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  1. I just saw Annabelle 2 and it was actually good. Never seen the first one. Don't remember Conjuring and never saw Conjuring 2. There were genuine scares. I give it a 7/10
  2. There were scenes shot with both Thor and Loki in earth clothes which clearly takes place before the sakaar scenes so Im not sure how that fits in.
  3. He probably already has a cut of the film and probably just finishing effects and score.
  4. What? So after some research I see she was hired in 2015 to rewrite the film but has not seem to have been credited for her work on the film.
  5. Yeah but that was October and they only moved it up a few days. Poor Agents of SHIELD's ratings.
  6. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    They already had rights to skrulls. Just not super skrull. They were supposed to be on first Avengers but they decided against it as who is or isn't a skrull was too much that early into the MCU and chitauri are better to use as disposable faceless army. Imagine how much more shocked we would be to find out a character we have followed for 10 years is a imposter compared to doing that in the first film?

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