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  1. Why should they have too? they obviously don't have everything set yet. Studies don't need to cater to fan boys with news.
  2. We were done a week ago until you pointless brought it up for no reason.
  3. The truth is I didn't IGNORE YOU, I said i was done with the Convo, I made FOOD, watched a MOVIE, went to WORK, had SEX, went to SLEEP, WOKE UP, Went for a JOG, made BREAKFEAST saw what you posted 24 hours later and thought, ehhhh why bring this back up. Sorry for having a fucking life Is this enough detail as to why I don't reply to one fucking post? Like who cares hahaha And I never lied, and you never proved anything haha you proved that no one knows the really truth about OS box office because BOM is fucked up.. however I also FLAT OUT showed the number that its doing 1/3rd the business in Russia and Germany and you acted like I was making it up
  4. All i did was post exactly what the BOM chart said.... Im sorry Underworld 5 isn't a fucking hit, boo hoo, I have no idea why you keep going, I'm trying to fucking HELP. I'm posting articles, numbers, seriously haha Like Im sorry but if Marketing costs for a movie being 30m surprises you and you post on a movie forum everyday , I have to assume you don't read or pay attention to anything
  5. You make me feel the full range of emotions.
  6. One of very many articles. You think this shit is cheap? "One producer notes that the standard rate for prime placement across the top of YouTube’s home page is $725,000 per day." In the summer they had articles all the time on how movies are dropping 25m + on TV spots alone. edit : @Bishop54Did you read this yet, or did this get lost in shuffle for you. This is all I was trying to show you and you randomly started bringing up shit form a week ago. I was simply trying to expand your movie knowledge, not trying to be hostile.
  7. Because I have more important shit to do worth my life sometime then try and explain simple things to crazy people who cant understand simple concepts sometimes.
  8. Have you ever looked at what it cost to market a movie? In 2015 Colombia pictures spent 170m in TV spots alone from 15 wide releases in AMERICA alone. Not counting how much they spend marketing OS, plus print, talk shows, and so on, I mean they drop MILLIONS of dollars on just cutting the trailers and Tv spots.
  9. I've already broken it down for you, it is not going to make a profit from theaters. You understand that marketing cost probably didn't drop and at minimum, marketing cost like 30m probably.
  10. I don't think a sequel will happen, they are disappointed a bit and a 6th would decrease from this no doubt , no reason to assume it would increase. Its not worth the investment, put out another box set, call it a day. I mean who knows what will happen in 5/6 years but this franchise has stalled, if this did the same numbers as Awakening I bet they would have had a 6th film ready to go basically, but now not so much.
  11. You have no idea what you are talking about, putting on a fucking BODY SUIT and AVATAR is fucking motion capture. You can't film a black a person and make him look white. Even in a 250m dollar blockbuster, let alone a 10m dollar indie. You don't have any idea how film/lighting works. You think you can make that Black chick in that gif look perfectly white using that shot with that white background. Its simply not possible. And it would have to be moving dancing LOL you want a CGI Michael Jackson????? Face dots? Thats for face replacement and copying movemnet, nothing to so with color change.
  12. In terms of being on set, you'd have to light a black guy differently, light also reflects differently. It would change each shot and contrast too. You kinda have to cast a white dude to play MJ if its in this later years... there is a reason Motion Capture suits are grey. What you want is simply not really possible
  13. I love Rom Coms, I miss them. I also really like every single Nancy Meyers film. Watched this French Rom Com, Blind Date last week, it was cute.
  14. Shia got 500k for Transformers, 5m for the 2nd and 15m for the 3rd