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  2. Well, that doesn't make any sense. I'll agree that it's contextual based on the film, but not that there are two separate metrics.
  3. Blockbuster film and Blockbuster Gross are too separate things. A 500mn is Blockbuster Gross but couldn't be Blockbuster film for something like Endgame. 300 is Blockbuster film for something like IT but not a Blockbuster Gross.
  4. Every film's verdict is unique case. What I was trying to point out is that in the age when we are getting $500mn plus films frequently now, $300mn is no longer the BLOCKBUSTER gross number which it was in 2010.
  5. I can't see where the next 300m+ opener is going to come from (let alone snatching the record) until we accrue quite a few more years of inflation. EG is far from being a "new normal" of any kind regarding blockbusters. That said, my personal and completely unscientific benchmark for "blockbusterness" is whatever figure makes you almost certain to land in the Top 5 of a given year (obviously some years will be stronger than others), and it's true that 300m doesn't seem to cut it anymore (it won't this year and it hasn't since 2014). The new benchmark since to be around 350-400.
  6. OS-china is at 1220 now With around 40 weekend I think the target will be 1300-1310
  7. If anything I think 'hit' is more relative to budget. Pikachu was a disappointment at 54 while John Wick is a massive success at 57.
  8. Even as recently as this point in year 2012, 300M was 41st place. Equivalent to 375M now. I’d call that a blockbuster, probably anything over 350 or so. But another half dozen years pass, 350 won’t be blockbuster anymore. That’s just the natural progression of these things.
  9. That's obvious. Its like saying 100cr was a Blockbuster number in India in 2011 but not even a HIT now for Khans. For a film like Badhaai Ho, 100cr is still relevant.
  10. I am not saying 300 is medium. It's definitely a HIT number but not a Blockbuster as it was early this decade.
  11. I think depends on the maximum potential that a movie has in the first place. 327 for IT was a blockbuster number, 330 for BVS wasn't cause unlike IT BVS's potential was far higher than 30mn admits.
  12. I would say by definition, a $300+ million grosser cannot be "medium sized" if it guarantees you a spot in the top 10 films of the year, which it does. If $300+ million is "medium", then from my perspective, even if we don't want to call these blockbusters, we have a warped sense of what a film must gross in order to constitute a highly grossing film. Peace, Mike
  13. Which most people thought was impossible until the presales came in. Endgame doing it was no easy thing.
  14. All it need for 300mn is 30mn admits Approx. That's around 30% of potential capacity. Not a Blockbuster number IMO. And we have a film now doing 300mn in weekend.
  15. And to be clear, nothing wrong with that. Inflation is as inflation does. Once upon a time 150M DOM was mega blockbuster status. Come mid 2020s 400 won’t be a huge deal anymore.
  16. Low 300s is medium sized now. It’s true that only a handful of movies a year hit it, but on the other hand, a handful of movies hit it every year. Around 7 a year for 2015-2018. Definitely not true blockbuster status anymore like it was in 2011.
  17. @CoolEric258 Any chance you might be able to do a "Last Seven Days" comp (or something similar) with Solo and Aladdin sometime tomorrow? Solo was pretty damn flat by that point, so the inherent SW pre-sale advantage might not be there and it could be an interesting MDW for MDW look. If it's too much work or you have too little time (or both) please never mind the request.
  18. I disagree, and I think this kind of thinking is problematic as it contributes to a climate on these boards in which box office performances are all or nothing. With the exception of one outlier this decade, only 2 to 6 films make $300+ million per year. If those aren't blockbusters, then what are they? This is still a very hard threshold to reach, and doing so will still put you into the top 100 grossing films of all time. If you want to make a designation that some films are uber blockbusters, that is one thing. But just because some franchise films make incredible numbers, doesn't mean $300+ million no longer represents blockbuster status, IMHO. Peace, Mike
  19. Not just a bit. TFA is above (and will remain above) Endgame in almost every European country. Italy and Russia are the only major ones where Endgame beat it.
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