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  1. I kind of like BvS but that trailer is a big nope.
  2. Brian Tyler clearly had someone behind him the entire time telling him to 'Make it sound like Tron: Legacy'. Fun score.
  3. This made me appreciate Cinderella a lot more (and I already liked it a lot). Branagh took the original story (which is much weaker than that of Beauty and the Beast) and filled in all the gaps so that all the iconic scenes that everyone comes for have greater emotional resonance. Branagh realised that, with the original movie, they only really had the skeleton of a good live-action movie - a lot of work needed to be done to flesh it out. We have a much more rounded Cinderella and we actually understand why she acts as she does; we know why the step-mother is so awful but we're not at all supposed to sympathise with her (a very tricky balance); Kit and Ella have terrific chemistry and are truly on equal footing (compared to the original where they never even talk). It really improves on the Disney classic. With Beauty, they could have fleshed out the love story much more. In the animated movie the 'falling in love' montage works fine but that shift in the new movie is just jarring. There's no real use in praising the songs or lyrics because they've been around for 25 years and were performed a lot better then, too. The movie is 40 minutes longer than the original and yet so many people take issue with how little it actually offers on its own terms - what actually happened in those 40 minutes? Nothing of significance, clearly, as the movie lacks any of the emotional kick of the original.
  4. There were reshoots a few months ago and Elfman was rewriting cues only a few weeks ago. We'll see if it helps, at least they're trying to improve it.
  5. I'm a fan, but screenings for the movie didn't go well. There were reshoots a few months ago and Elfman was rewriting music a few weeks ago (he scored the movie last April).
  6. I quite like it, actually. It really annoyed people though. I think Ponsoldt is the best of those young Sundance directors everyone raves about but it seems like it might be a blip on his filmography.
  7. The Circle isn't going to make in total what ya'll are predicting for OW...
  8. I don't know what you all are even talking about. The lead character in TFA is a female; it's a female-led movie. If you want to brag about some nonsensical 'biggest movie with a female at the centre of the marketing' record then knock yourselves out.
  9. It was used in the temp track for Scream 2 and the Weinsteins fell in love with it. They had Marco Beltrami rip it off for his score but they ultimately ditched that and paid to simply re-use the music.
  10. Spot-on. A waste of time.
  11. Big Trouble is a gift from the gods. I couldn't be more excited.