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  1. This is not true. And almost every single big budget blockbuster does reshoots after the first teaser. The Force Awakens did, the Marvel movies do, X-men Apocalypse did.
  2. wtf 5/10 is only half bad. No redeeming qualities? Worst blockbuster ever? Thats like C+
  3. Probably gonna see this 2 maybe 3 times. More excited for this than most movies this year.
  4. A Stuntwoman lost her arm and a man was killed making this movie.
  5. B+ (88) Kevin Costner the god
  6. It was good, well made, I liked it, but I did think there was anything special about it. Each time we jumped over to a new "age" I felt like the movie restarted, and just when you get sucked in and invested, boom you jump in time again. I also thought the 3rd act was clearly the worst, it didn't pull all 3 stories together enough for me. The mom subplot seemed like I've seen it 1000x and it was just being over dramatic to be dramatic, didn't think she deserved to get an oscar nom. And I'm still confused on how everyone knows this little kid is gay!? Like the moms yelling at Mahershala Ali are you gonna tell him whats different about him? And I'm like this dude just picked up a quiet kid, he's 9, how do he know he's gay? hows does the audience? B (84/5)
  7. You think they would at least figure out a simple rating system, like PG and PG 13/14 at least. China is only going to grow as a market. Is there talk of adding one?
  8. January 28th - Rogue One B+ (88) 29th - Split B (85) 30th - Resident Evil: The Final Chapter B- (81) February 11th - John Wick 2 B (86) 19th - Doctor Strange C+ (78.5)
  9. ROTK is my least favorite LOTR film. Also it cannot be viewed by itself, its not really a full movie to me. Avengers however tells a complete story with no fat, its well structured and paced and a great 3rd act. ROTK is just the 3rd and 4th act to a trilogy. FOTR is dope though
  10. But it is, I used the word "major" (cat women doesn't count nor does D list character films)
  11. First off, Bravo on your user name hahah 2nd, Im with you, I think DC is 3 for 3 in the department of making flat out bad movies. But if this is actually good (low odds) I could see the GA flocking and my Mom actually going (never seen a superhero movie).