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  1. looks terrible(but in a pretty way) , really wish they had stopped after aliens..
  2. np thing is its not a live stream it seems to show 15 minute blocks , 50-04 , 05-19 , 20-34 , 35-49 so if you start the app at say 10:06 it will show ticket sales from 09:50 - 10:04 , repeatedly... when the time gets to 10:20 it will start showing sales from 10:05 to 10:19 though it usually doesnt update automatically , you may have to go to another tab in the app and back to pulse to reload sales , sometimes i even have to close the app a few times to get it updated.. there is also a limit on how many it can show , so if it is really busy it will not show the whole 15 mins worth of sales.. when i checked before instead of scrolling from 05-19 it was from 17-19
  3. I think where on a different wavelength here.. When i say minute i dont mean how many scroll by in a minute but actual sales for a minute.. I assume you are using ipad app? look to the top left and as it scrolls it also shows the movie there and what time ticket was bought...obviusly there are different itme zones but you can see the minute ie 5:18 , 6:18 , 4:18..cheers!
  4. That's what I counted , unless I lost track! its down to showing only 3 mins of the 15 it usually shows tfa last year got down to 2!
  5. 320 in a minute on pulse problem is that number is meaningless with nothing to compare it to
  6. was good but like others didn't really feel a connection to the characters a second viewing at imax may be in order
  7. just had 98 tickets in a minute on pulse , as maxwell smart would say....
  8. Hmm a bit stagnant on pulse hopefully starts to pick up next few days
  9. Has to be an error sales are much higher than Monday Tuesday , at least at the cinema I check. Not that extrapolating from one cinema is that reliable but it does suggest a big jump
  10. In my seat 20 mins to showtime!!! Been waiting 32 years for this holy cow
  11. Less than 24 hours , I literally can't sit still...
  12. 14/12 220 in 5 mins so approx 600 i guess..