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  2. Alita and Aquaman both have IMAX on the same day, so I’m guessing it’ll split the screen in areas with only one IMAX and be spread out across cities that have multiple IMAXs.
  3. hmmm well if this is the case it looks like it's not possible to tell from the brain alone: https://www.quora.com/Can-you-tell-the-gender-of-a-brain-from-its-physical-features So she may identify as a female without being one... Jim really hitting all those quadrants.
  4. he will give the next update on tuesday "WOW did not smell this jump cooking! THANK YOU"
  5. Killing both Luke and Leia to save a handful of disposable rebels may be the worst tradeoff in history.
  6. If a cyborg identifies as a female but is ostensibly genderless does that make her transgender?
  7. https://geektyrant.com/news/new-footage-of-robert-rodriquez-and-james-camerons-alita-battle-angel-screened-and-im-impressed Review of the two scenes that were shown at cinemacon
  8. One of the stupidest, no good, very bad, horrible, ridiculous, poorly acted, moronic, silly, nausea inducing films I've ever seen. The action is horrible and Vin is not believable as a dude who can ski through a forest and skateboard down a mountain. Donny Yen is on steroids, Nina Dobrev is hot but annoying as fuck and the movie could have been over in the middle when the sniper could have taken out Yen and they could of had Pandora's Box right there, I hated everything about this movie. 1/10
  9. EarlyDeadlinePredictions

    Alita: Battle Angel over Ant-Man and the Wasp worldwide

    Will decide after the new comic con trailer.
  10. baumer

    Raw (2017)

    Chalk me up as one of the guys who loved it. It's gruesome, it's hard to watch and it's absolutely riveting. Maybe it helps that I became a vegan recently or maybe it's just that I can relate to the main character in some weird way. This reminded me of Carrie in some ways. She's kind of oppressed and through the bullying of her fellow students, she becomes something else entirely. I enjoyed her descent into madness. I enjoyed her zest for human flesh. There's a message in here somewhere, it's not overly subtle but sometimes, it doesn't have to be. RAW instantly became one of my top 100 horror films of all time. 9/10
  11. Is it an unpopular opinion to think that The Rock is not hot?
  12. Does Eighth Grade have a sci-fi twist to it? I cannot think of any other explanation for that teenage version of Seth Rogen who appears near the end of the trailer.
  13. Again, you're describing a disappointment, not a flop. It's the MCU, but not every MCU movie has to gross 300M DOM. This is Goddamn Ant-Man 2, the character didn't even appear in Infinity War, it's his 1st sequel and the original opened to 57M and grossed 180 DOM. I imagine there were some lofty predictions for it, but those were usually wishful thinking more than anything. I'll give you that it is being more quickly forgotten by the masses than the other two MCU films this year, as it was apparently a disposable film (I haven't even seen it yet). And should it do better than it's doing? Yeah, it should at least be on par with Doctor Strange imo and it's gonna fall way short. But the term "flop" does not unironically apply to any movie that isn't a "flop". It just does not. Disappointment is not the same thing. And clearly that last line proves you're still bitter about Justice League. May I remind you that JL made 200+ and 600+ on a 300M budget? 300. And it was reported to lose around 60M according to Deadline. A big movie like that should not be losing any money at all, and 60M isn't John Carter, but it's still substantial. AM2 will end with similar, probably inferior box office numbers but it has little more than half of its budget. Do you not see the damn difference? Ugh, anyway.
  14. You overestimate Ant-Man's popularity. The reviews for both this and the first movie are the same across the board. It's only increasing because the brand has gotten bigger in the last 3 years. Based on that, 52% increase is absolutely unreasonable expectation.
  15. I'm enjoying the soundtrack, Angel Eyes and Why Did Have To Be Me are my favourite. I wonder if Lily James or Amanda Seyfried might be on Universal's radar for Glinda in Wicked? Lily's unlikely as she's doing a play next year.
  16. Nothing went wrong. First AM had a pretty big second weekend drop followed by long legs and if AM&TW follows that and SMH model, it'll develop legs too, though unlikely to 275M.
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