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  2. Very bad news from China. Coco could make only $1M OD.
  3. For their first Wednesday I mean. As in I guessing it’s performing more like a CBM than a pre Thanksgiving opener.
  4. According to their predictions IT shoud have 46 mln $ ow, and JL 150 mln, so they're not very accurate...
  5. Thor R didn't drop and neither did Strange last year
  6. They're bullshit if they're in the C to A range. Anything above or below that should be taken as a sign.
  7. I will wait for the actual numbers but that JL number is very bad. Even with good increase on Friday, it will fall around 55% (in a holiday frame). It will collapse on it's thrid weekend, and on it's fifht weekend it will be dead. $250 is what it can earn at the most (it will earn more very likely). Coco over JL?
  8. It is, but it's great for the box office regardless. I really hope Coco's WOM is out of this world, and it even manages to pass Moana.
  9. 99% of the time Cinemascores are bullshit, but an A+ coupled with the estimates constantly going up is a pretty damn good sign.
  10. Great numbers for Coco. I can see it going higher than $70M too. Base on reactions around me, the Hispanic community is really responding to the movie. Guessing Deadline using FB to project JL’s numbers. In that case, I can see it less than that.
  11. I highly doubt that it's going to reach 150M, but maybe if it has the boss baby type of "magic".
  12. What if Thor:Ragnarok and Coco made 300M+ dom? That'd be awesome and utterly unexpected for us (and for Disney) one month ago. Thor 3 may end this week with around 275M, and 3 weeks for TLJ to come. Coco is gonna have full dec and jan without any strong animated competitor (as Moana dis with Sing). So Coco could have very loooooong legs. So that "300M+ club" could happen.
  13. They might as well be. These dumb "family set comedies" kinda blend together in my mind.
  14. Pro.BO is forecasting 20 ow 150 dom for Ferdinand. No joke. 12/15/2017 Ferdinand $20,000,000 $150,000,000 If Ferdinand is gonna do these numbers I would love Ferdinand over Cars3 dom. Now that Coco seems to be on a strong run we can afford to make fun of Pixar a little.
  15. Lionsgate/Participant/Walden Media’s Wonder made $6M yesterday and is on course to do better than its opening in weekend two with an estimated $29M (+5%) and a five-day of $40.9M.
  16. Best Director 2017

    this will be most boring category for oscar race 2018 as we all know that Nolan is pretty much a seal deal, unless Ben Affleck's Argo 2.0 strikes again
  17. Real Talk: I wonder if JL being a CBM had anything to do with a big Wednesday drop since CBMs have strong Tuesdays.
  18. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    If Dunkirk really won for best picture, it is going to be the 1st best picture winner that passes $150m in box office since 2003's the lord of the ring finale
  19. https://www.change.org/p/warner-bros-zack-snyder-s-director-s-and-tom-holkenborg-s-score-for-home-release-e90fef07-11c6-4a9a-9ae8-375c7717dafa People aren't messing around
  20. Deadline is giving full on 5-day weekend predictions . Their numbers seem reasonable though. ‘Coco’ Earns A+ CinemaScore & Dances To $70M+; ‘Justice League’ Solid With $63M+: Thanksgiving B.O. http://deadline.com/2017/11/coco-justice-league-wonder-thanksgiving-box-office-1202213755/
  21. He also had the Disney losing to Fox club last year. So next year it's Universal beats Disney for #1.
  22. It’s good to know that at least one good thing came out of that movie.
  23. I think DOFP adjusted is the target but wouldn't be surprised if it ends up closer to BH6
  24. I’m awaiting a Peter Rabbit over Black Panther club.
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