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  1. I guess this will open to the same numbers as BvS, or even possibly less which wouldnt surprise me. DOM total depends on the legs but so far from the trailers it doesn't look promising. But hey, at least it's not that hard to have better legs than BvS lol
  2. We will still have to wait for the offical trailer but I'm thinking under BvS OW and DOM now.
  3. 400m in danger.
  4. In for Dunkirk WW over BB DOM.
  5. "6 months? Hey man, I don't wanna rain on your parade, but we're not gonna get anything in 6 years! "
  6. Logan is really beloved on the internet, but its boxoffice legs are really just average. 57% second wknd drop and 54% third wknd drop.
  7. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $170,000,000 48.6% + Foreign: $180,000,000 51.4% Disney now owns 6 spots in the top10 biggest OW of all time. And this is just the beginning of the long-lasting era of live-action adaptations of their many many many beloved aminations.
  8. Yeah, we could say 2 down now, cause WW this is going to kick TDK's ass. DOM will be close.