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  1. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    Word is the female characters are really good in this.
  2. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    There's only one troll around here mate.
  3. As someone totally indifferent to SW, I will say that the build-up to this movie has been far less in my face than TFA. That's stating the obvious, I guess, but I've appreciated it.
  4. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    TFA made 119m on its opening day, but Dunkirk is showing on fewer screens. So the ceiling is a bit less than that.
  5. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    The B stands for 'best a thing can possibly be'.
  6. There was some unpleasantness and he was quietly asked to move on. The official line was that he was quitting to spend more time with his family.
  7. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    Yeaaahhhh, that's not how it works.
  8. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    I'm not sure I'd use the word 'clinical' to describe Nolan's work. That term seems a lot better suited to someone like David Cronenberg, whose style isn't really similar to Nolan's at all. (To be clear: I see clinical movie-making as, generally, a good thing in the right hands.)
  9. I've noticed UK posters for this have made Delevinge's floating head a lot bigger than the guy's, presumably because she's a bit more famous here? Don't think resting the marketing on her shoulders is the greatest tactic but too late now I suppose.
  10. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    Yup, this is nothing new for him. If his last two original movies are anything to go by it usually means a decent OW followed by better legs and great OS runs.

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