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  2. It's still something that irks me. That's like the most low-key racist thing Disney's ever done.
  3. Where is Maryland, and do you have Math there? Is it pronounced “Mary-Land”?
  4. With a A+ cinemascore, yes that's looking really really good.
  5. I can’t believe this thing is challenging AOU.
  6. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    Me if you fuck up Prince of Egypt
  7. Wasn't even bad addition. I just forgot that $75.808M included previews ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. DM3 was neat in the format, but that was mostly because the movie sucked and it made a bad movie more tolerable
  9. Biggest Surprise of the Decade Is?...

    IDK man, I really don't. Sniper is baffling, but Hunger Games seriously made no sense. I was in the prime demographic, but I didn't feel the buzz spilling over and everybody trying to read until Spring near release. From BOM on 1/3/12: "At this point, if The Hunger Games reaches the original Twilight's $192.8 millon it should be considered a massive success." I think the biggest difference is Hunger Games stock started really building in Spring, and then exploded with the midnights, while Sniper was literally a thief in the night. And while Sniper's $80M was huge, Hunger Games was still the 3rd biggest opening of all time, which is just insane. And after that, all eyes were on the legs. I agree with Ray, $200M was a high end goal, but $400M? Sheesh. What's crazy is like Sniper, nothing really replicated THG, even though both set off waves of adaptions in their sub genres.
  10. I just bought Black Panther tix in 4DX. It's my first time. Has anyone been and is it worth the $55? (I prob should have asked before buying)
  11. We could make a nice little collection of terrible box office calls from your posts in this thread. 80M+ Saturday, terrible addition skills. Probably some more. You've done it all!
  12. How much will Feige pay Coogler to convince him to return for the sequel?
  13. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    Me if you give THE PRINCE OF EGYPT a bad review

    It's a done deal. You can smell it. With movies that explode like this you just know.
  15. 63m would be the 5th biggest Saturday of all time and 66m would be the 4th. TLJ's Sat is 63.9m and TFA 68.2m. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/days/f-th.htm?page=Sat&p=.htm
  16. The others were rescued. Only one was stuck dangling over the edge.
  17. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    To be fair, Jakey G. is my main push for Homeward. Heaton you could maybe make the case for lead.
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