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  1. 80 mill budget.. Looks like one of Universals few moneyloosers..
  2. I think 1B is a realistisc goal I'll give it a 60% chance atm China and DOM could/should do 500 mill combined alone
  3. Thats the fun following chinese BO. Somethings are insanly predictable and other things are far from The last year here i have spend more time in chinese forum than the DOM. Its just more exiting atm
  4. I don't expect KK numbers for this. But 10-15% under is also accepted IMO. That gives it a chance for 1B
  5. Im good with this being its average daily range
  6. So far its up around 25% with 5,5 hours to go compared to Olives numbers yesterday No doubt it has a good high increase again today
  7. Is'ent there more than 8 days until GOTG2 opens?
  8. Good number this far out. Lets see if KK is reachable. A little less would also be approved in my world
  9. 300 mill has happend allready. Are more precise range is 385-405 Mill
  10. My best guess is 400 mill but legs are not good and its hard to say before sometime next week
  11. Im higher. Im thinking around 1B