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  2. As if some people didn't spend one year before Aquaman saying that DC couldn't do anything right, and that Aquaman would flop. There is a generation of nerds who will forever go online to repeat that DC is either in crisis, or about to enter a crisis. The numbers, and the relative success of many other "franchises", don't matter.
  3. IMHO trailer views are not a reliable predictor of how well a movie is gong to do. people here put way too emphasis on them.
  4. So again: WE Frozen1 Frozen2 1st 572 654 1.430 1.635 2nd 577 1% 1.355 941 -34% 2.822 3rd 476 -18% 1.952 708 -25% 3.704 4th 433 -9% 2.499 5th 540 25% 3.242 6th 402 -26% 3.838 7th 158 -61% 4.091 8th 107 -32% 4.217 9th 81 -24% 4.311 10th 89 10% 4.412 4.767M 6.000M A more detailed one in Spoiler (I hope it works): WE Minions Frozen2 1st 935 935 1.430 1.635 2nd 1.040 11% 2.394 941 -34% 2.822 3rd 760 -27% 3.598 708 -25% 3.704 4th 537 -29% 4.419 5th 366 -32% 5.147 6th 195 -47% 5.521 7th 242 24% 5.893 8th 111 -54% 6.160 9th 81 -27% 6.323 10th 125 54% 6.497 6.946M 6.000M
  5. No "In A Way" about it. WW saved the DCU from having to go back to square one...again.. If WW had been another "Green Lantern" the double whammy of both WW and JL flopping would have put the DCU in a really bad situation, two big films in production in a failed franchise. "Aquaman" would really have been in bad shape because people would have thought the DCU could not do anything right.
  6. Damn, Little Women missed both the Art Directors and Costume Designers Guild awards which I think it should have been nominated for (and could have won the latter too). Also underperformed at the Critics Choice awards and Golden Globes. If it misses the SAG tomorrow, it's dead. I think Knives Out could maybe get a nom if that happens. It's been overperforming so far.
  7. picture,actor,adapted screenplay,score, makeup, cinematography(?) and both sound nods? I doubt Joker would get editing.
  8. The best movie of the year, hands down. Holy fuck, I'm gobsmacked by how much I loved this. Ana de Armas deserves all things good in the world. She is absolutely amazing here.
  9. I lost count how many times I've watched the trailer ...the version of Blue Monday used is just WOW!
  10. Was that the trailer that went viral because of the fucked up sound, and not because of actual interest in the film?
  11. Uhhh, yeah. Trailers don’t necessarily indicate level of camp. Somebody who’s seen all 160 minutes would have a much better idea.
  12. I think some of you just had unrealistic expectations because another trailer came out earlier in the week and did big numbers. Not everything is equal on social media or YouTube even if you think something is better.
  13. After seeing the trailer, does anyone still think this is going to be a camp fest?
  14. May i point out that The Mummy 2017 first trailer has more views and likes than Wonder Woman 2017? We know how that ended up. I think the second trailer is way more relevant. Wonder Woman 2017 kept about the same number of views/likes, while The Mummy 2017 dropped considerably. Second trailer will tell the story imo,
  15. Hope people doesn’t automatically assume that every new blockbuster coming out must underperform because ”lack of hype/love” and that they wouldn’t even like a film to begin with. We saw with most billion-dollar films Disney put out this year, and WB’s Joker, that if those films are crowdpleasers & criticpleasers, then of course they’ll be huge. Which makes next year an interesting year for blockbusters.
  16. BoP had bad numbers at first, below 10M the first week; you're comparing to WW84 after less than 2 days. It will easily reach 20M, a level that can mean anything for the box office since the correlation is far from perfect.
  17. BoP had 18m after just a couple of weeks or less. I've been monitoring the trend and WW is going for something like that its first full week. It will probably pass BoP and cross 20 million but not much more than that for a long time.
  18. BOP trailer has been out for like 2 months and has 19m views. WW has been out for less then 48 hours and has 12m views. Some of you guys need to relax. On twitter WW84 already has 2m more views and double the likes of BOP already. I’m not saying numbers are fantastic or anything but you guys are freaking out over nothing.
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