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A blog where staff members can give updates on the site and other exciting updates!

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Water Bottle

We have updated the site to 4.2.0! We are happy that we're finally live with this update for numerous reasons. Please note there may be some bugs so please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket or to PM Water Bottle/Telemachos.


Please note of the following changes:

[*] Autoembedding is back. No longer having to manually put stuff in if we support automatically embedding it!

[*] Reactions instead of just likes. ALL REACTIONS ADD ONE LIKE POINT TO A USER'S LIKE COUNT. EVEN THE CONFUSED REACTION. All reactions count towards your like limit. I guess it's a reaction limit now.

[*] Clubs are live. Anyone can create a club and they'll have SOME moderator privileges over that club area. I've created some clubs for popular franchises. If you wish to take over the club and have a clean record (no recent warnings or suspensions), let me know. Please know site rules still exist and violating these moderate privileges will lead to your club being taken away from you. Please one club per franchise unless you can justify it's own existence. Clubs don't have to be related to movies.

[*] Franchise forums will close soon since clubs can take the place of it.

Water Bottle


The update is now done. The two major skins (movie background and the default skin) are now updated to be compatible with the latest version. The ad-free skin has yet to be updated.



You will be prompted when you log-in next or when you register to put in answers to security questions. These answers you will provide when you update key account info or when you try to use money to donate to the site.

You will now get an e-mail when your e-mail or password changes. Please let the staff know using the contact us button if you did not request either change but get an e-mail.

The default setting for all is to automatically follow threads you create or post in. You can change this setting under notification settings found in account settings.

You will now get an embed message when you try to embed a video or picture but fail.

If you are suspended, you will now get a page telling you why and for how long.

Water Bottle

Hey guys!


So we've made some changes to the franchise forums.


I looked at which franchises were on the front page and which were sub-forums and have thus changed them accordingly.


Star Wars got to stay on the main page because of Rogue One coming out in December.

Star Trek got moved to the main page because of Star Trek Beyond, it's 50th anniversary, and upcoming television series.

The DC movie forum got renamed to DC Media and was moved to the main page because of Suicide Squad.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe forum got renamed to Marvel Media and got to stay on the main page because of Doctor Strange plus the upcoming Netflix Marvel shows and the new season of Agents of SHIELD in addition to the planned X-Men TV series.

Harry Potter got moved to the main page because of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


(Animation Station remains on the main forum due to the constant release of new animated films)


I have also closed due to inactivity the Middle-Earth Tales sub-forum. The sub-forum might be re-opened if a new film set in the universe is made (it's the reason we're keeping the Fast and Furious forum alive even though it's dead of convos).


I also went ahead and changed the descriptions of many of the franchise forums to better reflect their status.

Water Bottle

Preview Button

Hi! We're still sorting out the skin theme upgrade! Turns out that the theme wasn't just upgraded to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Invision but also came with it's own changes we have to figure out.


Anyways, I am happy to announce that the new forum software...has a brand new feature! Or rather the return of an old one! The preview button is back!




The last button on that toolbar, the one that looks like a magnifying glass is over the page is the brand new preview button! This preview button will show you how your post will appear on desktops, on tablets, and on phones!

Water Bottle


We have upgraded to the latest version of the forum software. We are running an older version of the skin so please be patient as we manually upgrade that but until then expect some issues.

Water Bottle

We've disabled all third-party plug-ins to see if they improve site speed. This test will last 24 hours.


Tapatalk access is also gone during that period.


UPDATE: We've re-enabled Tapatalk for now.

Water Bottle

I am happy to say that the TBOT staff is officially launching the Box Office Theory Staff Blog! We'll be using this blog for multiple purposes: to talk about recent site changes, to create guides on how to navigate the new version of the site, as well as to answer some commonly asked questions. We might also post our opinions on the box office, promote community events and games, and generally use the blog to bring things to your attention. We're also hoping that we can revive interest in the blog feature of the site: the best way to do that is through leadership!


Now that we got that out of the way, we are looking for a special position on the staff. We're looking for someone who is well-versed in database entry, someone who is good with HTML, and someone who has a lot of time on their hands and likes to keep things tidy. We need an Archives mod whose sole purpose is to keep the archives of this site in order. The recent update in the site means that we need someone who is comfortable using HTML to edit posts. If you want to help and feel you are qualified, please send me a PM.

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