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  1. Responses seem good. This might do ok? Like a Tarzan run?
  2. I'd like this to keep the groove of the box office trajectory. On the seriously mission impossible side... I would love Brian De Palma to direct Mission Impossible 7. 7. Fucking 7. SEVEN!!!
  3. We shall see how the BatB drafting effect works.
  4. Ok, I just have to say... Bob Peterson... Replaced by... Peter Sohn? Coincidence? Or...fate?
  5. He got top billing and primary placement on that movie. And the most money. He was always meant to be the main. Let's not kid ourselves.
  6. Why is my first thought... Who the hell directed the Squeakquel?
  7. Id say oh Emma but, whatever. But Tom...Tom. Get it together.
  8. Whoever made the movie has probably made a profit already given how they're selling it.
  9. Sold for 8m probably means certain territories. And if you're asking if it's profitable...the real question is...profitable for whom? There's lots of players in this type of thing.
  10. This seems right. Well, hopefully all the way (nobody wants Maleficent 2 Disney). If it ends up that way...Alice 2 isn't a total loss.
  11. Excited. Only downside, they did this for Apocalypse. But hey maybe they learned.
  12. For some reason...if Statham just quotes Jaws in his signature voice than makes his face...I'll be happy. Of course I'm the guy who wants Statham to be the Genie in Disney's Aladdin remake.
  13. If you want elevated in a Fast and Furious movie... Diesel ain't doing that. Maybe take some Molly. This is base instinct dumb ass awesome. Yeah it's a music video. But shit I enjoy that from time to time.