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  2. dXairdryZid

    Isle of Dogs (2018)

    no idea what I just watched. it seemed really deep, the animation was at its best, and they did make a lot of pretty things with that animation. Will need to catch this one again tomorrow before adding it to the rankings. B-
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  4. titanic2187

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    If Netfix willing to give up their toxic day-to date release strategy(at least for Roma), I think Academy will be very welcoming the movie
  5. That's some odd news from IMDb as he's not playing Kranz but Bob Gilruth. Don't think Kranz is a character in this, oddly enough, although I believe we get Chuck Yaeger briefly in the opening
  6. It has been a while since a comic book outside of the usual. If this one hits well and the regulars just do meh, could be trouble in the future with more comic spinoffs. every day... lol
  7. pure Friday #s, 21.748 million top 10 Friday as reported by Deadline 6.86 - House/Clock - 31.5% 3.30 - A Simple Favor - 15.2% 2.90 - The Nun - 13.3% 2.40 - Predator - 11.0% 1.80 - Crazy Rich - 8.3% 1.50 - White Boy - 6.9% .925 - Peppermint - 4.3% .825 - Fahrenheit - 3.8% .682 - Life Itself - 3.2% .556 - The Meg - 2.6%
  8. Why you're letting Da Berg and Coran down?
  9. I still don't understand how Feig fuck uped "Ghostbusters". All Fieg's movie decent/good at least. Spy was great. Except "Ghostbusters" which was a garbage.
  10. very lopsided Friday box office with A Simple Favor anyone know why House/Clock outperformed Lego Ninjago & Storks by about 20%?
  11. This, that's why I'm not sold on Sandberg's denial yet. Warner's already sent a shorter theatrical version of the SDCC trailer for MI: Fallout, they really rarely do another recut for domestic, especially months after the trailer actually dropped. Also, Smallfoot? Nah...I feel people are being a bit weird trying to gauge the more family friendly vibe of this, like with Bumblebee - claiming it'll be PG rated as opposed to PG13 and so on. The existing shortened version should be okay to play with that film too.
  12. I'd say it's a pretty safe bet. Hopefully. Probably a repeat of IW with no previews on the 24th though, but I'll take it.
  13. DORY INCREDIBLES 2 OD (Wed): 607K OD (Thu): 500K Thursday: 369K Friday: 750K Friday: 653K Saturday: 1.7M Sunday: 2.4M OW: 5.55M (incl. previews) Monday: 400K Tuesday: 420K Wednesday: 580K Thursday: 290K I2's Friday jump is better than Dory (+77% vs +50%), and while that had to be expected since it opened on a Wednesday, it's still a good sign. Dory's Saturday increase was far from strong, so here's hope I2 will overtake it today. 493K for the Nun, a 4% drop from its OD. Weaker hold than It's.
  14. And all the producing gigs Cookie Pictures will hand him in the near future
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