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  1. Either way $100 million or not. Not bad for a action sequel.
  2. This looks like a first for a film crossed a $1 billion worldwide and has yet to cross the $200 million mark.
  3. April 2017 actually broke record! 2nd Quarter is off to a good start, next month looks to be decent but not enough to top 2013. June looks to be on par with 2015. July looks strong. While August will probably die.
  4. (Updated): Guardians Of The Galaxy:Vol. 2:$175 million.
  5. $17-$19 million for Fast 8. North of $10 million for Latin Lover is pretty good for a debut of a foreign film, while The Circle looked unappealing either way. But foreign films are doing well for a sleepy weekend!
  6. Dead week for colleges, and a dead weekend for this box office. Next Friday is going to kicking things back with Guardians 2. May should kick ass, or die.
  7. Lionsgate can produce sleeper hits in a crowded slate. Now You See Me?
  8. The Circle:$10 million, Sleight:$3.8 million, Latin Lover:$1 million. may 5th: Guardians 2:$165 million.
  9. Open Road might be shutting down at the end of the year, since The Promise($90 million production minus P&A) is a huge flop for them.
  10. Baywatch, and Snatched will be the only ones this summer that have a shot at $100 million. Rough Night looks silly but it feels like a Let's Be Cops run more than anything, and The House could play like Get Hard or The Campaign. While Girls Trip will have a decent OW, but die off after that but still be a hit. Hitman's Bodyguard looks fun as hell, but I have a bad feeling that we"ll another Nice Guys on our hands.
  11. No. I'm out, Spidey is in a big crowded as fuck middle of the summer smorgasbord. Guardians isn't, I mean Guardians 2 could be overhyped...,. But I think that Guardians 2 could play like Iron Man 3, or Civil War though. Homecoming feels like it could play like Doctor Strange or Thor 2.