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  1. I don't want to start yet another color grading flame war, but for all of Snyder's problems the MCU isn't a good benchmark as far as visuals are concerned. I watched GotG and Deadpool back to back on a projector a while ago and the former looked bland as hell in comparison, even though it's a space opera and the latter spends most of the time on a grey freeway.
  2. After making this, Aladdin and Little Mermaid, that's pretty much it, right? There's nothing else they can remake which cashes in on the nostalgia dollar? After Lion King the animated movies fell off a cliff as far as I remember.
  3. Haven't read the book but I'm aware of its mixed reception. Writing a novel about social media probably seems really zeitgeisty and important at the time but use of the technology changes so fast anything that tackles it feels dated even with a few years.
  4. Be fair, you were kind of asking for it with such trivial questions. But I agree: you're a bit fucked either way marketing a SM film. Short of going to town on the main big difference — which in this case is IM — you just have shots of him swinging around interspersed with high school angst. Spoil too much or tread common ground.
  5. I thought the first movie had a lot of room for improvement to grow so in a weird way I kind of understand that initial disappointment. But yeah, the 'who cares about critics' is never a good look. They're as notable a talking point of a movie's reception as anything else. Oh for sure. The 'consensus arms race' created by RT and online fandom has been nothing but bad.
  6. Because 99% of the time people say that when they're angry critics don't like their baby. But there's no need to worry in this instance.
  7. I like how this thread has already moved to the 'who cares about critics' apologism even though reviews are actually ok....
  8. They don't want it to be a big hit. The producers have said they hope it makes less than 150m DOM.
  9. I know, but I think it's still applicable. A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) Disney was more than just a studio which bought out other people's creativity. I guess that's why it still has fanboys who seem to get excited about it making a few billion more dollars than last year?
  10. Hope it's still dialogue-light. Atmospheric views of the city will be enough.
  11. "A good artist gives people what they want. A great artist gives people what they didn't know they wanted."
  12. Lol at the previous page. When you get successfully trolled by Napoleon, of all posters, you know your forum game is bad.