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  1. Transformers: The Last Knight (June 23, 2017)

    Without China: TF1 $672,490,963 TF2 $770,466,403 TF3 $958,694,079 TF4 $784,054,072 TF5 $320,981,649
  2. HP's books are absolutely fantastic and they never would have been able to replicate that with the films. The books are thick with seemingly unimportant details that pay dividends later on, they cut dozens of characters that provided a natural flow in the story, and basically focused exclusively on Harry. Not to mention the acting by the main 3 leads in the first films is...sketchy at best. I re-read Goblet of Fire a couple of days ago and i'm still impressed by the meticulousness of the writing, the world building and the level of maturity going from a children's book into something far more interesting. The film didn't do justice to the book at all.
  3. OT: Can anyone be kind enough to tweet/write to RT to change Spider-Man 2's score from 93% to 94%? It's got the sufficient number of fresh reviews but for some reason the score didn't move when the last necessary review was added. I don't have twitter/facebook otherwise i would have done it myself. Sorry for the OT post and please continue with the jubilation.
  4. 2008 The Dark Knight 94% 2009 Wolverine Origins 38% 2016 Batman vs Superman 27% 2017 Logan 94%
  5. It's also the third highest ever for a Marvel film after Spider-Man 2 with 83 and Iron Man with 79. The reviews are fantastic! 77 on MC and 93% with 7.9/10 on RT.
  6. In my opinion there are two great superhero films: Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight. Everything else belongs somewhere between horrible to very good echelons.
  7. As a non-SW fan, this was everything i wanted from a Star Wars film!
  8. 1. Empire 2. A New Hope 3. Rogue One 4. Revenge Of The Sith 5. Attack of The Clones 6. A Recycled Hope 7. The Phantom Menace
  9. I'm with you all the way. It's a copy sold on nostalgia. They did a marvelous job of selling it, kudos to them. What they didn't offer was a sequel.
  10. As someone who disliked everything about TFA, i can safely say i really, really enjoyed this. The stakes are real, the characters grounded and worth rooting for, no comic relief to ease the tension and the last 15-20 minutes are truly spectacular. These are the heroes i was looking for.
  11. It was a textbook example of the five stages: Denial: It's only a spike! It'll soon stabilize! Anger: Fuck the Marvel-paid/grit hating/mindless jokes loving critics! Bargaining: This might not be great but Suicide Squad will be amazing! That film looks a sure-fire critics hit! Depression: How difficult could it be to make a good Batman, Superman and Wonder-Woman film? Marvel can make a good film out of Guardians but DC can't with the Trinity? Why God (Nolan) why??? Acceptance: We still have The Dark Knight!
  12. Parker's character in the first two Raimi films is fantastically written. He makes mistakes but has a sense of humility and doesn't let authority cloud his mind. He never trusts Osbourne, he declines his offer for a job even before he knew he was the Goblin, he questions Octavius' equations when they have dinner and saves the day when he realised before everyone that experiment was going wrong. On the other hand you have Marvel's misguided, idol-stricken, indoctrinated idiot that takes Stark's word for granted and accepts to risk his life for no reason whatsoever except he was blackmailed to do it. (Come with us or i'll tell your Aunt.) Then he proceeds to fight Cap and Co. and just parrots what Stark told him proving he's as gullible as they come. Spider-Man is fiercely independent in every single version the character, whether Lee's version or the Ultimate one. This kid is like a wannabe gangbanger who tries to impress the gang leader against the other gang so he can get in. Like i said, hopefully i'm wrong but everything from the pre-production to screenplay leaks has led me to believe that i'm going to dislike this version as much as Webb's.

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