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  2. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I've been in a really shitty mood for the past 2-3 hours. I haven't been this bleh and raged since June or July. Fuck my life.
  3. The budget isn’t an issue as it was mostly financed by Alcon. WB has distribution rights to their deal with Alcon and Sony has OS rights as I believe they financed the remainder of the budget in exchange for the OS rights
  4. The hunger games franchise was never killed by anything, but the fact that the last 2 movies were meh at best really hurt the strength of their ending. Saything that maze runner killed THG series is ridiculous IMO.
  5. If the movie really is great I could see a Mad Max type run for it. But that damn runtime is gonna hurt it, lots of theatre's hvs to cut down showtimes to 1 or 2 evening shows rather than 3. Also that budget worries me. But 120+ domestic should be good, and maybe 350WW
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Odell's celebration though. Manning is trash though.
  7. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Eli Manning is a terrible quarterback. He always has been (don't give me that two superbowl argument) he's consistently one of the worst in the league. how he has a job amazes me
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Hopefully they can come back. I love the Giants.
  9. she's never been out of them
  10. The Classic Conversation Thread

    I Hate Talking Politics With My Parents "You think we have white privilege, yet I work 13 hours a day and these lazy people get by with checks from the government?" "Are you not making hundreds of thousands more than them?" "And how long did it take me to get there?" Yeah, go back to watching Fox News, dad.
  11. The Classic Conversation Thread

    yeah I guess. but that's expected from the Giants. Fucking Eli Manning lol
  12. The Classic Conversation Thread

    The Giants lose to the Eagles.
  13. The Classic Conversation Thread

    The giants getting cucked was hilarious
  14. The Classic Conversation Thread

    oh the Seahawks beat the 49ers. for some reason I thought they lost that game. They still look terrible
  15. The Classic Conversation Thread

    just got home and yeah it shouldn't have come to the last play like that, but the Eagles game turned out to be really fun. It helped they actually won
  16. The Classic Conversation Thread

    has any team looked worse than the Seahawks so far this year? geeesh
  17. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Unreal you have a Hall of Fame QB and you do nothing to protect him
  18. Also worked for Dunkirk. Hoping this can break the October opening weekend record
  19. Cookie's Corner - Year 1

    Back in business! SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron It's a decent animated action movie with some good voice talent behind it but it honestly feels like it lacks a middle portion. The first and third acts take up so much of the movie that the movie kinda forgets to build the connective tissue in between. Not that it's enough to kill the movie, the brisk pace is sure to keep younger audiences engaged, but older audiences may be frustrated by the lack of character development. The film's lower budget doesn't work in its favor either since it's so action-heavy, and it becomes very noticeable where the makers of the film cut corners. If the film is successful enough to spawn a sequel the producers should look into upping the animation budget considerably. C+ White Hurricane Questionable age discrepancy in casting aside (you expect me to buy that 34-year old Chris Hemsworth is the son of 43-year old Christian Bale?) this is a pretty tense disaster drama. Its slow build in the first half aids in delivering one hell of a payoff in the second half, and the movie does the smart thing by also giving screentime to the wives back home along with the fishermen who meet a tragic end out in the storm. Bale and Hemsworth do well as the father-son duo - although as earlier stated given their age discrepancy it'd make more sense if they were brothers rather than father and son - but the stand-out here is honestly Jamie Foxx. Even with the dark places his character goes to, you completely understand and even empathize with his struggle along the way. I think Gold Crescent Pictures should really give him a push for Best Supporting Actor because this might honestly be his best turn since Django Unchained. Among the other movies I've given this grade to this is probably in the lower rank, mainly because it could've had a little bit more depth, but the movie is still by far the best film since Flowers for Algernon. A-
  20. Guys, I think I'm over predicting it but what the hell? No guts no glory, right?
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