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2022: A Vision

The year is 2022, hyperinflation has long since started, the average ticket price in the US is 110 bucks. Avatar 2 grosses 5 Billion Dollars WW. This does not make it the new #1 of all time, instead it is a paltry 9th.   We look back fondly on Mad Max wishing that we could live in that now utopian vision.   [I can't post this in normal threads as I'm still locked out.]   Read Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations - I implore you.

On states of things

I came back from a lengthy ban recently to find that the forum is mostly empty, at least in comparison to where it was prior to the ban. It's strange not to see a lot of the old names and faces making posts.   I suppose much of this silence can be attributed to COVID, but then I ask myself, surely that would mean people have more time to spend online? If people are inside more, why has there not been an increase in posting? Now of course people will say that no movies have come out, bu



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