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  2. I would say IW but probably end. I took this question as who had the most record shattering openings and IW beated SW7 by most record set at OW ww so yeah I ll go with EG because it will probably open even higher.
  3. Being enormous, I think it is a step behind TFA and IW. And not just because it did $500m than the these 2, but because beyond China and 2 or 3 LA countries, it was not a record breaker in any other country. If you take out China, then Minions, for example, would be in the same level, being more massive in more countries. Of course, it is just my personal feeling.
  4. Thats not a bad interview, this is a bad interview.....
  5. so total could go a little higher ?
  6. I'd happily do this - although I'd post-fix the statement with "in comparison to James Cameron".
  7. What about movies that became a phenomenon that was outsized compared to their hype and pre-release buzz? Because as huge as IW is and Endgame will be, they've also had the benefit of 10 years of marketing to boost them. They're huge, but they're known huges. HP8 had the same thing. It was a series with exceptionally strong overseas grosses, and while it did step it up to another level, it was built on what came before. TFA was strong WW, but it wasn't huge like it did DOM, so I think that cuts it out. I think there are three or four contenders. 1. The Avengers. It had a few films to build it up, but the international gross for the MCU was not exceptionally strong. Iron Man 2 had the biggest OS gross and that was only 311m. (Thor came in second.) If the MCU was anything like a normal franchise, we'd probably have expected, what 400m DOM and 500m OS? But instead, it was an absolute monster worldwide, basically taking everyone by surprise. It's arguably the film that actually made superheroes a thing that could be sold overseas. 2. Jurassic World. No, don't laugh. While JP1 was a monster in its day (probably the #2 WW phenomenon of the 90s), the sequels were... not, and 20 years down the line there was no reason to think that we'd be in for anything other than a pretty good result. But instead, we had a huge surprise. After AOU failed to get the OW record, and only bested Avengers OS because of huge growth in China), few people expected JW to even think of being in the same realm. It ended up shy of Furious 7 OS, but because of the difference in (again) China. It was a surprise that well outsized expectations. 3. Furious 7. While the series was on a rise, starting with the reunion 4th film, it more than doubled the OS gross of FF6. A good portion of that was because of the explosion of China business, but not all. And unlike all previous films from Hollywood that benefited from huge Chinese business, this was one that didn't do anything to specifically appeal to Chinese audiences. (Unlike, say, TF4.) And it did even better. 4. Frozen. While this is marginally smaller than the others, it, again, did WW business that well exceeded its expectations in pretty much every territory. And the cultural effect of it is hard to dismiss. None of the other films have a billion view YouTube video. And it's also a merchandising juggernaut that few films can claim. Frozen is so big, that Disney didn't even put Anna and Elsa into their Princess line. It's too valuable, so it's separate. It did business in soundtracks and video like it was released a decade or two earlier, and did business in Japan like it was a Miyazaki film. And it was also a film that pushed WDAS to the forefront of the industry again, rather than the weaker, older cousin of Pixar (and probably behind Illumination, too, considering how big the Despicable Me films were in the early parts of the decade.) And we're probably not going to see Frozen 2 be the #1 movie of the year either DOM, OS, or WW... but, it's not out of the question. Six years on, and we're still seeing how powerful it is. So, of the ones you listed, Avengers. But I could see the other three having really strong arguments as well.
  8. JamesCameronScholar

    Which was the biggest movie event (worldwide) of the decade 2010s.

    Furious 7 might be worth a shout, for its worldwide appeal it's certainly up there.
  9. Charlie Jatinder

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Seems like ¥13mn for Captain Marvel, relatively better hold than CA:CW, A: IW and SM: HC.
  10. I can confirm that Disney Spain seems very confident in this. They have spent more on localisation and marketing than they usually do for their family releases (which is usually very little, Illumination otoh spends loads).
  11. Thanos Legion

    Monday - CM 5.3m (Asgard)

    The next closest is GotG2. OW +5%, 10-day +6.6%, needs +5.8% total to beat WW. Matching Memorial Day+summer could be tough, so CM needs to try to build up a bigger lead in next 11 days. 5.3M would be +13% FWIW (not a lot).
  12. It hasn't opened yet.. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu
  13. I think peak buzz for Avatar can more than match the others. Might not have had the hype pre-release like the others, but for that brief slice of time the Avatar pandemonium was pretty nuts, at least from my perspective.
  14. ElsaRoc

    Monday - CM 5.3m (Asgard)

    I think it'll be close. The two MCU films closest to WW were IM3 and CACW. Both had bigger openings and second weekends than CM (though the gap narrowed). IM3 fell 58% and 51% 2nd and 3rd weekend. CACW fell 60% and 55%. While CM is likely to have stronger holds for weekend 3 than either of those, it's probably going to be close in terms of actual dollars, and it's 20-30m behind them. They also had a holiday in weekend 4, which CM won't have. Non-summer weekdays are pretty similar, though. After 25 days, (through Memorial Day) they were sitting at 377.5 (CACW) and 372.8 (IM3). CACW earned another 30.5m, IM3 another 36m. The better holds with CM will help late legs, but it'll need to close that gap as well, especially because it'll need another 4m or so to match WW. If it gets to upper 360s, it's probably got a shot, because Endgame gives it a boost. 410-415m? Sure. (If it gets within spitting distance, (1-2m) will Disney care enough to push it over? is probably the key question.)
  15. You are all heroes I'll be adding all the new lists in a few hours. Then I may begin the countdown in about 4 or 5 hours time. Lists still welcome so long as the countdown hasn't started
  16. Today
  17. If Avatar is the 10s event, I think that Harry Potter 1 would be the biggest event of 00s. Even FOTR is on par or slightly over in terms of admissions than ROTK in many countries. But ERs in 2001 were the worst ever. Said this, if I have to choose: 90s (and ever): Titanic 00s: Avatar 10s: TFA (DOM+Europe) / IW (Asia+Latin America) We'll see if Endgame or The Lion King can change it.
  18. If it was about gross numbers, I would have simply looked for gross. Harry Potter 8 is less than F7 or Jurassic World in term of gross but as an event much much bigger. By event, I mean accounting for hype, pre-release buzz, then of-course numbers as well. Don't think Avatar had the former par the others.
  19. If we count Avatar in 2000s, the biggest of each decade is very pleasing: 90s — Titanic, 2B+ 00s — Avatar, 2B+ 10s — TFA/IW/AEG, 2B+ If you take Avatar for the 10s then your 00s pick has to be... RotK? Hmm, maybe not such a bad idea after all 🤔
  20. Purple Minion


    Mon should be higher in Mexico due to a bank holiday.
  21. If we're being pedantic, Avatar made a bulk of it's cash money in 2010. If BOM and my reading comprehension skills are to be believed, it made just under 600m WW in December, leaving another ~2.2 billies for the 2010's. If this is too much of an asshole answer, TFA/IW split the prize for me.
  22. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/03/19/avengers-endgame-directors-admit-trailers-use-manipulated-shots-footage-not-even-in-the-movie-2 If you don’t like the trailers, don’t worry — the parts you disliked might not even be in the movie 😛
  23. Who do you think you all are ? Deciding who is pure and who is not? Who is the artist and who is not ? What s got heart and what doesn't ? Persuading yourselves you Know people s intentions ? Get a fucking reality check and some perpective, please. Please go tell to their fucking faces to ANY MCU director (or any franchise film you don't like for that matter) that worked 24-36 months on a (MCU) movie 24/7 he didn't put his heart and soul into it. Please go do that and let s see how the conversation turns out.
  24. Disney only cares for the money. Warner cares for the Art, that s true.
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