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  1. Pretty much what Cmasterclay said Ending was a little predicable but whatever. C+ (78.5)
  2. Is it really? I have 9,000 posts on forum that mainly discusses blockbuster and superhero films. Not to mention the sentence before says I love DC and Superhero movies.
  3. But, I do wanna add, I glad you love all the movies, I hope you love all the rest. I want them to make more. Shit they could say now, we are going to make 10 - C grade superhero movies and i'd still see them.
  4. Then you should piss your self off. Because your making this shit up in your head. Saying something negative doesn't mean you hate something. Fucking same shit from people everyday everyday haha give it a break. Man of Steel SUCKS, BvS Sucks, Sucidie Squad Sucks.... But I LOVE Movies, I LOVE Superheroes, I LOVE DC. I own them all on blu-ray. Ive seen them all at least 3 times, I've seen all the special features, I just fucking care and have an opinion. I was just reading MiceAge for example (disney fan site), and these posters were calling him a fake disney fan, and blah blah because he didnt like something they installed din the parks.. The dude fucking runs the biggest disney theme park fan site and goes to the parks 3 times a week. He's a a HUGE fan. its the same thing/problem here.
  5. Y'all are tripping. They have a contract like anything body or anything. 3 film contract maybe? (Marvel has been counting A3&4 as one) Im sure they will just renew, different terms. You cant just leave the mcu. 95% of people would go on assuming he was still in it.
  6. Tokyo Drift is my 3rd favorite F&F film. or tied for 3rd.
  7. And we an't hungry no more either, brah
  8. Thanks but c'mon your references are out of control.
  9. Well technically in TASM he doesn't fight in the Spider-Man suit until like 75 minutes in (only bridge, school, ending, thats it) its boring as fuck. Spider-man 3 is laughable terrible so its more enjoyable maybe.
  10. Damn Suki, when you gonna pop my clutch
  11. Some dumb ass fucking people thought this was a good follow up to this
  12. Thats easily the worst race in any of the movies. Poorest direction, no style, bad serious drama cinematography , all dark with yellow lights.
  13. So do most films now, its all out how its done. But just form that comment at least its naturally light compared to other superhero films shot all on a stage....