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Dexter of Suburbia

Best Marvel villian

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Infernus    831
On 2/18/2015 at 3:51 PM, Spidey Freak said:


Mephisto is forever tainted by his involvement in that One More Day dreck.

Yeah. Fuck 'One More Day' :angry: 

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On 03/04/2016 at 2:24 PM, MrFanaticGuy34 said:



Did anyone expect Aldrich Killian to be the main villain in Iron Man 3, before it's release back in 2013?


Such an epic scene don't? What is 'Luke, I'm your father' compared to this shocking revelation....

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Amadeus    361

Of the most famous villains in the spiderman-franchise i'd go with:

  1. Venom -- (In SM3 and the animated series back in the 90's); I love Venom the idea in SM3. In this film he's both the ultimate symbol of the danger of doing drugs and the symbol of the antipower of hubris.In the animated series he's just awesome. 
  2. Rhino -- (In TASM2); scary (in a funny way) and funny (in a scary way)
  3. Green Goblin -- (in the late 90's comicbooks); scary, vulgar, brutal
  4. Kraven the Hunter -- (in the late 80's comicbooks); a sad being -- disillusioned and manic
  5. Shocker -- (late 90's animated series); random fit guy in a cool looking suit. 

    Other good ones: Vulture, Electro (TASM2), Dr Octopus, Sandman (SM2), Mysterio, Hobgoblin, Carnage (I loved the spidercarnage saga in the 90's), scorpion (in the animated series),

    Boring ones: Morbius, Lizard, Chamelon,  

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cookie    6,734

Movies/TV only:


1. Wilson Fisk

2. Loki

3. Doc Ock

4. Magneto

5. Kilgrave


Edited by cookie

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