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  1. Holy shit what a sequence! From elation to heart break.
  2. The 3 teams in the Final 4 without a doubt deserve to be there and likely so will the winner of this game. Gonzaga, Oregon, South Carolina, UNC/Kentucky winner. Should be a lot of fun.
  3. They have been very consistently impressive throughout the tourney. I wouldn't be surprised to see them win it all now.
  4. Bill Self seat just got a bit warmer.
  5. Northwest representing! Ducks & Zags with program defining wins!
  6. I'm way more of a Ducks football than basketball guy but gl man. Hope it's a much better game than what we just saw.
  7. Was wrong on Gonzaga, quite the impressive win to get to their first final 4!
  8. RIP my bracket on here, wow Xavier!
  9. Jungle Book OW makes a lot more sense given the time of year and the Disney remake angle.
  10. Just out of curiosity why would GOTG OW be a comparable here? Has nothing in common other than a number you chose.
  11. Agreed dude, really put their foot on the gas in 2nd half. Impressive.
  12. Lol WV, wow that was awful.
  13. Nice going Ducks! Huge win!
  14. Malls are having to court doctors, dentists, and other professionals and you don't see a major problem when no one is going into the huge department stores and instead prefers the specialized smaller stores? To say it's overhyped especially given the performance of both their stocks/businesses is misguided.