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  1. reviews are gonna be terrible
  2. But she's filthy rich...she doesn't have to stop writing.
  3. At least FB2 won't be impacted.
  4. Beauty hits $1.1b and it just had a fantastic OW in Japan. It could do over $100m from there alone.
  5. When you say stuff like that, I like you. Otherwise, I have a very bipolar relationship with you.
  6. The best film of 2012. Perks, Cloud Atlas, and Zero Dark Thirty were by far the best films.
  7. I loved this. It's batshit crazy and I enjoyed the hell out of it because of that. Charlize Theron was easily the MVP, with Statham a close second. Yes, they defy the laws of physics beyond belief but why would we want something else? My biggest complaint is that the family is a bunch of sociopaths. Great fun. Second best in the series after 5. Theron had better be back.
  8. It did, mostly buoyed by China. I can't see it hitting a billion internationally. Many of its massive grosses (including China) are from notoriously front-loaded markets.
  9. Shut your fucking mouth, Futurist. I'm sick and tired of you mocking Star Wars and trying to make it seem YA. We all know that Star Wars is unbelievably complex, mature, and paints an accurate portrait about the politics and relationships of life. So how on earth can you regress it back to the likes of the fickle Potter and The Hunger Games? It's just absurd. And highly offensive.