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  1. OUT for sure. Justice League is not even locked to outgross Rogue One. And SW8 should have to drop like TF5 is doing in order JL can have a chance. And Carrie Fisher... I would not be too surprised if SW8 is able to beat SW7 DOM for that reason. It is an unpredictable factor, but it is very likely it will boost the gross. Wonder Woman success can be a good help, but clearly not enough. For the moment: SW8: 850 / 800 / 1.65b Justice League: 425 / 600 / 1.025b
  2. Right now thinking in something between Civil War and Ultron. Maybe 180-185 OW / 430-440 DOM / 1.35-1.4b WW
  3. Taking out the animated films, which use to have way better multipliers, this is a club with the biggest DOM film, the biggest WW film and a Clint Eastwood film. 3 gods and, now, a goddess.
  4. Not only Interstellar. Inception ranked #5 in 2010, with 462m Yuan. And by the way, Interstellar ranked #5 too in 2014... China loves Nolan.
  5. Well, Dawn of... did over 700m Yuan 3 years ago, so logic says yes, $150m or 1 billion Yuan is possible. But considering that franchises do not increase as they used (GOTG has increased barely 100m in 3 years and TF5 has fall considerably), I do not see it as likely as one could think. Maybe 800s million could be a more reasonable target. And it depends a lot on release date... There are several experts here who can give a way better point of view about this...
  6. I can agree with some parts, but I still do not think that comicbooks are a part of our culture, or at least, not an essential part. The fact that we are being invaded by 6-7 films a year about the same genre do not automatically imply that every country has adopted that product as something as its own. You need something more. I see it more like an imposition: producers insist on this kind of products and Latin America and Asia have bought it, but Europe still not. GA have started to know these characters (beyond Superman, Batman and Spider-man) just 9 years ago with Iron Man. And the popularity has obviously increased along these years, but not enough to match other characters, way more loved in Europe. Maybe unknowledge, maybe prejudices make CBMs films to be not attractive for European people. And the OS figures are a clear proof of it. Will CBMs be part of our culture within some years/decades? Maybe, and it is even probable. But for the moment I see them as a secondary part of our habits. But I do not think there is anything wrong with it. Just different tastes.
  7. I think it has a very simple explanation: Europe do not love superhero films like US do. Those are characters created in USA. It is a very local product. They adore them and now they are trying to expand. I do not know why Asia and Latin America love this kind of films more than Europe. But in the same way, you can ask yourself why you would not expect enormous figures from Asterix or Tintin in USA or Asia, for instance. Just tastes. Europe is not as excited by this kind of films as other parts of the world, and I think that is quite clear since a long time ago. For this reason, I do not get why people are surprised about WW behaviour. Europe prefer other franchises (Middle Earth, Harry Potter, Bond, ... franchises which are not so loved in other parts of the world). Not everything can be loved everywhere.
  8. I do not see the behaviour of WW too bad comparing it with other CBMs. Excluding China, it has done $274m so far, and I guess it could approach to $300m. Without China, Winter Soldier did $339m (already a sequel and after Avengers) and Guardians of the Galaxy $343m, both with better ER and very well received too. Maybe the great DOM run makes European runs look poor, but I do not think these European runs are much worse than for other CBMs cases.
  9. Last data are from February. Since then, ER have improved. I have not done the exercise, but I would not be too surprised if Minions today OS gross is close to the original figure. At least, very close to $800m. Taking $800m and applying that 16% drop, we would be talking about $672m without taking into consideration the probable Chinese increase of about 25-30 million relative to Minions.
  10. Pretty agree with those numbers. Minions were everywhere 2 years ago here (and I guess in most of countries). Children love those adorable bastards. And even although several countries seem to be falling relative to Minions films, I guess that the final OS figure will still be very good, even more when China presales seem to head the film to $100m territory (DM2 did $50m and Minions around $60m if i remember well). If Illumination wants, we will continue having DM/Minions films.
  11. Yes. It could even go lower.
  12. I think Mulan could be as big in China as Beauty and the Beast has been in USA. The obvious lack of appeal relative to Jungle Book or BatB in other OS markets can be compensated with China, where I think it can make absurd numbers. Of course, it is just a personal feeling. And I assume this prediction with the same quality level than Jungle Book or BatB. I need more information about this to confirm my theory.
  13. Too early, but with current calendar I say 3 films: Infinity War Jurassic World 2 Mulan

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