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  2. Interesting, when it got announced I felt it was Mendes getting inspired by Dunkirk and wanting to do a version of that. I was joking but after seeing 1917, it does kind of feel a little like the criticisms of Dunkirk were noted and "fixed"... Nolan: World War II, but not the part that's been done to death on film. That Atonement scene was only 10 minutes. There hasn't been a proper Dunkirk movie in years and yea-- Darkest Hour, Their Finest? Never heard of 'em! Mendes: World War I, which hasn't been done to death on film. Dunkirk: People can't tell apart the young brown-haired guys on the beach. 1917: Here's a short guy and a tall guy, who also aren't too similar, facially. Dunkirk: Oscar voters confused/annoyed by the nonlinear storytelling. 1917: It all happens in real time! That is not to say which one is better, but just that after seeing both, I'm not surprised 1917 shows signs it's seriously contending for a Best Picture win, while Dunkirk was only ever an also-ran.
  3. After seeing what EG did, I think $350m+ OW is possible with more screens. $1B would be tough unless there are a lot of repeat viewings with a 9.8 rating. Most likely, if well received, it falls between EG $628m and WW2 $854m .
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  5. I don't mind there being representation of groups other than straight white males, whatever. I just don't like it being at the expense of everything else, including a good plot, a coherent narrative and character development that is consistent with world building rules concerned, along with decent dialogue. Is that so hard? Because currently it seems to be. The SW Disney trilogy being an easy example of the aforementioned. Movies like Alien, Ex-machina, Kill Bill, Wonder Woman, Little Women, City of God, Hanna, Get out, Blade etc. All of which I enjoyed, are actually good films and the protagonists work well in the storyline which makes sense. Just to name a few off the top of my head.
  6. I don't really have a problem with people have a different opinion and stuff but I find this criticism really odd. I thought it made sense for a teenager in shock to do that (I mean he thinks he just killed his sister). I think you don't find it logical just because its something you wont do. Was it a logical decision? Not really. But when have teenager ever been logical (espescially one that brought his middle school sister to a high school party and let her eat something that would get her allergy starting up)? Most adults probably won't make a logical decision in the same position either.
  7. Don't think it's going to reach $30M. $29M may be the high end. We'll know more in a couple of hours when the weekend actuals are released.
  8. @POTUS 2020 based on the hype on Maoyan, do you think Avatar 2 can OW $350M, 3.5x legs, $1 billion??
  9. This is true but it's also a comedy thing. How many foreign comedies do well at the American box office?
  10. Stunt casting gigantic stars as the villains has always been a mixed blessing for the franchise, and right now I'd just settle for a good medium-sized movie. Pattinson could go either way, but the fact that he's gone from the most mocked set of movies in living memory to people generally being ok with him for this means he's done something right.
  11. Jan 17, 2020 ~ Jan 19, 2020 Rank Title Release Date Weekly Gross (Total) Admissions (Total) Number of Screens Revenue Share 1 SECRET ZOO South Korea Jan 15, 2020 $4,300,604 ($5,953,218) 573,528 (813,406) 1,216 38.25% 2 Bad Boys for Life U.S. Jan 15, 2020 $2,330,212 ($3,151,768) 289,857 (402,591) 896 20.72% 3 Dolittle U.S. Jan 08, 2020 $1,991,706 ($10,533,305) 271,248 (1,454,276) 1,081 17.71% 4 ASHFALL South Korea Dec 19, 2019 $739,175 ($59,856,011) 97,132 (8,200,650) 621 6.57% 5 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker U.S. Jan 08, 2020 $386,259 ($3,892,920) 47,702 (485,472) 458 3.43% 6 Forbidden Dream South Korea Dec 26, 2019 $261,124 ($14,059,754) 34,731 (1,968,708) 435 2.32% 7 Portrait of a Lady on Fire France Jan 16, 2020 $177,271 ($249,965) 23,453 (33,624) 118 1.57% 8 Midway U.S. Dec 31, 2019 $162,112 ($6,991,383) 21,200 (941,075) 279 1.44% 9 START-UP South Korea Dec 18, 2019 $136,384 ($24,176,216) 17,844 (3,308,876) 326 1.21% 10 Frozen 2 U.S. Nov 21, 2019 $126,852 ($98,829,989) 17,250 (13,721,202) 224 1.12% 11 The Haunted House: The Sky Ghost VS Jormungandr South Korea Dec 19, 2019 $77,098 ($6,030,531) 11,049 (886,360) 145 0.68% 12 FORD v FERRARI U.S. Dec 04, 2019 $69,381 ($10,197,171) 9,362 (1,340,451) 74 0.61% 13 KNIVES OUT U.S. Dec 04, 2019 $66,205 ($5,670,971) 9,356 (771,190) 70 0.58% 14 Super Bear U.S. Jan 15, 2020 $49,097 ($76,816) 7,536 (12,491) 227 0.43% 15 Spycies France Jan 15, 2020 $41,845 ($57,231) 6,063 (8,540) 224 0.37%
  12. Great weekend for everyone. JoJo Rabbit with €2,5K PTA and 1917 only dropping a 10%
  13. The day before is the worst BO day of the year. I thought it was more of a family/home celebration day/eve. Like xmas eve is a slower day in domestic. Bad move like you said. Plenty of money to be made over 12 days
  14. 3 of the CNY releases moving up by 1 day. Probably very confident of their quality, but then by releasing 1 day earlier, they may potentially lose showtimes to the “Newer” releases on CNY day itself. Not sure whether this is the right move for them.
  15. But it was a "midrange movie". That blew up masively in the US. Venom was a midrange movie that blew up nassively in China. The other 2 were presented as huge epics. Doctor Strange is the one there that is the best comparison to how Black Panther was presented. And BP outgrossed it.
  16. You are completely ignoring the arguments that have been made back over this. A Madea Family funderal made $73.3 Domestically. It was barely released worldwide. Is this becase it underperformed everywhere else or because nobody outside the US knows who Tyler Perry is, nor has any referent for Madea? The Hate u Give made $30 Domestically and only another $5 Worldwide. Is this becase it underperformed everywhere else or because the novel was a US based novel that dealt exclusively with the police brutality situation in the US? Girls trip made 100m dom and 40ish OS. Did it underperform everywhere else or was it rooted near entirely in US culture, performed by women more known to American audiences? And of course these dynamics snowball. Again, universal movies are universal.
  17. I mean, it peaked at 36th OS. Certainly there are plenty of movies that would love to match that — your Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, GotG type midrange movies. But of first entry CBMs released within the same year +-1, the OS performance was worse or on par with 3 (Venom, Captain Marvel, and Aquaman). I would hardly call it “astounding” overall.
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