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  1. Annabelle:Creation is now passing by its predecessor.
  2. Bowfinger had that, and a lot of adult oriented comedies against it. Eddie Murphy box office was dying down as Life bombed, among many others. And Steve Martin couldn't produce any hits since Father Of The Bride 2.
  3. Horror 2017

    Horror franchises are now a mixed bag. I'm curious in Cult Of Chucky, I'm iffy on Jigsaw, and I'm not too thrilled about Leatherface it has by far one of the worst horror film posters I have ever seen in years hell a Roger Corman film has a better looking poster or hell The Next Generation had a better looking poster than that. I hope we get that Halloween film with John Carpenter/Danny McBride, and Blumhouse off the ground. Hopefully that gets a 2018 or 2019 release. But I'm bummed that there's likely not going to be another Friday The 13th film due to the Sean Cunningham/Victor Miller lawsuit. And Freddy, we do not need anymore unless you get Robert Englund. So if they do another Final Destination, I don't care(no offense). And really James Wan & Fede Alvarez are the blockbuster horror directors of this decade!
  4. Hitman's Bodyguard's reviews have been all over the place. I hope it does well off a $30 million budget. I heard that Baby Driver is expanding on August 25th, it would be interesting to see how it pulls out in its expansion. Logan Lucky's RT is still solid, but this could be another Detroit instead of a Baby Driver.
  5. Man if Kate Upton gets naked in this. I'm paying $$$ on it.
  6. Horror 2017

    That's true. But we"ll see Final Destination hasn't been really a big franchise but overseas loved it! It's really the decision of the writers, directors, and company if they want to make another one or not. WB/New Line is now focusing on their Conjuring Franchise, and IT.
  7. Horror 2017

    Anyway The Conjuring franchise should be the first horror franchise to make a $1 billion worldwide altogether. The Nun should be a nice hit next summer.
  8. Horror 2017

