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  1. SMH Under SM3 WW $890M

    If anyone expected a higher gross than this its no ones fault but they're own. also haha Why did you start this club. like seriously? You spend all day convincing people its going to do over this club. And now your talking about how it underperformed.
  2. The Berg is also on the Board of Universal Themeparks plus Dreamworks is on the backlot, The Berg just gave Universal all the Dreamworks theme park rights too last year. Universal wouldn't dare say no to Spielberg.
  3. Can we all agree Loki's wig looks 10x worse than the other movies.
  4. SMH Under SM3 WW $890M

    It opened to 117 its gonna finish close to 300. Thats great legs for a summer movie.
  5. Trailer did nothing for me, I honestly have 0 excitement. Im probably not gonna like a single DCEU movie till The Batman honestly. Sorry.
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Don't know about what topic haha but thank you. Anyways it was fun hanging with you and @Water Bottle last night after the movie! Hope you have a good time exploring LA today.
  7. War For the Planet of the Apes (2017)

    No its a different timeline. The original is like 2300 something
  8. Hopefully this is a big hit and Pine has a big role. I need more Star Trekkkkkkk
  9. Not worried about travis Knight. Dude came from Stop motion. He wont waste time on ideas that they wont use and I assume he wont over shoot the movie. He values time and knows you cant waste any of it.
  10. January 28th - Rogue One B+ (87) 29th - Split B (85) 30th - Resident Evil: The Final Chapter B- (81) February 11th - John Wick 2 B (84) 19th - Doctor Strange C+ (78.5) 26th - Lego Batman B (83) March 2nd - Logan B- (81) 5th - Get Out B+ (87.5) 12th - Kong: Skull Island B (84.5) 25th - Beauty and the Beast C+ (78) 28th - Life C+ (78) April 2nd - Ghost in the Shell IMAX 3D B- (80) 14th - F8te of the Furious B- (80) May 4th - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 B- (81) 12th - King Arthur C- (71) 18th - Alien Covenant B- (81) 26th - Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales D+ (67) 28th - Jurassic Park A+ (100 in my heart) 28th - The Lost World A- (92) June 1st - Wonder Woman C (75) 8th - The Mummy 2017 D- (62) 21st - Transformers 5 C- (70) 28th - Baby Driver B+ (88) July 6th - Spider-Man: Homecoming B+ (87) 11th - Spider-Man: Homecoming B+ (87) 13th - War for the Planet of the Apes B (85) 20th - Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets C- (72)
  11. No 3D camera, 1/5th the explosions, way smaller and cheaper cast. 1 robot maybe a couple compared to 20. Makes sense.
  12. Valerian (2017)

    This was not good, the delviery of majority of the lines were just flat out bad and beats of the dialogue were poorly spaced/done. I thought the 3rd act was poorly paced and the intro was too long. The actions scenes were great in concept/imagination but lacked any investment and real sense of energy I felt. And I just hated the marriage shit. You cant just ask someone to be your wife in the MOST HALF ASSED way in history and then bring it up eery 90 seconds for 2 hours. Her answer should be NO, you fuck face, why don't you ask me for real and she'll give you an answer. Why does she love him so blindly, its like she has no idea she's pretty in anyway. Not to mention they make it seem as like he's slept with 1,000 woman and has never slept with her. They haven't even dated yet and he hasn't stopped dating other girls so why would she say yes to a not really proposal. If you have to say 4 times in the movie I was serous about what I said maybe didn't do it right the first time. I feel bad going this low, I have the upmost respect for filmmaking and the effort in trying to bring something of this scale to the screen, but nothing linked into place or meshed for me. C- (72)

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