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  1. Homecoming drops and numbers cought up to Ant-Mans 11th day and if it follows that its on track for around 325 mill. AM did 71 mill after grossing same number on a monday in late July
  2. It will get released and will most likely gross in the 100-150 mill area. Sorry
  3. 825-840 mill on a 175 mill budget is never good. Never ever ever.. Bad bad bad...
  4. Okay. Thats your opinion. I loved it. But why should they ban it? Makes no sense. Homecoming will make 100-150 mill $ in China
  5. I dont have a problem. It just does'ent make sense to write 780 mill if you know anything about BO Im not trying to pick a fight but if you look at the performence in other countries and understand Chinese BO you would see that 815-820 mill is the floor now and 850 could also happen with late summer legs But feel free to mock me if it shows that im dead wrong
  6. Could happen. But Uni still estimated GT to have the biggest sunday drop by far in Top 8 so therefor made it much easier to have a great sunday increase from estimates up a mill from estimates still gives it a 26-27% sunday drop. Pretty standart
  7. It has a good chance to finish 2nd WW in gross on the 2nd smallest budget..

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