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  2. Raya is not listed on the two biggest cinema chains in Spain (50% market share between the two). Let's wait and see if it will be released on those chains next Friday
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  4. Raya still isn't listed on Village Cinemas for me so may have to also find a Hoyts one.
  5. Still not listed on Event Cinemas website and less than a week to release, looks like I'm going to Hoyts to watch this one. At least it will be a nice treat to visit my childhood cinema which I haven't been to since I watched Disaster Artist there a few years ago, but will become very annoying quickly if all Disney movies are only at Hoyts cinemas going forward.
  6. 25% after 32 reviews CRITICS CONSENSUS It isn't the worst of the long-squabbling duo's feature-length adventures, but Tom & Jerry is disappointingly short on the anarchic spirit of their classic shorts.
  7. If anyone is looking for a last minute movie to watch before they submit their ballots may i point you this direction
  8. Will definitely send mine within the next few hours. Edit: A few more hours than that. assignment took a lot longer than I expected. Will get it sent saturday morning.
  9. I'm a science teacher. I did a graduate degree in the area of evolutionary biology and my undergrad major was biochemistry. (so I also had courses in molecular genetics and immunology, which are highly related fields - at my alma mater those majors were collectively referred to as "BIG", for biochemistry, immunology, and genetics)
  10. Where I come from, having more than your fair share of fingers is not unusual.
  11. Ratings are going to be in the dumps for all awards shows this year. There will be no red carpets, no star-filled gatherings, there's zero movies that have truly tapped into the zeitgeist. All they can do is salvage the ceremony as much as they can and hope that by the time 2022 gets here things will be mostly back to normal.
  12. Yet could be the least talked or seen in 93 years. Have never seen a so uneventful Oscar since started follow the race in Hurt Locker year
  13. Yeah, not advancing a “specifically disliked in China“ thesis. Seems to have poor reception everywhere afaics. You could say the same about WW84 though. I mean, I was remarking on the coincidence, but “2 MAX movies that have received a China release” is a super small sample size. I don’t think there’s anything here causally.
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