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This is a club for appreciating and saving my species. Please join if you're a panda or a panda ally.
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  2. As I saw this store selling panda accessories online. https://ipandafans.com/ Honestly, I just want to find a panda helmet.
  3. This November, there is a lot being voted on. But did you know the state of Panda well-being is on the ballot too? Not explicitly, but there are many candidates who would do nothing about climate change, which the full effects post-2030 could bring the extinction of the species. Please vote for the Pandas. That means vote for candidates who do not deny manmade climate change as real, and candidates committed to doing something about it. Thank you.
  4. Panda appreciators! We have made a statement by gaining more members than the DCEU club. We have shown that love for Pandas outweighs all film! Now we must keep this lead, and possibly even reach the century mark! Think about the message that'd send! Invite your friends, your neighbors, your lovers, your dogs, and most importantly your Panda buds. Tell them all to come on in and enjoy the sun!
  5. This thread is to appreciate and love the diversity of the world and in the Panda species!
  6. Don't worry those Pandas are just plotting to take over the zoo anyway, they're pretty sneaky you know.
  7. This is important, Pandas belong in civilized societies, not behind bars like common lions!
  8. until
    Today I saw a Red Panda in a Yellow Dress, she wasn't a real panda but a panda nonetheless.
  9. If you're like me, you've seen a lot of footage of ravage Pandas ruining the lives of people while you hear the man sing, "Just you know whyyy". Well, this topic is to counter that propaganda, we must present our evidence here! I believe that since the video maker was Japanese he was attempting to take highly edited footage of Pandas to make them seem like the aggressors! They're trying to say that China is the aggressive one to Japan! But we all know it was the empire of Japan that attempted to slaughter the Panda species in WW2. I personally know the Nev

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