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  2. Keep in mind that Tuesday might be the last unaffected number for a week or so. If not today definitely will be. As the blog points out, it will be early December before the numbers start to normalize out again so don't pay much attention to high or low numbers for the next 10 days. It also points out that affects from Thanksgiving will not be seen in the data until the 2nd week of December due to the various time lags. Anything before that does not have to do with Thanksgiving. To put yesterday's death total in real terms. That's one American dying every 42 seconds. The 7 day avg is one American dying every 55 seconds. The total death toll is also something that is almost unimaginable at this point. If you took every person in the US who died by accident last year (car, home, work, drug over dose, etc - every one of them), add every person who committed suicide, then add every person who died from the flu, then add every person who was murdered (by any means, gun, knife, hands,etc) - add all that together and you get about how many people have been officially classified of dying from COVID in the US in less than 9 months.
  3. There is more than one type of N95 mask. Some of them are definitely not recommended and are worse than cloth masks.
  4. Looks like Netflix is sorta testing the theatrical waters wherever they are open because Christmas Chronicles 2 is opening at some Cinemark locations today while Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and The Prom are up on their website under the "Coming Soon" section. Maybe this will be the start of a deal once the dust settles. The Christmas Chronicles 2 Movie Tickets & Showtimes | Cinemark Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (cinemark.com) The Prom Movie Tickets & Showtimes | Cinemark
  5. Extended by all mean for LOTR. The Hobbit is best forgotten.
  6. I miss going to the movies too, but compared to gettng Covid I will take no movies for a while,thank you.
  7. Almost all the medical experts are saying expect really horrible numbers over the next few weeks.
  8. And here is another reason why I have come to hate the right: https://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/527466-dont-let-experts-ruin-your-thanksgiving What a bunch of total nonsense. And the writer is NOT a Medical Doctor despite the Dr. before his name. He has a Phd, but no a MD.Nice bit of diisinformation.
  9. Yep. Just shameful that there wasn't a push to mass produce them and get them out the door to the populace at large. As an aside thanks to some persuading commentary from Zeynep Tufekci over at The Atlantic a couple weeks back over just how dangerous this winter surge was going to be, I found out that KN95s are now on sale to the general public over at Amazon. Picked up a few for when I visit very high volume traffic areas in the next few months. Not completely sure about all of this paper bag rotation business she mentions in the article, but I see it referenced in more than a few places that talk about the medical recommended use of K/N95 masks, so it sounds like there is a decent amount of scientific basis on that. As long as one is very very careful about handing them, of course.
  10. The country I live in is in a better situation than the US and the distrivution of vaccines to the most fragile people will have been done so I think theaters won't close again, Disney will be able to maintain a release in theaters, unfortunately for me but good news for theaters and local economies at least.
  11. You'll probably get your wish. I doubt theaters will be open in March. It will likely go to streaming in the US.
  12. Still not buying it? With the CFR on a clear upward trajectory at this point I’m thinking we hit that Dec 4. New 7-day avg record Dec 1. Thanksgiving reporting could affect that a bit though.
  13. In a exclusive for CAYOM Magazine, Horizon Entertainment has brought some exclusive plot details for The Castaways. The film follows Natalye AKA Astra ( played by Letitia Wright) a newbie superhero who after a botched rescue leads to her death joins a group of other heroes from alternate universes. Joining her are Jack Lowden as Victor Regio, a cyborg from a cyberpunk future who is traumatized by the betrayal of his girlfriend. Bill Hader joins as Nick Morrison, a CIA agent with the ability to shapeshift who comes from a world where the cold war between the USSR and America never ended. They are under the watchful eye of a being known as Helmsley, a " multiverse watchdog" against a villain played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The studio says the film was inspired by the Marvel Comics series Exiles and describes the group as "members of the island of misfit toys." They are also taking a huge risk with the villain role as MEW has no dialogue in the film. They hope to explore her character through body language, facial expressions and sign language. The Castaways come to the Sliver Screen thanksgiving y8
  14. Yes, it's now certain: it'll be my first movie in a theater since the release of Frozen 2! It's been awhile and I wanted it on Disney+ instead but still.
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  16. A Da 5 Bloods Hamilton A- Never Rarely Sometimes Always Palm Springs The Trial of the Chicago 7 B+ Bill and Ted Face the Music Birds of Prey Emma. Enola Holmes The Half of It The Invisible Man The King of Staten Island The Old Guard Tenet Yes, God, Yes B Borat Subsequent Moviefilm The Gentlemen The Hunt Mulan Onward The Photograph B- Bad Boys for Life The Lovebirds The Way Back C+ An American Pickle C The New Mutants Spenser Confidential C- The Witches D+ Artemis Fowl D Hillbilly Elegy
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