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  1. Where was Suicide Squad Monday before? I know that was summer and all, but still seems like a good comp.
  2. Nah, it's definitely going over $125m. It will hit 2m sometime today, and next Monday it will be around 3-3.5m at minimum. Which should put it on pace for at least 5-6m on the 4th.
  3. Yeah, but there are a lot of factors to think about. Do we know if there were any really big Carmike's? Like were there ever any in the Top 20 engagements? Do any have reserved seating? Since we've gone reserved seating here, the amount of presales have skyrocketed. If we have some users that know of some nice Carmike's I'd sure like to know. Both the ones I went to over the last month were previously Rave theatres and they weren't anything special at all.
  4. I honestly still have no idea, lol. I'm guessing it is and the amount that Carmike presales is just a pittance compared to what traditional AMC's do.
  5. Dobly was real good last night.
  6. F8 - 3.1m G2 - 1m
  7. F8 - 1.1m G2 - 940k
  8. CC - 100K S - 156k YN - 88k F8 - 603 G2 - 807k
  9. Not only that, but this kind of hype(if they can maintain it), builds into the opening weekend. This could very well have a $50m+ OW but it's still a horror movie and unless it ALSO gets WOM on the level of Split/Get Out, it won't reach those same heights. And let's face it, have three WOM horror hits in one year is insane to think about, but this really just screams having a mega opening and normal horror legs.
  10. BB - 551k GITS - 361k
  11. BB - 312k GITS - 245k F8 - 316k G2 - 590k