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  1. To see that 2.0 ratio in Spain is so sad. In 2004 it was 3.25...
  2. $730m OS for F8? F7 did over $520m adding China, Brazil, Mexico and Russia, and I do not see F8 dropping too much in those territories. IMO, it will make at least $800m, and I think it has chances of $900m.
  3. Just for reference, Jungle Book did €17m last year in Spain. Beauty and the Beast seems headed to €25m, who knows if more.
  4. I do not think it has a chance. But it seems to be doing something truly special here, in Spain. According @Rth and the Beast, it is heading for a sub -20% drop second weekend after an already very big opening.
  5. I do not think Guardians or Justice League are the competitors to be #2 WW, but, as @Valonqar and @FantasticBeasts say, F8. I have JL with a slim chance to make 1b and Guardians making maybe 1.1b, but not as high as BatB, which seems headed to about 1.25b, unless Japan explodes. On the other side, a film that has a probable $350-400m foreign market is really hard to compete with. And although a drop seems unavoidable in consolidated markets, Furious saga seems to have more appealing in developing markets. Beyond the 390 million in China, F7 did 46 million in Brazil, 51 in Mexico or 34 in Russia with already shit ER. $523m from 4 markets and I see hard F8 can drop in those countries. I could easily see a 275/950/1.225b scenario, which seems enough menace to not lock the #2 WW spot for BatB.
  6. Yes, it was very big (5 million adm), athough not as big as the others you mentioned
  7. Surprisingly, France was not specially big for the animated film. If I remember well it sold something like 4.5 million admissions. Respectable figure but nothing impressive (it sold more admissions in Spain, for example)
  8. This. We can have 3 films between 530 and 535 million. Curious.
  9. Sure. Among the recent +1.3b, all of them have needed to make enormous figures in 1 or more OS country to reach it (beyond a stellar DOM performance). Both JW and Ultron did well over $200m in China. F7 did nearly $400m. We already know what Frozen did in Japan. And Star Wars had 3 (nearly 4) OS markets over $100m. The real hope for BatB is Japan. And the style of the film really fits with their tastes. I am not saying it will make $200m, but it could surprise.
  10. The difference between 1b and 1.3b is $300m Sure, even with the probable good legs (x3 multiplier), it will still need to make big numbers in Japan to reach DH2. But even if it fails and it "only" makes over 1.2b, with 2011 ER we would be talking about over 1.4b and making just $100m in China. It is a monster.
  11. I do not have updated data, but to be bigger in admissions that Sorcerer's Stone, a film should probably have to make about Jurassic World numbers. Going back to the topic, it is hard to reach DH2, but I still think that BatB has a chance. It will depend mainly on the Japanese reception, which is always a wild card. We'll see.
  12. The only franchise which was able to match HP is Middle Earth (LOTR+Hobbit). And yes, DH2 ranks #3, maybe #4 in admissions among HP films (Globet of Fire was very big too). The real monster was HP1, and HP2 a bit lower.
  13. That is the reported figure. BOM updates the numbers if there are re-releases.