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  1. Netflix is hitting an all time high on massive volume today, rumors they are partnering with Baidu in China. Silly time to make a statement when there is so much other news right now.
  2. Why has business news been so quiet on this story? No one cares so far. The media stocks are doing great today.
  3. LOL guys... Guess who is buying the Marlins along side Derek Jeter?
  4. I get that perspective, I also supported LeBron leaving the Cavs so at least I'm consistent in my opposition to it.
  5. I'm biased being a Warriors fan but don't really care. Casual sports fans will love it and diehards won't miss it either.
  6. It's Durant's choice where he wanted to play. Look at how bad OKC would be without Westbrook, he clearly made the right choice. Love that you personally are so offended by it. I think living in the Bay Area is pretty cool compared to Oklahoma.
  7. Plenty of people love and hate both Cavs/Warriors & love to hate/hate to love etc. It's exactly what you want. Sure the quality will decline a bit in your secondary and tertiary match ups but they hold up well enough in addition to the very lucrative championship rounds that advertisers love them.
  8. Pushing what? Again despite saying otherwise, this is by far the preferred match-up and any other second choice is miles behind.
  9. People want super teams and dynasties like they want celebrities and stars. Despite saying otherwise for many, it's the truth.
  10. Totally disagree about watching NBA playoffs especially in the later rounds. Parity is boring and ratings in all sports over time has proven this.
  11. Sergio Romo vs Giants huh @Tele Came Back? So weird.
  12. Warriors up 22-3 halfway through 1st quarter... LMAO.
  13. I can type without lag! FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOM.
  14. Marvel is everywhere, way more prominent than any of Disney's other brands. A testament to its popularity especially abroad but domestically they are clearly about to hit a peak of some sort. GOTG 2/3 are both interesting for the future of the studio and their direction.