    Just like Scream 5, it won't happen. In reality, in series sense with timelines. The Final Destination was the finale, and then FD5 was the prequel to the first film.
  9. August 1999 was quite interesting, as The Sixth Sense broke the August opening weekend record, and had amazing legs as it went on to gross $293 million domestic and $672 million WW. Which ended up being the highest grossing horror film of all time, highest grossing film to come out in August until Guardians Of The Galaxy, and the biggest hit for both Bruce Willis and Hollywood Pictures as well as director M. Night Shaymaylan's biggest hit as well. the remainder of August had The Thomas Crown Affair do well with a $69 million starside total and as well as $124 million WW on a $48 million budget, and Eddie Murphy/Steve Martin comedy Bowfinger did ok with a $66 million stateside total and $98 million WW on a $55 million budget which did fine but wasn't a blockbuster. September had Stigmata, Double Jeporady, somewhat Blue Streak & Stir Of Echoes all do decent business. October had Three Kings do decent with overseas and a decent domestic total, The Best Man did well for a low budget, and House On Haunted Hill even with Blockbuster video stores promoting it ended up being profitable. For the rest of the year, The Bone Collector, Dogma, Sleepy Hollow, The World Is Not Enough, Pokémon The Movie, and Toy Story 2 all did sucessful in November. December had The Green Mile end up being the first and only Stephen King adaptation make over $100 million, Any Given Sunday ended up being the first film to debut at #1 on opening weekend and end up debuting at #4 on the weekly but made decent money. The Talented Mr. Ripley knocked out some decent cash, Stuart Little had a nice squeaky little run, and Deuce Bigalow was a hit for the start of an SNL star and it's modest budget. I'm not as lengthy as the part 1 but personal stuff right now is pissing me off(not going into detail folks). But my thoughts on the films from 1999 have stayed the same I still like Deep Blue Sea, Blair Witch, and many more. And ever since I was 10 when I saw The World Is Not Enough, I still think Denise Richards is really hot!
  10. I'm trying to decide which post I should make first. Either the successes and some duds of the monthly period of 1999, or share my thoughts on the films I've seen that year as I've seen a shit ton from '99. You know what, I"ll do box office first. As usual in January, holdovers dominated. But only two films released that month were considered hits as two films that aimed teen audiences and both featured Paul Walker, were both sucessful. As Varsity Blues made a very solid $54.2 million WW off a $16 million production and proved to be a great start for Paramount/MTV. She's All That legged her way through a healthy $16 million debut to an excellent $63 million stateside and $103 million WW off a $10 million production which proved to be another success for after Miramax, after coming off 1998 with Good Will Hunting bringing home some awards, and Shakespeare In Love making profitable business. February didn't really see any big stateside hits as two of the films mentioned above held on strong in February. But the only somewhat two profitable films that can be said is Payback and 8MM as they both fell short of their budget but worldwide proved to be decent. I was going to put Message In The Bottle in there but an $80 million budgeted film making $116 million WW is kind of a let down with P&A costs. March had two for sure hits(one was more April), and were both by WB. Analyze This had very solid legs and mobbed up an impressive $106 million stateside, as it proved that Robert De Niro can be sucessful at comedies too other than being in darker mobster films like Casino & Goodfellas in the earlier portions of the '90s. The next film was a late March release and performed more onto April, but anyway The Matrix broke out and proved to be another blockbuster for actor Keanu Reeves. The film also played strong even with columbine affecting the box office in later April. April had relied on the success of The Matrix. Entrapment did sucessful both stateside and overseas as it grossed over $210 million WW on a $66 million budget, the film had also stirred recognition thanks to Catherine Zeta-Jones butt lasers scene. May was the beginning of an eventful year as The Mummy started off the summer with a bang and grossed $155 million and over $415 million WW on an $80 million budget which saved Universal from an unlucky 1998 and a not so great start to 1999. The Phantom Menace proved to be the big event of the month, and played strong for most of the summer! And still was in theaters in 2000. Another success to look at was Julia Roberts next vehicle, Notting Hill which proved another big sucessful counter-programmer after the release of My Best Friend's Wedding in '97. It also was High Grant's most sucessful rom-com vehicle in the states as well. June had comedy sequel, Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Me, which took the best opening weekend record for June, and was one of the two sequels that was able to outgross its predecessor on its opening weekend which Terminator 2 did 8 years ago, and later on Pitch Perfect 2 16 years later. Tarzan proved to be a sucessful turn as well coming off a $34 million debut and earning a profitbale $171 million total stateside which proved to be another success for Disney and outgrossing precious Disney titles such as Mulan and even A Bug's Life a year before. June also had some two other strong notes as well, as The General's Daughter did decent but not amazing counter-programming with a $102 million stateside total. Big Daddy also did quite well for Adam Sandler, after coming off the Waterboy, as it proved to be outgross The Waterboy's both opening weekend and domestic total. July had started off ok as Wild Wild West was a bomb, but South Park did quite well for a small budget R-rated animated film with $83 million WW on a $21 million budget. American Pie was another success for a modest budget film as it grossed $235 million WW on an $11 million budget. Deep Blue Sea did sucessful for a creature feature with $73 million domestic and a worldwide total of $164 million WW on a $60 million budget. Eyes Wide Shut fell short of budget stateside but make an ok $162 million WW on a $65 million budget. Runanway Bride was both Richard Gere and Julia Roberts biggest hit since Pretty Woman, which Bride walked down the aisle with $152 million stateside and over $300 million WW. The final July release, The Blair Witch Project grossed a solid $140 million and $248 million WW on a $60,000 budget . It also proved to be a very sucessful with marketing all over the internet with using posters that used a "Missing" picture as if they went missing for real. It also was a hit for Artisan Entertainment, as they had flop after flop for the little time that studio existed. Blair Witch was also the top grossing original film without any big stars or director until Get Out this year. It's also interesting that a sequel's domestic total couldn't even reach its predecessor's opening weekend(expansion). Anyway part 2(from August-December) will be posted later tonight, because there's way too much to talk about. Then probably early tomorrow morning I"ll share my thoughts on the films of '99 and what I've seen.
  11. I'm multitasking on this forum site. Annabelle debuted with an estimated $35 million start, which is slightly less than its predecessor but still a very nice start for a horror sequel. It should hold up fine and make $85-$95 million domestic. As for the other new releases, everything seemed already talked about. Dunkirk still holding on and should make its way close to $200 million domestic. The Nut Job 2:Nutty By Nature couldn't even bust a nut this weekend as it had the worst start for a film to debut in 4,000 theaters. With an estimated $8.9 million debut, and should make $20-$25 million domestic. The Dark Tower is being put on watch as it died its second weekend, and isn't even saving ground internationally! Look for The Dark Tower to shoot up $45 million total. The Emoji Movie had a decent hold this weekend but not a stellar one either. With a quieter slate coming out for all new releases, emojis should make $75 million. Girls Trip is getting closer to $100 million, and make $135 million domestic. Speaking of $100 million Baby Driver just passed $100 million this weekend! And Baby should cruise close to $110 million. Other than that there's nothing else new to talk about this weekend. Next weekend just looks nothing the same although I hope we have some hits to talk about on here.
  12. MOTHER! under 60 dom club

    In. $40 million
  13. Hitman's Bodyguard: $18 million Logan Lucky: $12 million

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