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  1. Spain, February 19th included: €2,240,359 and 362,357 admissions. This means $2,374,613 with today ER. Pretty similar to BOM figure.
  2. With today exchange rate, $247.3m
  3. Some cumes: 50 shades darker: €9,243,168 Batman Lego: €2,460,605 La la land: €11,384,419 Split: €6,660,289 Sing!: €17,076,728 Moana: €10,531,017
  4. The Lion King v. Gone with the Wind Raiders of the Lost Ark v. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back v. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial The Godfather v. The Sound of Music Rogue One: A Star Wars Story v. American Graffiti Star Wars: A New Hope v. The Jungle Book (1967) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King v. The Avengers Jaws v. Beverly Hills Cop Doctor Zhivago v. Ghostbusters Star Wars: Return of the Jedi v. Pinocchio Cinderella (1950) v. The Ten Commandments Mary Poppins v. Titanic The Dark Knight v. Ben-Hur Fantasia v. The Bells of St. Mary's Jurassic Park v. Spider-Man 2 Forrest Gump v. Shrek 2
  5. You can expect big numbers from Spain too. Beauty & the Beast is the second biggest Disney classic ever here (4.927m admissions), just behind The Lion King (6.3m), and the 4th animated ever, behind Shrek 2 (6.08m) and Finding Nemo (4.989m, basically tied with BatB).
  6. Precisely. It's fine... for Disney. There is nothing wrong about it. It is just that some of us would expect something different from a company that so many great moments have given us in the last 80 years. That's all.
  7. Well, you can re-release the original in those countries. But in that case you can not earn so much money in those countries where the original was already released... At the end, it is all about money. A very respectable and logic reason, but money after all.
  8. Pretty agree. This is obviously a business and everything is moved by money. Disney wants money and they are doing a great job with every franchise/brand they own (Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, WDAS and now live action films), but it is undeniable that they have a problem with creativity. Or even worse. They are perfectly able to make great original things, but they prefer to exploit to the full what it already works. Again, and from a business point of view it is a perfect strategy. But it is disappointing for people who want to see something more than the usual blockbuster. It is much easier to remake a classic than to try to tell a new story. You already know that people love that story. Easy business. And people will go massively to see this (and future adaptations). Sure. And many of these adaptations will probably be quite good. Even very good. But I miss to see some new ideas. Sequels/threequels/n-quels/remakes/reboots... are becoming something really annoying.
  9. According Chinese thread, it could have a massive OD in China. Around $30m OD. So you should up that estimation. http://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/21485-presales-tracking-threadmaoyan-gewara-etc/?do=findComment&comment=2873153
  10. It could be more frontloaded than reference films and burn off faster the demand (I do not know if there are many hardcore fans of RE in China). Anyway, it seems a big number because 2 days earlier it has a way higher figure for OD than FB, Strange or xXx.
  11. Let's say that the first part did really well (nearly 600m Yuan) considering it was not a sequel. And with great legs, if I remember well, what I think it is even more important.
  12. Good call. IN. Although I do not like to see TDK being outgrossed by so many films of lower quality (excepting BatB which we still do not know if it is a masterpiece or not).
  13. Guardians is way more likely to pass 1 billion Yuan (IMO locked) than Spider-man. Maybe 1.2b. Spidey has chances (TASM2 already did nearly 600m Yuan in 2014), but I am not completely sold. Maybe the presence of Iron Man in the film can benefit to reach it. Thor 3 should make Ant-Man figures (about 600-700m).
  14. Maybe we can not say it is locked, but I think it has many chances. With current ER, $250m means 1.72b Yuan. Ultron already did 1.464b. That would mean a 17% increase in a 3 years period. Not so crazy even with the slower increase of the market. You can look in other way: Ultron increased 900m Yuan in 3 years relative to TA. I see reasonable to think that TA3 can increase "just" 250m Yuan relative to Ultron. Let's see how MCU performs during 2017 anyway.
  15. Could BatB reach the same level than Jungle Book (around 1 billion)? And is there any other local film with big expectations?