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  1. Apparently Nolan and Villeneuve doesn't have anything on Peele.
  2. 3.8 Multiplier? Not even if this movie had 100% on RT with 300 reviews its doing that.
  3. People are speculating that it will be with Kong.
  4. This can be interpreted the wrong way. lol
  5. Hey at least it will be better than having to deal with all those solo movies.
  6. Another note on the RT score, nearly all the top critics has reviewed the movie 35 so far. There are normally like a lil over 50 top critics sometimes less than even 35 for some movies.
  7. You needn't close off your porn tabs before making the snapshot of your desktop though.
  8. I simply cannot believe the RT score for this with a whopping 93 reviews and still at 100%.
  9. A Mythology universe would've been better, just lump all those characters belonging to that time period in the same universe of movies and an eventual team up down the road. King Aurthur, Robin Hood, Hercules, Conan etc...
  10. Well at least its better than cutting the movie down removing essential story elements to gain more showtimes with a lower run time?
  11. I think you may also be forgetting Kate Beckinsale.
  12. Even if that were possible they would cast an entirely new actor to play Wolverine just like they did with Spidey joining the MCU with Garfield being recast who only had 2 movies in because they don't want past baggage of what took place in that universe.
  13. OS audiences don't even care about this PR movie compared to Ninja Turtles, I know its only anecdotal evidence but I just got a sneaking suspicion its the same in other foreign territories around the world as well.