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  1. I think a certain someone needs a time out @Brainiac5
  2. BvS with and opening day of 81M should've followed The Avengers which had an opening day of 80M and got 207M OW. BvS already showed poor legs after its opening day since Sat and Sun dropped hard.
  3. Zack is producer on all those solo DC movies though.
  4. Give me some bright and vibrant daytime shots dammit...
  5. I think that scene is the rumored scene where the Atlanteans and Amazons were at war with Apokollips a long time ago in the past.
  6. Clearly they need Peter Jackson to lighten up the environment of the movie
  7. Looks like it also has the same gloomy CGI VFX fest as Sucker Punch. Where are the bright and vibrant colors and action during the day time?
  8. Yea looks awful with that overuse of CGI and the one liners aren't really doing it for me.
  9. Are any of the cast and their characters money shots?
  10. They should've just done the Batman Animated and Superman animated crossover for the whole concept of the story. Not stupid 1 vs 1 fight, it was just Batman following the trail of joker who stole an expensive artifact from the Gotham museum which is made out of kryptonite and he went to Metropolis to make a deal with Luthor. Bats ended up confronting supes for like 5 seconds and got his ass handed to him but it eventually showed how both of these characters were different yet came together to fight for a common goal. Straightforward story no convuluted bull crap, no extra things added in they kept it just to Metropolis. WB would have probably even made more $$$ on this movie had they done this instead with both Joker and Lex the 2 most well known villains on the big screen facing the 2 most well known heroes.