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  1. Paramount has really bungled the ability to ever make Jack Ryan stick after some studio head decided to go younger and kick Harrison Ford to the side. They should've done a few more with Ford in the late 90s. Then when they did reboot it they'd have likely had a signficantly larger fanbase to come support it. Same for when they had the Morgan Freeman lead Alex Cross films. Back-to-Back studio ball dropping there. They should've already gotten Eddie Murphy to do a Beverly Hills Cop film or two back when 80's revivals were back in during the late '00s.
  2. I'm really enjoying that Yondu's fin is being allowed to grow out for the sequel!! Enjoying seeing that in these pics!
  3. Since this is basically: Chronicle 2.0 and not nostalgia for me I'll be waiting for DVD. I do hope that it's good and it's target fanbase enjoys it in ways I loved the first Transformers film. I'm rooting for it in that regard(also, I still want Voltron).
  4. Many of us saw this coming. BatB has as full and large a fanbase as either of those. The few detractors who didn't have got to be scratching their heads. They may already have chimed in, too many pages to attempt to read through at this point, I was too busy all weekend to check in till now. That said, my wife and I plan to if possible watch it tonight. So the mouse still has a few pockets left to pilfer.
  5. Man from UNCLE is not hit, flop may be wrong by some measures but it's a strong UNDERPERFORMER. $75m Budget vs $109m WW is not a film anyone is rushing to make a sequel to that's for certain. Rush underperformed domestically but indeed it's WW#s make it profitable. Ghostbusters is at best a break even film(march & dvd helps there) but again, underperformed vs budget domestically. Snow White and the Huntsman is the lone legit hit Chris Hemsworth has done outside Thor. He alone didn't have to carry it though. When he was expected to carry more of the films marquee power in the sequel that flopped spectacularly. Snowpierecer very likely didn't flop but we don't know it's budget. Domestic numbers are a joke though regardless.
  6. This films storyline from concept, to multiple sequels and continued delays is way, way better a plot line than anything the movie would be. We have the first films great narrative as proof. LOL!! Look, if, and it's a BIG IF at this point, Avatar 2 does make 2019 it does have a "10yr Anniversary" crutch to fall back on. I could even see theaters being willing to show Avatar then follow it up with Avatar 2 in a mini-marathon type format. The Disney attraction will have been open over a year, the Cirque production will probably have wrapped but be semi-recent enough to be on some peoples minds. This could work in it's favor. Could even get some "nostalgia" butts in seats. I'm sure some kid who in 2009 was 10yrs old will be in college and yak it up with his dorm mates about seeing this. I still won't be seeing it though, at least not in theaters.
  7. If it follows that trajectory then the film will underperform based on budget. GB did good to break even.
  8. Both are members of the Cosmic race of beings known as the Elders. Same barber shop perhaps? I may be recalling this wrong but I did think they were brothers.
  9. I feel good about Logan going into the second weekend vs Kong. While it's third weekend will be BatB and some significant drops are usually seen at this point for majority of films I think BatB is going to hit even harder. Hopefully not hard enough to kill off a $200m+ finish.
  10. Those criteria are what get you the rating and sometimes boobs. Otherwise it's PG-13 or even less. What does R rating mean to you is the question?
  11. I saw it last night like many of you. I highly enjoyed it for a number of reasons. One of those reasons may work for/against it: the dark somber tone. It was refreshing cause we haven't really had that in a CBM since Batman Begins or TDK, TDKR was Nolan's most "traditional" superhero movie for Batman. Like those Nolan Batman films that I like I don't rewatch them often because of that. I didn't do multiple viewings in the theater nor will I do so with Logan despite telling you it should be seen at least once on the big screen. Why? Reason #2, new comer Dafne Keen. Great OW here we come Hugh!! Fox, I see your Fantastic Four reboot pathway now....R rate that second reboot.
  12. Just over 6.5hrs till my showtime!!!
  13. Planning on seeing this at 7:30pm cst on Thursday Preview night!!!
  14. Not sure but I do know Green Lantern got a few and BvS just cleaned up with 3 or 4 this year alone. Marvel didn't get any. Warners/DC is sure to lead in the Razzie camp. Was nice to see Dr. Strange nominated in one of the technical categories though last night. I think Jungle Book won that one.