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  2. November 23-25: 1. Ralph Breaks the Internet - 48.8 / 74.1 2. Creed 2 - 33.7 / 53.6 3. Fantastic Beasts 2 - 32.2 / 112.5 4. The Grinch - 20.2 / 157.5 5. Instant Family - 8.6 / 28.2 6. Bohemian Rhapsody - 8.2 / 142.1 7. Robin Hood - 7.6 / 12.0 8. Widows - 7.2 / 23.4 9. Green Book - 4.7 / 5.1 10. A Star is Born - 2.5 / 189.6 11. The Nutcracker - 2.2 / 47.5 12. Overlord - 1.5 / 20.3 November 30-December 2: 1. Ralph Breaks the Internet - 26.1 / 113.2 2. Creed 2 - 19.2 / 82.3 3. Fantastic Beasts 2 - 16.8 / 138.3 4. The Grinch - 12.1 / 176.2 5. Bohemian Rhapsody - 5.3 / 150.8 6. Instant Family - 6.1 / 37.4 7. Widows - 5.3 / 31.6 8. Robin Hood - 3.4 / 18.3 9. Green Book - 3.7 / 10.6 10. The Possession of Hannah Grace - 2.3 11. A Star is Born - 1.7 / 192.2 12. The Front Runner - 1.4 / 1.6
  3. Valonqar

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    Come through, Amy! While I'd prefer a lead Oscar, I'll settle for Supporting for now. So Cooper or Bale?
  4. I thought her motivation was obvious in the subtext. She felt jealous at her brother because her father loved him more than her, but she was too ashamed of those feelings to openly admit it.
  5. At worst Beasts will be 6th that weekend. Theaters will dump Bohemian Rhapsody, Widows, Instant Family, Green Book, and Robin Hood before Beasts.
  6. Yeah, but it's still got three openers, one of which will be in well over 3,000 theaters (Spider-Man) and another that's a fellow WB release (The Mule). Theaters will start cleaning house before doing a total purge the following week.
  7. Probably because most of reviewers knew the books back then, this time not so much.
  8. Detective Pikachu has nothing to fear, the other movies should run away to April or June instead.
  9. Tomorrow's showtimes work out perfectly for an Overlord/Widows double feature with only 5 minutes between the movies Maybe I'll do that.
  10. It is lucky that on the December 14 weekend nothing strong opens so it should have a strong hold in there before WB, Paramount and Disney unleash their tentpole releases on December 21.
  11. Note to studios - if your new franchise has bland characters and story, loading the sequel with known faces and forced connections is not gonna help the boxoffice.
  12. MrGlass2

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    This looks like a must-watch. An Oscar for Adams would be nice too.
  13. A $65M opening would even make a sub-$150M total possible tbh. This thing is gonna have no staying power in the weeks ahead and will be almost completely gone by Christmas.
  14. I think it's the smartest place to movie this movie to. Again, Sonic would move for fucking sure, Terminator would probably be pushed up as a Halloween release, Frozen is another family movie but it goes especifically after girls while Pokémon is more of a boys thing, and Kingsman is no guarantee to do that great after the reception to The Golden Circle. With the hype that this has - it even made the 100 million views in 24 hours feat that only few movies can pull off - it shouldn't have to be subjected to the amount of competition it has. It breaking out would swipe away Aladdin and whatever's business, indeed, but don't forget that Aladdin i.e. is still bound to have a massive opening weekend and cause Pokémon, depending on how frontloaded it may be despite being a family movie, to drop worse than expected, especially since Pikachu itself is gonna have a huge opening as well. No, it wouldn't have those sweet Summer weekdays, but it would still have two holidays in its 1st month (Veterans Day and Thanksgiving), it would likely continue to play great until Christmas and the Holidays, and nowhere near as much competition as in early May. And what's not to say that between now and then, Avengers 4 and Game Of Thrones S8's combined hype don't end up completely overshadowing Pikachu anyway?
  15. Not a fan, see no need to celebrate...
  16. I know its not much but i think that Venom might have fizzled out most of the SH demand in China right now and this is coming a bit close to Venom there
  17. I should, but I also want to see Overlord before my AMC inevitably dumps it on Wednesday I might just skip Overlord honestly; I've already given up hope on seeing The Hate U Give before it leaves.
  18. mickey oughta be there by now.
  19. I laughed but even more funny is - to me - that Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 remain the only example where splitting a story in two parts was a good idea. 1 Film would have just been a hell of a mess for the storyline of the last book and with 2 films it worked out very well.
  20. I think Rowling needs to go back to books. She hasn’t really worked well as a playwright or screenwriter. If she had written this story as books first and then they were made into films, this FB franchise would probably be a lot better.
  21. I'm getting The Amazing Spider Man 2 vibes, after seeing Fantastic Beasts 2. Sony should have made TASM 3, at least. TASM 2 still managed to make 202 million domestic. Warner will have a sub 185 million Fantastic Beasts flick. Not good if they want 3 more movies. The same thing happened to The Amazing Spider Man. There were talks about TASM 3 and even TASM 4. They all died after TASM 2.
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