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  1. I can't begin to stress how disappointing War's performance has been domestically...but overseas it's been downright atrocious.
  2. With almost $600m OS, Pirates 5 managed to hold up incredibly well overseas to its predecessor in light of exchange returns (despite the explosion in China). Its domestic performance is predictable but nonetheless disappointing, grossing roughly only 1/4 of DMC's tickets. The only film that can beat it overseas is Despicable Me 3 (which will likely be the biggest film of the summer worldwide due to its massive overseas haul). In light of everything that's happened to sequels this summer, such as TF5 dropping an astonishing 50% from TF4 worldwide, does PoTC5 warrant a sequel considering it held up quite well overseas?
  3. Skyfall is overrated. Most memorable parts of Skyfall are its beautiful cinematography, Judi Dench, and that mesmerizing French Bond girl that shouldn't have died. Casino Royale is a classic, though. I could watch that film again and again.
  4. The posters are amazing. But holy fuck I saw the trailer and I don't know how the movie isn't going to be a clusterfuck with all those characters.
  5. My biggest frustration with a performance is Marion Cotillard's in TDKR. She was very good throughout most of the film, and then became incredible with the "slow knife" scene, but her death scene was so atrocious I feel like Nolan should be disregarded a potential Best Director nomination LOL What a shame.
  6. We all see what we want to see. And anybody saying that they can be unbiased 100% is lying to themselves as the ideals and themes we believe and fight for is almost intrinsically ingrained in us. For me, as a Kuwaiti (Arab), the most satisfying feeling I have felt in a blockbuster since forever is the final scene with Anne because I saw it as a woman finally being given the chance to change our world. Let me make it clear for some of the Americans here...I live in Kuwait, and none of my female family members are covered. My grandmother was part of a group of the first seven women to study abroad, and my grandmother's sister was among six high school girls that first burned the burqa (like a niqab but without covering the face) in a public square...which is why so many Kuwaiti women today do not wear the hijab. Nolan, while disappointing me greatly with his roles regarding women, managed to come up with a blockbuster that rested entirely on the fact that the female character was the main reason humanity could continue (not because she could biologically reproduce but because she was the one who carried humanity upon her shoulders). And yes...to my fellow Americans...my sisters don't cover their arms OR their shoulders...I'm about to get into a deep political discussion that I think isn't right for this thread but I'm just saying...many people can see films for greatness for reasons immensely personal to them and their values while others do not, and that is one of the greatest examples about the diversity of life.
  7. The thing is, I can genuinely understand why some people might feel like Interstellar had some of his weakest moments (to be perfectly honest, it's difficult, but okay) yet I believe that when a movie genuinely makes you emotional then it has succeeded (at least somewhat).

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