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  2. Jesus Christ! Jumanji is hitting $320m at this point!!!! And to think that people expected it to go under $200m after the Chinese OW.
  3. In Deadlines preview article, they said girls under 18 liked the movie most at 93% but they could only make up 7% of the audience. It was certainly a factor.
  4. So the drop is -$93.5m now. It’s available on my flight this week, might give it a watch.
  5. Jumanji's stamina is impressive. I think that the sequel could make more, maybe not as much as the first Rock&friends movie but somewhere in between.
  6. Pretty much this. Posttrak's stats show that women over 25 liked the film almost as much as women under 25 so I think WB could have certainly done something in terms of marketing to appeal towards them. Also, it's not just women. The movie going audience in general is becoming older.
  7. I doubt that Birds of Prey would have benefited enough if it had a PG-13 rating. I think the problem with the box office was that Warner didn't sell it as an adult-oriented film. The film looked light based on the trailer and not even a red band trailer was released. Teen girl movies don't sell tickets anymore. The latest films targeting this audience have flopped worse every year: The Host, Mortal Instruments, Allegiant, After * 2019 (domestically) ... I can't remember the last teen girl-oriented movie that made more than $ 100m domestically since Insurgent in 2015 (?). Even on Wonder Woman's OW, Women over 25 was its biggest audience: https://deadline.com/2017/06/wonder-woman-captain-underpants-weekend-box-office-opening-1202106462/
  8. That’s a little disappointing given the IMAX release, but in the flip side it’s on DVD already so anything from here on out is just gravy really...
  9. so 90M is a goner, is 200M WW still on the table?
  10. I'm deliberately ignoring it until the film comes out, but hearing the positive responses from people gives me confidence I won't be disappointed. Of course, all I want is for the song to be better than the monstrosity by Madonna.
  11. Not sure. I think they said the budget is 3 million or something like that. Perhaps the boy could return. He just should grow up and become a man.XD
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