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  1. Ageing clearly hasn't done you in any favors when it comes to your humor.
  2. This trailer did absolutely nothing for me. I love the shot of Amy Adams though. She looks like she's tired of this shit. Just get rid of Snyder
  3. Rth just said in Australia that BATB is going to have one of the biggest Saturdays ever. YES.
  4. Hail the Queen. She fucked up the kings of the box office.
  5. Yes, she played the bookworm in Perks, Noah, The Bling Ring, and...oh wait... She didn't play a bookworm for six years!
  6. Yup. Let's say it does $90m this weekend...that'll put it at $318m. Let's say its weekdays fall 38%-40% from its first week...that gives it $33m which puts it at $341m by the end of its second week. Giving it a 45% drop on its third weekend would be around $45.5m. So by the end of next weekend, it'll roughly be around $386m coming off a $45.5m weekend. End of its fourth weekend would be $425m-$430m. So most likely it will.