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  1. Only 88% on RT? Gunn should be ashamed of himself and should resign post haste from GoTG v3.
  2. They should keep PoTC going beyond Part 6 and 7 IMO, if a movie about cars can keep going beyond 8 then why not a movie about pirates?
  3. What about movie made by immigrants?
  4. Well he ain't that old I guess, he can probably do 10 more avatar sequels with 2 years apart for each.
  5. Looking at the anmaniacs photo above reminds me of how terrible a job WB has done in maintaining their brands over the years, what ever happened to the massively popular Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to begin with? Those 2 characters were on par with Mickey Mouse in terms of popularity. It's a damn shame.
  6. How old is Cameron? Will he be capable of doing all these Avatar sequels in the future given the nature of these movies being pushed back quite a number of times?
  7. So where does this strike place a director who is also a writer on a movie. Does the Director also strike given the writing side of his career or being a director as well will he continue to write the script himself to keep the production going?
  8. Maybe the writers who forms the 4% who don't want the strike can work on these delayed movies in the interim?