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  1. Yes I know. I think it's like Inception's horn. It's nothing new, but during a certain time frame film trailers used it much more often. But of cause, I said that only based on my impression, and I dont really watch tons of movie trailers, so yeah my impression could definitely be wrong.
  2. Man that's a really good trailer. Did GOTG2 and Logan inspire a new trend of adding famous songs into movie trailers or not?
  3. What is this nonsense? A 3-sentence facebook announcement is energy consuming? And how did it ever command that you had to be excited for it?
  4. There's a 92.35% chance that A4 & A5 will not make 2024 & 2025. Oh who are we kidding here? A4 & A5 will definitely not make 2024 & 2025. Can't be a Avatar sequel without being delayed.
  5. Head people at Fox might've been mad these years. You have the highest grossing film of all time in your pocket but you can't make a fucking dime off the sequel until 11 fucking years later. Avatar sequel is defying all kinds of existing Hollywood sequel business model. Usually it'd be the dumbest move ever, but Cameron has done that twice before and he won both, so, on a boxoffice site like this, how A2 will perform at boxoffice will definitely be the most interesting case ever, and to quote BKB "YOU'RE STUPID IF YOU THINK OTHERWISE!"
  6. Ha I see. Well, I'm sure we all agree Avatar is certainly not a a darling on internet but I think it's up to you to decide for yoursellf whether or not those loud nay-saying about Avatar on internet since 2009 represents how the real world think, aka to quote BKB "NO ONE LIKES AVATAR NO ONE TALKS ABOUT AVATAR YOURE STUPID IF YOU THINK OTHERWISE!" On the other hand, those loud nay-saying aint really something new. Titanic used to be the target and then Avatar took the spot. There's something about Cameron's last two "chick flicks" that just rubbed some people the wrong way. On the bright side, only 3 yeasr to go to settle the question of whether Avatar made 2.7BN because Cameron got lucky like he did with Titanic, or because people actually loved those films.
  7. Under 175m. Not sure about under 150m but it's definitely possible.
  8. So this looks like 2 big sequels but both made into two parts, like A2: part I December 18, 2020 A2: part II December 17, 2021 A3: part I December 20, 2024 A3: part III December 19, 2025 Why 3 years gap tho? I suppose even the offical Avatar facebook page says they will begin production on four sequels, they still feel they need more time for shooting 4 films, so they will have A2 ready before 2020, and finish A3 before 2024.
  9. I think we might see even more dumb moments in this than Prometheus.
  10. Ha yes Kabul "the Titanic City". The story behind it is amazing. `Titanic' fever rose in Kabul after the Taliban sank Afghanistan: 'Titanic' sinks beneath waves of humanity Titanic cut clampdown in Kabul
  11. Like I always said, it's a shame we dont have accurate tracking of OS boxoffice like we do for DOM, because if we do, we will have the proper way of appreciate the true epicness of Titanic's bo run. Titanic's OS story is, imo, more incredible than its DOM. The OS take alone would be the highest grossing film of all time and still 300m bigger than the second one. And it's the first film to transcend every country, every race, every religion and every culture, because it dominated everywhere on this planet, that's IMO a much more difficult job than just being the DOM king. Before Titanic, the record is DOM 460m by SW(including re-release) and 530m by JP. Titanic beat the DOM record by 30% more, but it over doubled the previous OS record. It showed the full power of OS boxoffice, and thus changed how the studios treat this business.