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Anurian Designs

This project is taking on shape going forward and I'm happy with some of the overall changes and expansion in the designs.  Story-wise it's very close to being done, I'll be moving into finalization of more background and environment in the near future.


I've contacted at least one musician for work.  The format of this is still in a state of flux.  It may be fully comic, but may contain animated segments as well.


Actual pencils of some initial designs for this race.

And coloured versions of the updated designs:

tumblr_om2dwaAsPF1vwm4yfo1_r1_1280.jpg tumblr_om2g5gq73F1vwm4yfo1_1280.jpg


Tomorrow I'll be attending a lecture and getting a chance to talk to storyboard artist and animator Rafael Rosado.  He did primarily animated series (notably he storyboarded on Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Teen Titans and Transformers Prime, among others).  I'm looking forward to this, as well as discussing on the idea working with him on something in the upcoming future.


So, a lot of the overall storyline is worked out, but this particular project is probably going to be on the back burner until my other webcomic starts posting later this year.


But I'm enjoying these characters and this world so I really hope to do more with them





...my aliens are pretty gay.  I think my own queerness shines through with this. lol

Here are some previews for a project I'm doing some work on.  It remains to be seen if this will be animated, but a lot of my animation influences are pretty clear here.
This is a basic sci-fi story in the noir/mystery vein but with brighter colours.


Hey everyone, welcome to Key Frames! This blog is dedicated to animation news, reviews of animated movies and tv shows and information about animation. There is bound to be a lot of art on this blog, so be prepared!

I'm working on lining up some blog features! More info to come!

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