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Wonder Woman | June 2, 2017 | Directed by Patty Jenkins | Starring Gal Gadot | 92 % Fresh RT | DCEU's biggest U.S. hit and second biggest global hit | # 3 on WB's all-time highest domestic grossers

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aabattery    15,882
13 minutes ago, ArrowOfTime said:

SDCC: Conan's "Wonder Woman" cold open


(How do I post YouTube videos here?)


The auto-embed software is currently turned off because of some bugs so you gotta get the embed code yourself from the YouTube page.





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Subzero    731
2 hours ago, Krissykins said:

You know you're a cultural phenomenon when you've been spoofed! Hehe. 


WB is loving this, free advertisement LOL

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Mojoguy    5,542

Dr Poison wasn't a villain because of her appearance, but because of her actions in developing weapons.

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Spidey Freak    10,839

If anything, the facial disfigurement made her sympathetic. Her mask flying away to reveal her scars during that crucial moment in the climax highlighted to Diana and the audiences that she too was a victim, either of her own making or somebody else's. Hence Diana's decision when it came to Maru's life.


She could have done with a little more development though. Maybe we'll learn more about her in the sequel.

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Gustavo    57

I think the desfigurement of Doctor Poison was in her heart and not in the face. 




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I completely disagree with the lady. 


Anaya once said that ,while creating her character and her backstory in her mind,she imagined that Maru was once loved and that love betrayed her.Her being hellbent on inflicting pain on others was a result of the pain she felt when she was betrayed.She became so sick that even hurt herself and disfigured her face (according to Jenkins).So Maru did not become a villain because this was how she was born or because her scars made her (her scars was actually a result of her twisted mind)  she became a villain because she chose to live without love.


This is more evident at her exchange with Steve at the party.At first she is taken aback by the fact that a man has approached her ,not for her appearance but her work, but she return to her old villain ways once she notices how Steve looks at Diana.

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