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  2. I don't think there will be any lockdowns, people are rioting about being vaccinated, imagine what will happen with a national lockdown. People need to take the vaccine and that's it. And considering Europe are dealing with Delta for quite some time i think they already reach the peak, i'm not sure things will be worse in September than it is now. But one thing is clear, there always parts of the world which aren't good. When US are fine, Europe is bad. When Latin America is getting better, Asia is getting worse. Studios can't keep delaying all the movies because of tha
  3. **Scarlett Johansson’s Lawsuit and Disney Brand ‘Carnage': Is CEO Bob Chapek to Blame?** by BEATRICE VERHOEVEN, UMBERTO GONZALEZ and DIANE HAITHMAN | August 2, 2021 @ 6:00 AM **“Disney’s approach under Iger would have been markedly different,” one lawyer says** As Hollywood grapples with the bombshell lawsuit filed by Scarlett Johansson against Disney last Thursday, entertainment executives, agents and producers are split on what kind of fallout Disney will face and whether CEO Bob Chapek is to blame for the “carnage” to the company’s standing in Hollywood’s talent community.
  4. https://www.thewrap.com/scarlett-johansson-lawsuit-disney-bob-chapek-blame-brand-carnage/
  5. For everyone that is obsessed with delays, this isn't last year. It isn't a scenario where theaters were delaying 6 months or a year hoping that there would be a vaccine and covid would be gone. Delaying now there is no guarantee that in 3/6/9/12 months that there isn't another variant out there. At some point studios have to release content or it clogs up everything for years. Most of the fall films are going to release in theaters and aren't moving.
  6. My god people you are just making things up at this point. Total and complete freak out in every thread about things getting delayed when like a dozen fall movies kicked off their heavy marketing and locked in fall dates in the last week.
  7. next year too , as long as the pandemic last it will lose money.........its simple , for now western europe has full vaxx 50% of their population by the time bond comes that number will rise to 60-70% not sufficient for herd immunity but enough so lockdowns wont be needed (not that they work honestly)
  8. Eddie-Venom scenes are fun, rest is just bleh. In normalcy, would have expected 20-30% drop from first one. Now may be 30-40% drop unless its XMAS.
  9. The other thing is, at some point, studios have to release movies. They have 18 months of content sitting and waiting and the longer they wait, the more money they lose and the more it clogs up everything potentially for years to come. Another factor is that this isn't like last year where you are delaying because you hope there will be a vaccine and things will go back to normal 6 months from now. We already had that. The vaccine wasn't a magic cure all because either countries had shitty roll outs of it, didn't have enough or like in the United States a bunch of assholes ref
  10. whats funny to me is that a normal person seeing no date would say ''hey thats intresting so i guess there is a chance for delay but we have no officiall announcement yet so sept it is '' , but what i am seeing it '' hey no release date so its definately getting delayed '' i mean based on what info.... a delay is always possible hell dare i say likely but for sure ? nah
  11. It had a good Sunday for sure, from both Eric and Porthos. Hopefully the start of a trend. I think 4m is quite doable for previews, bigger issue is whether Friday can improve.
  12. This looks like the first movie on steroids. Luckily I enjoyed that, so if theaters in my area are still open by then, I'm on board.
  13. I wonder if Sony realises the speculative shit-storm that they’ve just unleashed with those two little words rather than the date.
  14. This Friday: Stillwater 300+ locations The Last Letter From Your Lover 300+ Moonbound 300+ Zola 100+ Boys from County Hell 100+ I think Jungle Cruise could be #1 next weekend.
  15. Delays could happen and there is always a round of delays in August even in non-covid years, but every single indication so far is that most everything will stick where it currently is. In the past week you have had the kick off of marketing campaigns for about a dozen movies (Bond, Venom, Jackass Forever, House of Gucci, The Last Duel, King Richard, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, etc....) that come out this fall. Clifford got delayed because maybe because of Covid, but more because it had a bad date and was the second dog based kid property movie to release in a matter o
  16. It will get pushed to December most likely. This is too big to fail. My prediction in the current marketplace: 40/100
  17. from what i saw from twitter, australia will get it on oct, uk will get the movie on sept ,so no this doesnt mean anything ....
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  19. Yeh the Screen Daily article has last weeks total for Space Jam 2. It was #1 Mon-Thu last week. Nothing in the top 10 dropping over 50%. Nice.
  20. Australian trailer says it's coming in October in the title but "this year" in the trailer itself https://youtu.be/TiZSmW2PnRo
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