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  1. Every time the beast walks the cgi is horrible imo. overall pretty good 7/10
  2. They could always just make 10 more Hotel Transylvania films if they wanted.
  3. I wonder if Wick is going to take charge of the city or at least the hotel by the end if the third?
  4. Fun film. Glad it was not as mean spirited as it could have been. Mckinnon is very funny in here.
  5. Loved this. Need to see it again.
  6. Ben"s weakest effort. Still liked it over all.
  7. Great film. One of my favorites of ether year.
  8. Billy Lynn's Long halftime Walk
  9. I think this is actually a better date.
  10. I feel like both openers are going to open under 5 million for the 3 day weekend.
  11. I put ours up in July. Kinda cool cool starting a year out. I miss those days.
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  13. Suicide Squat- 160 Nine Lives- 8.5