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  1. grim22, stop making me feel stupid!
  2. I alrady apologized stop rubbing it on.
  3. Sure. Bottom line though, good drama is good, but nobody really wants Luke to be a coward. I've no shame in saying for this series, I want Luke to still even if there are bumps, still be there hero we know he is. Well, want him to be. Granted, if it's not an easy path? Im good with that.
  4. I can access the we cannot locate. You let me down grim.
  5. I mean, even in Colossal she's still good looking. Just like, take a shower and have some coffee already.
  6. Shes unfortunately in a position where just quite frankly, I don't really want her character to be so front and center, even if I don't think doing badly in the role. Or at least, don't just make her the hero that's not that interesting. I enjoyed how they handled her in DoFP.
  7. Yeah, keep believing, cause you're totally right.
  8. Kong I believe. homecoming? Come on, 175, at least. Any tentpole blockbuster you see, 150m minimum.
  9. Oh what a mess. I expect it'll be ok, but god da,n this is gonna cost way more than it should. Given we know, it won't make proper Saga money.
  10. It should've been. The ingredients were there. Favreau, that's on you. You had the base figured.
  11. Brolin doesn't need it. I say that as a believer these films will deliver.
  12. Hey now Brainiac5, it takes two to tango. And I still have no idea what's going on. Cause that involves reading the last few pages. Let's just all...get along.

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