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  1. Right now every DCeU movie is bad until proven otherwise. C'mon DC/WB prove us otherwise, we're waiting.
  2. I think all this attention towards Affleck directing The Batman is great free publicity for the movie which is years off and unlike the other previous DCeU offerings it isn't negative attention leading up to the movie.
  3. If Goyer is writing we need a director of Nolan's caliber who can direct a great movie using Goyer's script and do rewrites when necessary.
  4. This doesn't look like Chips at all based on that trailer above. They should've just made an entirely new movie with the same concept.
  5. You're doing one for 2017 as well?
  6. The timing of his article is also suspicious especially now with the "JL is a mess" rumor is floating around the web and The Batman's production is being delayed. He sounds like he's doing damage control for WB/DC
  7. Its not just based on that article. I've read articles from him before last year during the time BvS was coming out. He's a shill trust me.
  8. Yea Mark Hughes is a HUGE WB shill so take everything he says with a truckload of salt. Given the DC movies history recently I think its pretty easy to believe any negative rumor of upcoming DC films and rightfully so. Until WB/DC churns out an actual quality film with their DCeU then all upcoming DC movies should be expected to be bad until proven otherwise.