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  2. My apology. Should have explained that I know the context for reviews explained the context.
  3. A24 can still push Dafoe in Supporting and WB should give up pushing Just mercy for Picture and focus on Foxx in supporting. My current predictions in alphabetical order: 1917 (showy direction) Jojo (crowd pleaser, message, TIFF audience win) Joker (blockbuster, Venice prestige, Best Actor to beat) Little Women (some late entry crashes the party) Marriage Story (reviews, TIFF audience runner up, big showcase for actors) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (reviews, boxoffice, about industry) Parasite (reviews, showy direction, foreign inclusion) Two Popes or Farewell (can't decide and don't expect 9 spots, both have reviews and showcase actors)
  4. at least 60k https://www.econotimes.com/Alita-Battle-Angel-2-release-date-cast-plot-60000-fans-petition-to-see-sequel-movie-1562843 It might be silly, but little things like this lead me to believe the movie might find a sizable audience in the long run. Not everyone likes the movie, but the ones that do really love it. But like you said there's a great deal we don't know, there just isn't enough data or the data there is is largely imprecise. What bothers me is the arrogant people thinking they most definitely know what will be the outcome despite the lack of precise data
  5. I mean it’s a clear sign I like Disney, which is true. But I just follow box office for fun. I don’t worship Disney.
  6. More like a disconnect with some of the critics and agreement with others. So far top RT critics are at 50/50 (pretty much MCs as well) while RT overall is 75/25 with a 7.32 avg I didn't think Joker was in the running. I'm surprised A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood didn't even make runner up. Knives Out and Waves also seemed to have some momentum.
  7. "It's Jeremy Conrad, so what?" I hear you say. Fair enuf, though I think his record is better than many give him credit for. Well then, how about the person who broke the Obi-Wan news? THIS IS NOT, I REPEAT N-O-T, CONFIRMATION FROM JORDAN MAISON. What this is though is a hell of a lot of chatter of some sort of Crimson Dawn/Qi'ra/Maul show being in the works. It's been the subject of low-key, and at times not so low-key, whispering for months now. What I suspect is gonna happen is once TROS does what TROS does, Disney is gonna open the faucet on D+ news regarding SW TV shows. Especially if reaction to The Mandalorian is as good as it might be.
  8. oh ok, i didn't know you listened to an audio leak of a scene from the movie without any context, this changes everything. you are exhausting.
  9. 1. The Rise of Skywalker 2. Knives Out 3. Jojo Rabbit 4. Joker 5. Ford vs Ferrari 6. Ad Astra 7. El Camino 8. Mulan
  10. After checking: I enjoyed that but it felt like more of a classic conversation sort of post? Or maybe there’s like, a trivia thread? I dunno.
  11. That's what I thought until an hour ago when I heard audio leak of Driver's Be Alive performance from the movie. I've been sleeping on this one as a potential winner. It's a mind blowing performance. Reviews didn't oversell it. Big, big thing. So whichever wins I'm fine for both are massive talents. But yeah, after hearing this I'm not surprised Marriage Story sneaked into TIFF awards. Super emotionally resonant.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Moderation Do not insult or attack others. This will result in points, thread bans and eventually suspensions. If you can't have a civil discussion don't post. Regards BOT Staff
  14. Joker was never going to make it but shock is that Just Mercy didn't make it even though it was tipped for making a showing. Which is an excellent news for Joker considering it is Joker's in-studio competition.
  15. Why would you think I worship Disney? You don’t even know me. You’re the one calling me “grandpa” and threatening violence. I was just correctly pointing out that Disney is the one who will either re-release Avatar or they won’t. Getting a life is an appropriate response to some random dude who is making crazy assumptions and trying to insult me and failing miserably.
  16. Box Office Trivia Since 1980 (not including 2019), 9 films have won the box office crown (domestically) for that year by at least 50% over the next nearest film. What are the those 9 films? Answers in the spoiler box.
  17. So when can we expect to get the "Sam Raimi is back" announcement? 😁😁😁
  18. 1) About no movie of that budget make their money back from their theatrical run (Venom maybe some others but it is really really rare) Imagine the movie would have made $412.5M instead, 50% more everywhere. 1.5*58.2*.53+1.5*(216.4-78.5)*.4+1.5*78.5*.25 = 158.45 94M budget, 100M worldwide P&A, 11M overhead, 14-15M in participation you are a bit above 200M spent. 2) We do not know how movies are doing on home release, we have so little clue, some weekly ranking, some physical sales gross estimates but they are becoming a smaller part of the HE spending (once you consider how high EST margin are from the studio point of view), take that graph from a grain of salt I feel the SVOD figure do not distinguish what part of the streaming spending is on movies in particular 3) I doubt we have much clue if people are asking for a sequel or not (not sure how much of a pulse on Chinese audience we have for an obvious example and how vocal a fanbase is or isn't).
  19. I don't see what the problem is if the scene is just to remind audiences of where the movie is in the timeline which is post-Civil War.
  20. I can't speak on specifics since I haven't seen the movie or read any reviews. But you've pointed out one of the big reasons why people aren't objecting to Hustlers. It's essentially a heist movie, one of the few which centers women of color. That in itself makes comparisons to Joker far less compelling. And even if this one gives its protagonists the moral high ground, it still doesn't carry the same weight or perceptions as Joker. The latter hits on a very big issue and for some, doesn't do enough to subvert its very real narrative. Good joke.
  21. a disconnect between critics and audiences is not too uncommon. I'm more surprised by the fact that Joker didn't make it as the runner up.
  22. I think Warners publicity now considers the whole backlash controversy to be a good thing;it's getting the fllm lot of free coverage, and there are always people who will buy tickets just to see what the fuss is all about.
  23. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/weekends/worstopenings.htm?page=WRSTOPN25&p=.htm WORST WIDE OPENINGS 1982–Present Wide 600+ Theaters Wide 2,000+ Theaters Saturated 2,500+ Theaters Saturated 3,000+ Theaters Note: Saturated Releases (opening at 2,500+ theaters), worst 200 openings only. Rank Title (click to view) Studio Opening* % of Total Theaters Avg. Total Gross^ Wide Date** 1 Friend Request ENTMP $2,002,863 53.3% 2,573 $778 $3,759,078 9/22/17 2 Life Itself (2018) Amazon $2,123,463 51.8% 2,609 $814 $4,102,648 9/21/18 3 Victor Frankenstein Fox $2,469,341 42.8% 2,797 $883 $5,775,076 11/25/15 4 Won't Back Down Fox $2,603,370 49.0% 2,515 $1,035 $5,310,554 9/28/12 5 The Rocker Fox $2,636,048 41.1% 2,784 $947 $6,409,528 8/20/08 6 The Goldfinch WB $2,640,000 100.0% 2,542 $1,039 $2,640,000 9/13/19
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