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Found 1 result

  1. After having my hope and dreams shattered this weekend, I thought of something 2017 may be a very soft year for animated films at the box office at 2016 as a possible family film fatigue (BATB and DM3 doesn't count), the only one I could see doing $300M is Despicable Me 3 and it'll barely get there. My predictions: Lego Batman (you failed me) will end with a respectable $170M-$185M total. Boss Baby will barely do over $100M or breakout slightly and do $135M Smurfs looks soft and will do about $65M-$80M Captain Underpants might get hurt because of Wonder Woman and competition and end with $70M-$100M Cars 3 won't do much over $200M The Emoji Movie and Ninjago will both do in the $100M-$130M range The Star will have a small OW but big legs due to Christmas appeal ($100M-$160M) Coco will definitely do under Moana Ferdinand will either do Alvin 4 numbers or Ice Age 4 numbers So are you in or out? IN (Lego Batman betrayed me) OUT: (Couldn't think of a clever/funny/cringy name for this one) (Why couldn't Lego Batman breakout! Why?!, notice me Senpai @Blankments)