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  1. LOL, @K1stpierre you didn't read any of the preceding posts did you? I get it, the posts above mine are a jumbled mess of chatter. Substantial, no. However this franchise has never been about that. It seems, like ResEvil, that doing around break even or over is about all that's needed. This installment is thus far flirting with that as well. It's a more solid story outing than UW:4 (Awakening) and if BW is the last it can be viewed as a closing door but there is still a thread or so to pull if they so chose.
  2. A three day drop of 55% is actually better than I'd have thought. I was totally thinking 60% was likely. The 4-day MLK tally taking UW:BW to $25.4m is a nice enough figure. UW:BW will pass $30m but it's theater drops will determine if it gets to $35m. So far so good, breakeven has been about the expectation for an entry in this saga for a few films now. With a reduced budget they knew what the likely target was. I'd wager they are pleased that it's coming along at least as expected. Sure, what studio doesn't hope for more but that's neither here nor there at the moment.
  3. Why is there the assumption that the Marketing costs were that high? I mean, really, this was not heavily marketed. A few targeted ads but this did not get some massive marketing campaign that cost $20m. If there was an idea to extended the Underworld saga beyond Kate they've left it open to wholly recast her daughter. Cast the right up and coming actress and you have some chance, some, or doing a soft reboot of the saga. Wrap up Kate's story and move forward, or at least leave it open to move on with another lead. The fact it cost so much less and will do at/over $100m is good enough for this type film sometimes. We'll know more in a few weeks.
  4. You did, I was asking if that was the actual footage you described in your spoiler code?
  5. So, that sequence that starts around the :45 mark of the video, where Selene and David are in that underground tunnel/aqueduct, is that in the opening minutes of the movie? I assume their talk happens after a confrontation? This looks to be the opening few minutes part I missed. Thanks BBC show for showing me this and filling a bit of my gap.
  6. I'd rank the films like this. 1-Underworld 2-U:Evolution 3-U:Blood Wars 4-U:RiseotLycans 5-U:Awakening
  7. She's so tall that it's taken this long to start showing. Taller women show later in a pregnancy than shorter women due to the torso length. She'll have her child and since it appears she's having a "lean" pregnancy, will probably appear back to normal body appearance not long after. She might not but these are just some things I've picked up from the women around my life the last decade or so.
  8. I just got back in from a late afternoon matinee($10)!! I missed the first 3-5minutes but felt like I was able to piece things together. Anyone want to pick me up from the point just before Selene and David are in the tunnels/sewers feel free to PM me or Spoiler Code it. I found the film did a really good job of being relevant to the UW franchise lore. I could see closure, I can also see a thread or two pull on for another installment. @shayhiri is in incorrect, the film is highly enjoyable. I grade it a strong B. A second viewing could take my grade either way but it's still very solid and is more than just action pieces stitched together with no thought.
  9. I expect it to still have a a good drop, it's a very niche franchise at this point. A 60% drop from it's OW 3-day wouldn't surprise me.
  10. I forgot about it being a Holiday weekend. So about 6.5m would be a better target?
  11. So with Tuesday dailies that moves UW:BW up to $16.3m Do we think by Thursday dailies that it'll be at or just over $18m? Second weekend drop, would 60% be considered a "good" drop in this instance you think? Too conservative? So about a $5m second weekend and UW:BW is in the $23m domestic total range. Can it do another $12m to hit "break even" with budget or will it's theater drops be so severe that never happens?
  12. Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes it's hard to tell and when you ask for clarification sometimes the other person takes offense that it wasn't obvious what they meant.
  13. I'd have used the Dread Pirate Roberts as my example in this case!
  14. Even though I've not see UW:BW yet I'd sit through one of those all day marathon buildups to a 6th entry for this franchise. Close it out real good.