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Best Picture predictions-2017!

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WrathOfHan    26,950

I'm kind of thinking Shape of Water might steal this whole thing providing it's good. All the other contenders have stuff going against them:


Dunkirk: Will not get a Screenplay nomination

The Papers: Will it even get any technical nominations? There's a decent chance this only ends up with BP/Director/Actress/Screenplay nominations. Even Spotlight had more nominations than that.

Detroit: Will this have a narrative to win? Will Annapurna campaign well? Will it have acting nominations?

Get Out: Screenplay is looking like its only other nomination right now. How can a movie win BP in this day and age with only one other nomination?

mother!: This is looking to be very out there based on Paramount's marketing decision. 

Call Me by Your Name: Much more arthouse than Moonlight. It doesn't feel like a BP winner at all.

Darkest Hour: A middlebrow Joe Wright film will not win.

The Florida Project/The Disaster Artist: Which one is A24 going to push? Neither feel like BP winners.

Last Flag Flying: Like The Papers, this probably won't get any technical nominations.

Suburbicon: Will it be another Hail Caesar?

Annihilation: Some are speculating this is getting bumped up with mother's date change, but it's probably too heavy sci-fi to win.


Like, the only thing going against Shape of Water is its fantasy elements. OTOH, it ticks boxes the Academy likes: romance, war, and a unique feel. The Papers is still my prediction, but Shape of Water isn't something we can ignore.

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Fancyarcher    31,818
2 hours ago, Cmasterclay said:

Get Out might win the whole thing, but we'll see how things fall out with other movies. I'm not ruling it out. Def think it's getting nominated.


Also I've been tricked before by I HEARD Oscar forecasts, but I heard that Shape of Water is a really legit contender and word is great for it. 


Considering Fox Searchlight is releasing it a few weeks before Christmas, they must think it has potential for some kind of award. Although I don't think it'll happen, it'll certainly be an interesting choice for a best picture nom.

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