Black Panther 2 and perhaps an Ant-Man 3 as well as a Captain Marvel 2. So if all those happen I just don't see how the next batch of films is really "All new All Different". As time marches on this August will give us 2 years since the last botched Fantastic Four film by Fox, leaving, allegedly, 3 years before it falls back to Marvel/Disney. I'm hoping the "look different" part of what Feige is speaking to is them leaving creative development room to work the FF into the MCU proper by 2022/2023 and have the FF be the backbone of the next wave of films much like the Avengers was for the first three. Fox has really committed to their X-Men universe (3 new films for 2018 announced, Legion on TV) and they failed the FF franchise creatively. Surely they are willing to let it go at this point. Putting up the same possible hot air they put up when Daredevil was falling back to Marvel. Fantastic Four back at Marvel Studios for "Phase 4" that is my call on what the "things could look different" might mean.
  3. I guess an emoji would've helped. I'm having a baby, I'm never getting catchup time. #toungeincheek
  4. This line of thinking is ONE of the problems. The Big 2, Marvel especially, started getting wind of this. A "starting point" and began doing the whole cancel/reboot/renumber thing with their titles about 15 years ago. A title would run for 3-5yrs then start over. That window of time was reduced about 8yrs ago and a title ran for 2-3yrs, even their "flagship" books. They would use some wide line event about every 18-24months as reason to Restart everything at #1....cause some of you need a "clear" starting point. When really a fair number of books would continue with the same creative team. Jason Aaron's Thor, Allred's Silver Surfer or Waid on DD to name a few off the top of my head where they really kept telling stories tied back to a prior volume. At the least seeds of character development were there. All this renumbering has fractured the readership. It's more clear than ever that buying monthly is about the worst financial investment for your comic entertainment dollar. Wait for the trade and it reduces keeping all these reboots and flood of #1s straight a necessity. I started every book on every character I had an interest in when the titles were in the hundreds: Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Hulk etc etc etc I jumped in, found $.50 back issue books or just figured it out as I went. Never whining about "jumping in at the middle". These characters don't have a middle cause they are never going to have an end. Marvel & DC will be needing to decide just what periodical publishing of titles looks like going forward. The death of the monthly floppy may not be immediate but it is coming. The floppy will be a niche as a vinyl record. Sure some still want them but they aren't the main medium of choice.
  5. I hope the strike lasts at least 6months. I'm way behind on completed shows that I might just find time to catch up on some of them.
  6. Is $500m still in play? While the audience is different and BatB has now been out for a month will FotF hurt this due to screen loss more than anything else?
  7. Out. I feel this entry is going to reinvigorate the franchise.
  8. I've watched them all. Huge TF fan due to childhood 80s-ness. The second is by far the worst. It is a travesty. The first is excellent. I've seen it probably 20+ times. The third is fairly decent (i.e. Nimoy) and the fourth grows on me but I still despise the prolonged absence of the Dinobots in any real meaningful way. Hopefully Last Knight corrects that somewhat where it can. I'm optimistic thus far for TF5
  9. ^^^ Dang, I'm glad I didn't see that teaser. I only saw the one trailer and avoided extra footage. Which explains why that package was a surprise to me. My screener was packed last night. Grade: A/A- I'll try to to a review later time permitting. I'll just say I was prepared to be let down since it is the 8th film. Solid story. Good character development that went along with the physics defying stunts you've come to expect.
  10. I would like to excited for this film. However, what I've seen via trailers does not impress me. In the shadow of GotG vol.2 this is going to be forgotten quickly I do believe.
  11. Poster seems fine to me. I sense a bandwagon effect happening. The first few people declare it horrid so to say otherwise would be embarrassing?
  12. I finally saw this at a matinee showing a few days back. I'm glad to say that the movie surprised me and changed my mind about it. Prior to release my two biggest issues based on trailers were that Kong is too big and that the John C Reilly character was going to be annoyingly "funny". Grade: B+ I like that there is the set up for an explanation on these giant creatures without actually, as yet, explaining why they still exist. Enjoyed seeing several other giant creatures including at least two nonaggression "monsters". The Triceration skull was fascinating and maybe one day we get one. I did an entire 180 on the John C Reilly character, he was the character I felt the strongest about to the point of thinking "he better get off that island and back home". I'm glad a friend had seen it prior to me and let me know to stay after the credits. That was an important stinger moment for the film to lead into Kong v Godzilla among other revelations in that 30 second clip.
  13. I just acquired Screener Passes for next Tuesday 4/11, my schedule atm means I'm about 50/50 on if I can make it though.
  14. Well, I love IM2 so I'm ok with this. IM2 is the most irrationally hated CBM from Marvel that I see by internet users. I see non-forum poster people in day to day life who find fault with, say, IJ Crystal Skull or T:Salvation(like some internet hounds) but never do I find anyone who dislikes, let alone, hates IM2. Only on the internet. The Thor films are the most forgettable when I talk to people not online.
  15. GotG 2 looks like a possibility but only if it sustains great legs. It's OW will be huge, I could see $150m OW for it. Outside chance it happens. Thor Ragnarok, no chance but should strive for $250m with Hulk being there Infinity War 1 or 2, I don't see both doing it. I bank on the first one doing it. Black Panther should just have a goal of doing $200m. Anything more than that is gravy. Captain Marvel, no chance, but should strive for $150m - $175m. A female lead comic film not WW or Black Widow is going to as hard as Ant-Man to sell. They did it so lets watch them do it again if the budget isn't crazy and demands more receipts to be seen as a hit. Ant-Man & Wasp is out but should just strive for $200m+ cause the first was fun and well received. Inhumans: the 2hr debut on the big screen for 2 weeks before moving to TV is for sure out but I'm very curious about it. Deadpool & Cable may just surprise us BUT I can see it dropping just as easy as rising from the first for various factors but $450m...long shot. Justice League and Wonder a world where we didn't have 3 uneven DCU movies that has now created some apathy I'd expect both to contend for $450m. But now... Aquaman, no chance but should strive for $200m. Let's face it, to the masses he's been treated as a joke in pop culture for 25yrs so he's got a lot to overcome. Flash....are we even sure this is happening anymore for a recent release the next few years?? Incredibles 2, I don't include in this because it's not live action nor based off an actual comic book property but it'll be huge