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  1. I take solace in knowing im taller than all these 1st rounders. Im a hair over 6' 0" and literally everybody is clocking in at like 5' 11 1/2."
  2. Im excited to see what Mccaffrey brings since he is so multi purpose. Carolina is loaded on offense, no excuses this year. And a white RB? Who said white men cant jump?
  3. Thatll be something if Boulware is drafted. Thatll mean I played on a team with 2 current NFL players. Not many guys can say that.
  4. Also Mitch Trubisky is overrated. He just looks the part. I'd rather hand the keys to Deshaun.
  5. Didnt know the Draft was on. I'd like to see Carolina get Mccaffery or Cook. No DL please.
  6. Oh I love Twitter. Kourtney Kardashian posted a picture of her ass...and theres guys in the comment section arguing Kobe vs Lebron.
  7. My question though is where do the discussions about these smaller movies take place. It seems anything thats not in wide release always flies under my radar. HoHW was my favorite film of last year, but I wouldnt have heard of it until awards season if it wasnt for Pink and Jayhawk. edit: I see Tribefan provided a link.
  8. Is there a special website or something yall go to for small, low budget movie news? I've always wondered because I've never heard of half the movies yall bring up. What is an End of the Tour? Never heard of her.
  9. At Target and this little 6 or so year old boy walks by and is like "mom after can we go to Chickfila and then go to the library and get Lava Girl and Shark Boy?" Never expected that in 2017.
  10. Squares are more edgy. I'll be a square.
  11. I have honestly only rarely strolled into this thread, and I'm not even sure if I watched the last trailer. It's not that I'm not excited, I just, haven't. Any new important updates I probably missed?
  12. Not everybody can be a big balling, bar lounging, jet setter like you, dude. Try seeing through an average persons lens for once.
  13. It's just a thing I do. I have to do it or I'll go insane. I think its unconsciously for luck, since I don't actively say "lemme rub this big aluminum bird for good luck." I just have a relationship with planes, I love aviation. My favorite thing to do in DC was go to Gravelly Park and watch planes land. So I guess sticking my hand out of the jet bridge and rubbing the body is just me making that connection, and wishing luck. I have read where some other people do this, so that's why I asked. Don't know how common it is.