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  1. So... DC is providing its own digital service now? Titans live action tv show and Young Justice 3 first off the bat.
  2. JL is a segue movie for the DCEU in terms of tone. I think/hope it reflects the shift of the universe as it moves away from the Miller tone to the brighter and more idealistic tone of Alex Ross/Mark Waid (going by some of the future projects announced, possibly Timm/Dini as well?). I was interested in seeing how the movie would function as the nexus of these two wildly differing tones and the trailer did give me an idea of how it would feel. Personally, I'm fine with it. But it is understandable if most critics come from the same place as you and find the jarring tones too distracting (not getting into plot and character motivations now). I'm more excited for what the future represents for the DCEU beyond JL. Geoff Johns has been making some big promises and he better live up to them. I also am curious to see how Zack pulls off what has been demanded of him via JL.
  3. Are y'all the birth parents of the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister I knew from my 90's childhood?
  4. Old news. And why would people in Japan care that much when it is Japanese-American actors who are the ones suffering? Also, THR interviewed four Japanese descent actresses working in Hollywood on the subject and they straight up said some Japanese people are obsessed with white people coz they are self-loathing and hence prone to suicide. Savage much?
  5. It's about supporting her less financially fortunate peers lol. Unless she is not a member at all. It would still be kinda tasteless and further distance her from WGA but she is one of the only people who can risk getting into their bad books.
  6. I assumed they are into a couple of initial drafts by now, but let's see. With the way things have been going with this project, I wouldn't be surprised if Reynolds is willing to take even more creative control if he so desires.
  7. Rowling is not part of WGA? Also, I guess Aquaman will indeed be the only DCEU film in 2018 now. Damn, the last strike killed George Miller's Justice League Mortal too.
  8. New Mutants final draft is ready I think. Deadpool 2 may have a lot of improvisation from Reynolds and co. so it will probably make its date too. Don't see Dark Phoenix making its 2018 date unless Kinberg gets to direct and write. But I assume WGA would not be cool with him writing even if he gets the director's job?
  9. Ah, Aldrich Killian. So irresistible to kids.
  10. They've got pretty fun powers. It may get toned down a bit, especially Magik's, but they would still be cool. Magik Dani Moonstar Wolfsbane Cannonball Sunspot
  11. We'll see. Boone is good at doing teen drama and this has the 500 Days of Summer/Fault in Our Stars writing team so it has potential to buck the norms of standard superhero fare. Especially considering they are going for a teen horror-esque tone for this that hasn't been done before. Apparently this was one of Marvel's highest selling books in the 80's and was so popular at the time that it partly inspired the creation of TMNT (the "Teenage Mutant" part at least ). It's a junior team of students studying at Xavier's ("New" as in "Younger") who haven't been graduated to X-Men level yet but have their own side adventures without adult supervision, usually. The stories also tended to have more horror elements and did a much better job at depicting the coming of age experience than regular X-Men comics.