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  1. Oh haven't u heard? In nerd circles, anything below 80 is now considered an abject disaster, lol
  2. RIP to any movie opening withing a one mile radius of this monster
  3. The idea that someone is supposed to be rational and think things through after seeing their parents heads bashed in is ridiculous. Especially for a guy like Stark who has had major unresolved issues his whole damn life. This is just pure armchair quarterbacking here
  4. what was the last great war Drama with that rating? I'm racking my brain but nothings popping up. Its going to be a struggle showing the nature and brutality of war within pg-13 confines.
  5. god, do u ever get tired of your own BS ? lol
  6. Are we at the point of RT watch where fans bring up a critics prior positive review of a panned movie in order to invalidate the current review? Because that is my favorite part of RT watch
  7. I expect the next installment to be called "A F9 line between Fast and Furious"
  8. yo, they actually got a submarine in this shit? i'm in
  9. This. I don't think anyone would argue that the MCU breaks new ground visually or anything, its just similar to every other typical blockbuster. I think people just want them to be more daring/artistic because of their financial success, and there's certainly an argument to be made for that. But calling the actual films visually bad/incompetent is false.
  10. If u would please, and i'm not being sarcastic here, just give me an idea of some of these controversial directorial choices you would have Marvel make?
  11. Don't worry, some armchair directors will come forth telling u about how the blocking is amateurish, the lighting is bland,the color saturation is off, how the shots aren't 'dynamic' enough or how it doesnt 'pop' off the screen. Clearly these people are more informed than you know, the guys with decades of experience making the movie.
  12. Meh, its just taking digs at a top dog. People have been waiting for a failure from the MCU for so long, its just easier to latch on to certain weaknesses and act like the entire thing is shit. The cinematography isnt close to oscar worthy but this 'looks like tv' talk is laughable
  13. lol, the bitching over this is hilarious. thisa movie will behave like typical Marvel. Fans will nitpick and moan for months, reviews will come out and be good-great, movie will make a ton of cash, general audience will eat it up, rinse and repeat. and honestl, the idea that people are 'tired of Stark' only exists on the internet. My freaking grandma lights up every time Iron Man shows up. The man is pure box office. you would do the exact same this if you were in charge of marketing this thing, lol