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  2. I saw an ad for Tenet tonight that said "Only In Theaters August 12." Gotta admire their confidence, at least.
  3. Real bad day all around. The hope that yesterday was just a big catch up from the holiday weekend is dashed. Tomorrow is going to brutal. We fucking suck so bad in the USA. 2 months of SAH wasted because people decided it was over and just can't take even the simple precautions.
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  5. that's $90k more than what IFC reported. what is wrong with Deadline.
  6. Disappointing, but definitely for the best, and I’m glad they’re committed to a cinema release (with the added bonus of IMAX) rather than releasing it to VOD. The 2018 film on opening night with a packed audience was great.
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  8. 1973. Sergeant Neil Howie travels to the remote British isle of Summerisle to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. He would repeatedly report back to the mainland his increasing suspicion that the inhabitants of Summerisle were involved in the girl's disappearance, as well as expressing his disgust of their apparent belief in Celtic paganism. Howie is never heard from again after his final report. A police investigation reveals no traces of his whereabouts, and little evidence that the Summerisle inhabitants engaged in any acts of paganism described in Howie's reports. All that remains is the charred remains of a wickerman effigy, with no Summerisle resident ever coming forward to claim responsibility for its creation and eventual torching. Over the next fourty-seven years, Summerisle would fade into obscurity, the inhabitants themselves disappearing under mysterious circumstances sometime in the late 1970s — But the tale of Neil Howie and his supposed encounter with the wickerman has become legend in the northern British isles, and wickerman effigies have become popular staples of music festivals and other tourist attractions. One of those attractions is a full scale replica of the wickerman located in the outskirts of Leffield, Scotland. Local tale has it this wickerman is built from the remains of the original, and it carries a curse that would wreak havoc on Leffield should it ever be set ablaze. Believing the legends, some locals have gone to great lengths to protect the wickerman from being set aflame by vandals, and stories of said locals going to morbid lengths to punish those who've tried have flown about. 2020. The Isles are reeling from the effects of both Brexit and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism in Leffield has dropped sharply, and the remote town is on the brink of bankruptcy. Local policeman Leigh Waxman, a distant relative to the famed Howie, does everything in his power to keep his struggling precinct afloat while battling demons of the more personal kind, a clinically diagnosed delusional disorder since childhood. With those aware of his relation to Howie often taunting him, Leigh has long sworn off wanting anything to do with the wickerman tale, whether he believes in the curse or not — But when local councilmen suggest actually setting the effigy ablaze during the Halloween celebrations in a last ditch effort to attract tourism to the area, the debate sets off a chain of strange happenstances and disappearances, forcing Leigh and the rest of his precinct to confront the matter firsthand. Is the wickerman curse real, or is it just a series of peculiar coincidences? Will Leigh's delusions hinder his investigation, and will the legend of the curse sever his ability to tell what's real and what's not? And is the town of Leffield hiding something deeper than any singular individual could be aware of? With Leffield at the brink of ruin and the end of October fast approaching, the time for the Wicker Man to rise again may soon be nigh. Cookie Pictures presents A Lynne Ramsay film Starring David Tennant as Leigh Waxman Let the ceremony commence October 25th Y8
  9. 11 694 new cases in California. Doesnt look good. https://deadline.com/2020/07/california-coronavirus-governor-gavin-newsom-new-record-daily-cases-11694-1202980644/
  10. I’d like the rights to do The Wicker Man.
  11. We'll be seeing more of this as studios finally realize that 2020 is dead for theatrical releases
  12. That is exactly what this is, the official statements point to 'public health officials' deeming it safe and, frankly, I've been seeing the buck passed to the government everywhere in webinars and interviews with people in exhibition. "We are relying on the government to be all over the science", what's the point of masks if governments aren't mandating them and so on. There's no incentive for them to question that, I'm guessing the lack of government support and pressure to reopen else furlough won't last forever is a huge part. At least the indie/arthouse sector is getting assistance along with the wider arts/theatre/live music sector here in the UK - $2bn rescue package.
  13. This isn’t as bad as it sounds though because many sectors of society are worsening the pandemic even more for reasons that are even stupider 🙃
  14. It’s a pretty simple calculus that it’s okay to worsen the pandemic as long as they can finally get some $$$ again and get some stories written about being the “savior of the cinematic experience” or whatever
  15. Based on the films I've watched this week so far and the ones I'm planning to watch, there's gonna be a lot of 10/10s this week. Also, 25th Hour is just so powerful. Easily my favourite Spike Lee after Do the Right Thing and just like with Margaret (also starring Paquin and set in NYC), Lee manages to make a city a central character in the movie. Also, all the reddit and twitter idiots who think that David Benioff is one of the worst writers of all time or something should fuck off and watch this.
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