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This is a post that I've been thinking about for awhile. Recently, I opened up the discussion to other members of the staff to get their feelings on the matter, and their opinions generally matched mine, which is this:

Within the last year or so, there's been a steady increase of negative posts in movie threads. We've always had some heated discussions for some movies, but recently things have not only gotten more histrionic in those threads (generally speaking, the CBM ones), but they've started to spread to other franchises and other movies as well. I'm not talking about out-and-out trolling, I'm talking about members feeling they have to consistently shit on a movie (or studio, or star) simply because they aren't interested in the current project or projects. With every piece of news about a movie, it's now a virtual guarantee that there's a flood of people rushing to say they think it sucks, they don't like the current trailer/tv spot/actor/actress/director/concept. And I get it -- we all have movies we don't like, movies which we think are bad ideas, industry people that just don't appeal to us. But there's a fine line between expressing your opinion about this and doing it so often, with such consistency, that the collective emphasis of all of it basically brings down the entire thread and thus the entire forum.

There's no easy answer to this. We don't want to crush freedom of expression here. But at the same time, the spirit of this forum is for people to have fun talking about the movies they love and the box-office runs they love.

To have fun.

And while it may be fun -- in a sense -- to personally vent about a movie, or to vent at people who dare to enjoy something you don't, it doesn't bring fun to our community. In fact, it generally drags down the overall fun for everyone else. We've had people repeatedly mention to us over the last several months or so that in some cases they don't even bother going into some threads -- even for movies they're curious about! -- because they just don't want to deal with the overall mess those threads contain. And frankly, that matches the personal opinion of most of the staff as well.

So this post is both a request and a warning. 

The request: Next time you feel like taking a dump on a movie (or a topic) for the dozenth time, take a moment to consider whether it's really worth it. People probably already have a good idea of what your attitude about the project is. Maybe just put your posting energy into a movie that you enjoy and love or are excited about.

The warning: The staff is going to be taking a closer look at some of these threads and we'll be more active with temp thread-bans if we think it'll help the overall vibe of the forum. I'd rather we don't have to, but it's not going to constrain any of you too much if you aren't allowed to post about a movie you supposedly don't care about anyway.

Remember the words of Bill and Ted: "Be Excellent to Each Other".

They're just movies, guys. It's about having fun.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | 5.5.2017 | William Hurt Returns as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross | New Trailer on Page 69

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Director: James Gunn

Writer: James Gunn



Chris Pratt ... Star-Lord

Zoe Saldana ... Gamora

Dave Bautista ... Drax

Bradley Cooper ... Rocket Racoon

Vin Diesel .... Groot

Karen Gillian ... Nebula


UK & Ireland Release Date: 4/28/2017


Will film in Atlanta (Pinewood Studios) in February.



‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Michael Rooker Excited for Sequels

Exclusive: What will one of Marvel's Phase 3 films be in 2016?

Marvel Studios President Updates On Thanos, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Potential Guardians Of The Galaxy Sequels…

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Expands Through 2019

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 to be Directed by James Gunn if the First Succeeds!

Guardians of the Galaxy Interview: James Gunn Talks Sequel & Secret End Credits Scenes

SDCC 2014: Gunn to Write and Direct GOTG2

SDCC 2014: MARVEL STUDIOS Panel ANT-MAN Villain Revealed, THANOS Revealed, More!

James Gunn on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – the promise of Nebula, Yondu and Peter Quill’s father

James Gunn Announces Sequel to 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Cast Wishlist

James Gunn on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – the promise of Nebula, Yondu and Peter Quill’s father

Kevin Feige Talks AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, Josh Brolin (Thanos) and the Infinity Gauntlet, a Female THOR Movie, DOCTOR STRANGE, and More

James Gunn Talks Fighting For THANOS And Prepping For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Sequel

James Gunn Talks GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Deleted Scenes, Would he do an Extended Cut, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, and Spinoff Movies

James Gunn's Heartfelt Thanks to Fans Teases Work on Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel

'Serious actress' Glenn Close embraces 'Guardians' fun


#Marvel Phase 3 mayhem p1: #CaptainAmerica Civil War (29 Apr 16), #DoctorStrange (28 Oct 16), #GOTG2 (28 Apr 17), #Thor:Ragnarok (28 Jul 17)

Interview: James Gunn Talks ‘Guardians 2,’ Small Vs Big Budgets And Being “Betrayed” By ‘Lost’

James Gunn on why 'Guardians of the Galaxy' isn't weird (and the sequel he'd like to make)

James Gunn Talks 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Blu-ray Special Features & Marvel's Cinematic Universe

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Director James Gunn Says 'We're Not Here to Service The Avengers or Infinity War'

James Gunn Talks GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Deleted Scenes, Easter Eggs, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, Adam Warlock, and More

James Gunn On The Return Of 'Nebula' In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2

James Gunn Seemingly Says No To 'NOVA' Appearing In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2

Thanos: Josh Brolin Booked For Marvel in 2016 and 2017

James Gunn Talks GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 And His Role In The Cosmic MCU


Bradley Cooper On ‘Guardians 2′: ‘I Do Whatever James Gunn Tells Me To Do’

'Ronan The Accuser' Won't Be Back in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, But May Still Return


James Gunn Teases GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 'Risky' Concept And 'Important' New Characters

James Gunn Will Bring One Of His Favorite Superheroes To GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2


Vin Diesel Teases His Future in Marvel And GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2

‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2′ Story Treatment Is Complete

James Gunn Talks GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 Start Date, Return Of 'Nebula', And More

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Is About Fatherhood

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Says Sequel’s Soundtrack 'Is Better' Than the First

Chris Pratt Discusses His Marvel Contract; Teases More For 'Star-Lord' Than Just GOTG

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Neo: 66M (55M/45M)



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acetabulum7: 140M

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eXtacy: 870M

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When I first got the role of Yondu, [director James] Gunn was like, ‘Don’t read any of the comics!’ but It’s beautiful stuff. Whenever you do a film of comic book characters and stuff you don’t know how much you can show, you don’t know how much is going to be brought out. Nowadays movies are done and they already have two or three others planned out. So stuff you do in this one, you ask “Why aren’t we doing this?” and they say, “Well be patient!"


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I sure hope they introduce Adam Warlock in this movie. He was such a pivotal character in the Infinity comics from the 90s, reading right now Infinity Crusade. With him we could see a Thanos that helps the good guys, but still has his motives for doing so. How about Magus as the villain for GOTG2? By the end of GOTG or maybe at the end credit scene of the later movies we could get a Warlock that wants to be perfect, expelling the good and bad from himself. This way would require the IG, but seeing as the movies change story arcs could just be seen as how the Magus gets his start. If not Magus I would like to see Korvac, but I think he would need to be an Avengers/GOTG villain.

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Warlock and Nova are a must for sequel. GOTG as a franchise might have more potential than even Thor or CA. Sequels can be beyond epic, if Gunn knocks it out of the park.  :D

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Would like to see the Korvac Saga or maybe for after TA3. Kang or Magus would make good villains of GOTG2, for Magus would need to set up Warlock before hand.

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So there are a lot of other characters and worlds and stories. So should this film work, should the audience come out for this one, there are definitely places we can take it and we have ideas of where we'd like to go with it.

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I'm Guessing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for this date if all goes well in a couple of weeks.

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Thanos should be full on in this one.

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Warlock or GTFO. Nova should also be in this to some capacity.

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