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  2. Top 10 Grossing Film Franchises 1️⃣ Doraemon : ¥143.47B 2️⃣ Wizarding World : ¥110.48B 3️⃣ Detective Conan : ¥98.02B 4️⃣ Pokemon : ¥91.07B 5️⃣ Star Wars : ¥81.23B 6️⃣ Kamen Rider : ¥54.95B 7️⃣ Godzilla (Japanese Movie Series) : ¥48.85B 8️⃣ Crayon Shinchan : ¥48.27B 9️⃣ MCU : ¥45.46B 🔟 Jurassic Park : ¥45.08B
  3. @Bruce, Datas are outdated. I am seeing that you have interfering the data wrongly.
  4. Cast is not that well-known. In my locality, People do not know about Eternal. While Nlab Tokyo conducted a survey on People Choice. Results were as follows Jujutsu Kaisen 0 : 66% SAO: Progressive : 12% Spiderman: No Way Home : 9% Venom : 7% Eternal : 6% Overall, Eternal will perform better than Shang Chi &Black Widow. My expectations is over ¥1.5B ending. Let's see how it open.
  5. Biggest Franchise in Japan(movie before 2001 box office was approx by rental ×1.6-1.8) 1 Doraemon:¥130B 2 Harry Potter:¥110B 3 Decetive Conan:¥100B 4 Pokemon:¥890B 5 Star Wars:¥820B 6 It's tough being a man:¥750B 7 Godzilla:¥500B 8 Dargon Ball:¥500B 9 James Bond 007:¥480B 10 MCU:¥456B 11 Jurassic Park:¥450B 12 Pirates of the Caribbean:¥433B
  6. you are in Tokyo now? How much is the buzz there for Eternals so far? Were all the cinema back 100%?
  7. The asthetic and beautiful aspect of this movie can be a backup factor stimulating the WOM there tho. All previous MCU movies to be honest never be mentioned about those aspect.
  8. It was reported Fresh back in July 2021. Official notice it late as I assumed. 🤔
  9. Just don't see Asia liking this film that much basing on its nature. Ofcorse it will open well in korea but I don't think WOM will be as good as the prior MCU which have fun ,action packed and light hearted.
  10. Spiderman (Original Movie Series) Spiderman : ¥7.50B Spiderman 2 : ¥6.70B Spiderman 3 : ¥7.12B Total : ¥21.32B Amazing Spiderman Universe Amazing Spiderman : ¥3.16B Amazing Spiderman 2 : ¥3.14B Total : ¥6.30B Spiderman (Marvel/Sony) Spiderman: Homecoming : ¥2.80B Spiderman: Far From Home : ¥3.06B Spiderman: No Way Home : 2022 Total : ¥5.86B Venom (Spiderman Spinoff) Venom : ¥2.25B Venom: Let There Be Carnage : Dec 3, 2021 Total : ¥2.25B Spiderman Franchise Total : ¥35.73B
  11. Asia has potential for this movie too but the problem is parts of it now being afftected by the restriction (the SEA countries), South Korea is the only one carrying Marvel movies in Asia now.
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  13. Think this will do moderately well in europe . Which is why I think has a decent shot at 300m OS. 250m at worst. If OS goes below that then we'll will have a bomb or financial dissapointment with low sequel prospects.
  14. It's hard for a Marvel film to "bomb" commercially these days but I guess no more Black Knight spin-off, Eternals team gets reduced to side characters, and Papa Feige will come back and stick to the old Marvel formula in the next films? Personally, I don't think Eternals will get a "Thor treatment" because Thor was specifically chosen as one of Marvel's trinity (Thor - Cap - Iron Man) in the previous phase, so they had the patience to try to "fix" his solo films (from TDW to Ragnarok), while Eternals have a big team, it's either include all of them or reduce them all. I wouldn't call
  15. Jihad. It has a word. Please don't censor yourself like a child living under a dictatorship. Why the hell would that word even be censored by you? It's similar to censoring the word Crusades.
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