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  1. I feel like we should take this opportunity to appreciate Hellboy II. Ya'll rank CBMs every other day but it hasn't been bettered since 2008.
  2. Jerry Goldsmith.
  3. Just been told I have an interview for a promotion next week. So long relaxing Easter Break.
  4. I'm a Ponsoldt stan but the writing has been on the wall with The Circle for a while. Poor screenings, reshoots/rescores only a few weeks ago. Still, hoping for the best.
  5. You're right, of course. But I don't see why the MCU is singled out for this when all their scores are extremely thematic. Is a composer's dream not a Marvel end credit sequence? This is a problem with the industry as a whole. If we really wanted to look at the most generic and uninspired music produced for Hollywood movies the last few years we'd be looking at Deadpool, Legend of Tarzan, 302, Independence Day 2 etc - no Marvel score would be in sight (bar TWS, perhaps). The reason they get singled out is because they're Marvel. A video on the importance of musical continuity in the MCU, however, would probably have a lot to say.
  6. This video is misinformed in so many ways. Elfman felt he was really taken out of context too.
  7. It's heavy, for sure, but it's too good not to rewatch. It's been said a million times but Ellen Burstyn is devastating in this - I cried like half a dozen times. I don't think I've seen a better performance.
  8. Watched Requiem for a Dream again tonight. Can't remember the last time I did that.
  9. I thought Robbie was quite bad too.