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Forum Update

Water Bottle


We have updated the site to 4.2.0! We are happy that we're finally live with this update for numerous reasons. Please note there may be some bugs so please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket or to PM Water Bottle/Telemachos.


Please note of the following changes:

[*] Autoembedding is back. No longer having to manually put stuff in if we support automatically embedding it!

[*] Reactions instead of just likes. ALL REACTIONS ADD ONE LIKE POINT TO A USER'S LIKE COUNT. EVEN THE CONFUSED REACTION. All reactions count towards your like limit. I guess it's a reaction limit now.

[*] Clubs are live. Anyone can create a club and they'll have SOME moderator privileges over that club area. I've created some clubs for popular franchises. If you wish to take over the club and have a clean record (no recent warnings or suspensions), let me know. Please know site rules still exist and violating these moderate privileges will lead to your club being taken away from you. Please one club per franchise unless you can justify it's own existence. Clubs don't have to be related to movies.

[*] Franchise forums will close soon since clubs can take the place of it.

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Nice, pleasant layout. I like. :bravo:


The reaction and like icons are not loading though.

Chorme v59/32-bit, Win 10.

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